Patriots very interested in versatile Navy star Keenan Reynolds

Keenan Reynolds
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Patriots coach Bill Belichick has a soft spot for the Naval Academy, based on the fact his father spent 34 years on staff there as a scout and a coach.

But he wasn’t just visiting, since he appears to have a particular interest in multifaceted Navy star Keenan Reynolds.

According to Mike Reiss of, Belichick attended Reynolds’ private workout last Thursday (wearing a suit, not a hoodie and flip flops, so you know it was a special occasion).

Offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels ran the workout, and Belichick and assistant coaches Brian Daboll and Ray Ventrone have been there previously.

It makes sense, because Reynolds can do a lot of things, as a quarterback/receiver/runner in college.

The Patriots just drafted a long snapper from the Naval Academy (Joe Cardona) in the fifth round last year, so they’re not scared off by any potential service commitment. And because the Patriots are suckers for offensive players with versatility, they might be the team that gives him the chance he desperately wants. They lack fourth- and fifth-rounders, but have enough picks to make some moves to get someone if they want.

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  1. Reynolds just was moved up on the Jets draft board. I use to think it was just Rex that had a Belichick fetish but Jets owner Johnson has a Woody for the Patriots as well. Much of Woody’s fixation is based on Belichick dumping him for Kraft in a move that shocked the new Jets owner in the weeks leading up to him buying the team.

    Here are just some of the Jets moves predicated by their owner’s Patriots fixation:

    1. In 2006, the Jets gave Patriots defensive coordinator Eric Mangini his first head coaching job.

    2. Woody, having watched the Patriots win three super bowls since he bought the Jets in 2000, runs to the commissioner to complain that the Patriots film from the sidelines during games (just like the Jets) and the former Jets advisor fines Belichick and takes away the Patriots first round pick.

    3. The Jets selected Vernon Gholston sixth overall out of Ohio State in 2008 because they thought he was being targeted by the Patriots (he wasn’t). It was possibly the worst draft pick in Jets franchise history.

    4. In 2009, Woody fired Mangini and hired Rex Ryan. During his Jets tenure Ryan talks about Belichick more than Rush Limbaugh talks about Obama.

    5. The Jets pick up ex-Patriots players who have been cut and regularly make them team captains for their games with the Patriots.

    6. In 2012, the Jets trade for Tim Tebow because they think the Patriots want him. It is a trade that disrupts the culture of the team and takes away from Mark Sanchez’s confidence. Sanchez’s butt fumble on a nationally televised Thanksgiving blowout will live in Jets infamy.

    7. Despite not being one of the teams directly involved in deflategate, Woody Johnson lobbies Goodell to come down hard on the Patriots and he does. When the Brady suspension, loss of a first round pick, and $1MM fine are announced Woody’s wife tweets her (and his) glee before deleting the tweet.

    8. Instead of letting deflategate distract them, the Patriots, with ex-Jet Darelle Revis playing a staring role, go on to win super bowl 49. Woody responds by buying back Revis with a huge contract that will strap his team for years.

    This year the Jets sign ex-Bears RB Matt Fort because they think the Patriots have targeted him. In reality, Forte is priced too high for Belichick who is focused on trading guys that will have too high a salary demand like Chandler Jones and in bringing in key pieces like tight end Martellus Bennett.

    A leopard doesn’t change its spots.

  2. Johnny Drunk, does it hurt? Seeing a team be so successul and having to resort to 5 year old excuses as to why they’ve been so dominant? It probably stings a lot, I get it.

  3. .
    With 5 picks in the sixth round( 3 compensatory) and two in the seventh, the Patriots are going to choose someone. They might as well take some longshot gambles, as it is unlikely that they find a bunch of position players that late who can win a roster spot. They could also take a risk here on someone with ” character concerns”.

  4. TigerLilac nails it above.

    What he leaves out is the incessant witch hunt escapades Woody Johnson, and now Harbaugh/Pagano/Grigson have cooked up with Deflategate, as antics and cheat tactics AGAINST the Pats behind the scenes.

    For all we know, Goodell is meeting these other crooked owners/organizations on cheating schemes against NE right now on Park Ave.

    Goodell being a former Jets employee is a conflict of interest.

    Same with Mike Kensil.

    This is why Selig was an awful commissioner as owner of the Brewers.

    Outright corruption.

  5. Tiger Lilac is 100% correct, except I don’t know if Vernon Gholston was the Jets’ worst draft pick ever. They did trade up in 1980 to pick Lam Jones (although he actually started for a while, unlike Gholston). Hey, it’s the offseason, nothing wrong with a little Jet bashing….besides, Rex Ryan’s gone, so we have to work harder at it now.

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