Anthony Davis: Trent Baalke told me trade report is false

Getty Images

After a Monday report that the 49ers are trying to trade veteran right tackle Anthony Davis, Davis himself said he’s been told it’s not true.

Davis wrote on Twitter that 49ers General Manager Trent Baalke texted him to tell him that the report is wrong.

“Trent text me this morning clarifying a ‘report that surfaced’ saying that the trade accusations are ‘False Reporting,'” Davis wrote.

So does that mean Davis will play for the 49ers this season? That’s a complicated topic.

Last year, Davis decided to take a season off, and as part of that decision, he paid back a portion of the signing bonus he got from the 49ers. Now Davis may think he should get his money back if he plays this year. The 49ers may view things differently.

If the 49ers and Davis can’t see eye-to-eye, it would make sense for the team to trade Davis for a team he can reach an agreement with. Even if, at the moment, Baalke is telling Davis that’s not going to happen.