Anthony Davis: Trent Baalke told me trade report is false

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After a Monday report that the 49ers are trying to trade veteran right tackle Anthony Davis, Davis himself said he’s been told it’s not true.

Davis wrote on Twitter that 49ers General Manager Trent Baalke texted him to tell him that the report is wrong.

“Trent text me this morning clarifying a ‘report that surfaced’ saying that the trade accusations are ‘False Reporting,'” Davis wrote.

So does that mean Davis will play for the 49ers this season? That’s a complicated topic.

Last year, Davis decided to take a season off, and as part of that decision, he paid back a portion of the signing bonus he got from the 49ers. Now Davis may think he should get his money back if he plays this year. The 49ers may view things differently.

If the 49ers and Davis can’t see eye-to-eye, it would make sense for the team to trade Davis for a team he can reach an agreement with. Even if, at the moment, Baalke is telling Davis that’s not going to happen.

15 responses to “Anthony Davis: Trent Baalke told me trade report is false

  1. Baalke slowly disassembled the team, for his defenders that once said the team was so stacked they were cutting talented players.

    Where is that overload of talent, surely could’ve covered Baalkes behind those retirements. Now he has an NFL Europe worthy roster.

  2. Of course it was false. Peter King is the one who tried to stir the pot with this made up story. Has he ever reported anything that’s been true? Peter King is a turd. If you believe anything Peter King writes, I’m sure you believe in unicorns, too.

  3. It’s one thing to deny it to the media, but to reach out in person and deny it had better mean exactly what Baalke said it does. People’s word in personal relationships should still mean something.

  4. Baalke is the GM equivalent of the parent who tells you your pet dog has gone to live on a lovely farm where he can run and play with all the other dogs.

  5. So Davis walks out on his team….after the draft and the start of free agency no less. Excuse Baalke for doing his job and handle the Davis situation patiently. Maybe some should question Davis’ trust.

  6. They must be planning another story which will lead you to believe the exact opposite of what they wrote this one to lead you to believe.

  7. How many people get to tell their employers “I’m taking the year off cause I’m tired and will be back” with no consequences. I’d like for any of you to try that with your boss tomorrow.

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