Report: 49ers trying to trade Anthony Davis and Antoine Bethea

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With so much written in recent weeks about the possibility of the 49ers trading quarterback Colin Kaepernick, he might not be the only 49ers veteran who gets moved.

Via Peter King of, there’s plenty of draft-month chatter about the 49ers that doesn’t involve their want-away passer.

Specifically, one personnel source said they’re not inclined to trade up from the seventh spot (too many needs, General Manager Trent Baalke doesn’t want to give away picks).

But more moves could add to that stockpile, as another source said: “They want to trade Anthony Davis and Antoine Bethea.”

That would be interesting, given the veteran right tackle’s cryptic April 1 message about returning to the league after his one-year retirement, with the addendum “Dealing with Trent is giving me a headache“).

The 31-year-old Bethea is coming off a season lost to a torn pectoral, and they have 2015 second-rounder Jaquiski Tartt in reserve. He’s due to make $5 million in base salary, workout bonuses and roster bonuses if he’s there this season, so they might view him as a chance to stockpile more picks.

Honestly, dealing away older players for more picks might simply be good business, as the 49ers aren’t close to contending and need all the cheap labor they can get for the Chip Kelly rebuild.

30 responses to “Report: 49ers trying to trade Anthony Davis and Antoine Bethea

  1. Yeah man need to get that cheap labor, oh what’s that they have an absurd amount of cap money?

    You got to wonder what that money is being saved for… while I get you don’t want to blow it on overpriced agents, there were some worthwhile players in the market.

    Baalke is GMing like hes got this gig for another 3 years no matter what, and he probably does…

  2. Stopped reading when you said: “Peter King”. Dude has no sources, he just makes up garbage. How that turd still has a job is beyond me.

  3. Any team w/ a good to great QB is ready to contend. Colts, Falcons, Ravens, even the Jags & Raiders all missed last postseason and are already pegged for division titles this season.

  4. What is Trent doing. We need Davis, and bethea was not that bad either. Can we do a trade for Reggie Mckenzie for trent ?

  5. I knew Davis would be gone as soon as he started making stupid tweet’s. Some of these guy’s just aren’t to bright.

  6. At least get a QB we can be excited about. Generally yes, keep picks because we have a lot of needs. But getting a QB is more important. Besides, it’s not like Baalke is knocking picks out of the park….

  7. Bethea is an excellent Safety, however, the Niners are loaded at Safety and Tart with Reid played very well on the back end last year when Bethea went down. As for Davis, guy left the Niners hanging last year not giving them advance warning before the draft that he was going to retire. Then he goes on to trash Staley during the season. I see these as good moves to stock up on draft picks.

  8. Baalke, realizing he can no longer get market value for a Qb he has spent the last year undermining, is no going to try and get him killed instead. Note to Kap, if Baalke wants you off the team he’ll find a way, and that fool York will let him regardless of the cost to the team.

  9. SF get ready to lose what good players you may have and get ready to replace them with guys with injury history! Especially knee injuries!!!

  10. Davis hasn’t even filed the paperwork which means, he’s not rushing because he doesn’t want to be a Niners, I’d just do a Calvin Johnson for Anthony Davis trade straight up, if both remain retired.

  11. How could a team be not close to contending after 3 NFC championships in the last 6 years?


    3 words:
    york and baalke.

  12. Both of those guys are hoping there are takers, even though Anthony Davis is a pile of crap person and a quitter. Dude deserves to stay with the dumpster fire until the end. Looking… ass

  13. Stockpiling picks in the draft is only beneficial if you actually select good players. It was Scot McCloughan who built the roster that had the 49ers competing for a few years, not Baalke. Baalke misses more than he hits in the draft, but he’s been more successful in free agency where I think someone forgot to tell him that free agency already started this year. Trent should let someone else make the draft picks and he can handle free agency going forward.

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