Jalen Ramsey wants to go home, just like LeBron James

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Florida State cornerback and Nashville native Jalen Ramsey doesn’t lack for confidence, so when asked about the possibility of being drafted first overall by the Titans, he found a big-time comparison.

“Everyone nowadays wants to go back home,” Ramsey said in a video posted on the team’s website. “LeBron [James] kind of made that popular. And why wouldn’t you want to go back home and play in front of your family and your friends and just the home crowd, the home team? And also being the No. 1 draft pick — that’s huge.”

Of course, the NBA star’s return to Cleveland hasn’t resulted in a championship, and unless they can get Steph Curry’s citizenship changed to Ohio it probably never will.

But Ramsey remains hopeful the Titans will buck a significant trend — a cornerback has never been taken first overall — to keep him near his home.

“I feel like this is one of the last impressions that I’ll be able to make on them,’’ Ramsey said of the visit. “I feel like I’ve done everything in my power leading up to now, and I just have to finish it off strong and that is what I am here to do.

“I don’t feel like I have to really sell them on anything. It’s just the person I am, the player I am. I am an open book. Any questions they have, I can answer them.”

The Titans are also hosting Ole Miss offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil, Ohio State defensive end Joey Bosa and Oregon defensive end DeForest Buckner this week as well.

25 responses to “Jalen Ramsey wants to go home, just like LeBron James

  1. Man this is a good year to have the number one pick, there are a few guys at the top who really stand out. Tennessee has a tough choice there. Ramsey, Tunsil, Jack, Buckner. Just trade back a few spots you almost have to

  2. Ramsey would be a smart move by the Titans.

    They could still grab a decent tackle at the top of the 2nd round, like Jason Spriggs.

  3. Yea…if the Titans draft another offensive lineman in the 1st round, that would make it 3 out of the last 4 drafts… it’s no different than the Lions picking a WR in the 1st round 3 out of 4 years!

    #Defense wins Championships

  4. I’d take a playmaker over a Left tackle any day, especially in the secondary with the NFL becoming more pass happy every year.

  5. AKA I want to be picked 1st and get the most money…this dude would be lobbying with whoever to be the #1 pick….he needs to shut his mouth so the Boys can get him at 4 🙂

  6. Of course, the NBA star’s return to Cleveland hasn’t resulted in a championship, and unless they can get Steph Curry’s citizenship changed to Ohio it probably never will.

    That’s a great point. Steph Curry is probably going to win the NBA title every year for the remainder of his career. That’s usually how things work in pro sports. I’m glad you called our attention to this.

  7. Yes, Lebron James is the person who made playing in the town you grew up in popular, no one has ever wanted to do that before.

    Actually I think he made shunning your hometown team to live in a warmer state with better players popular….and now he’s making coming back to your home team and getting coaches fired and constantly threatening to once again shun his home team popular.

  8. Hey Jalen Ramsey, playing home brings a distraction you do not want to deal with early in your career…… Family members hounding you for money, friends wanting tickets to games– be careful what you ask for….

  9. A large part of his reason for wanting to go to the Titans is that they are picking number one overall. If they were picking much later, I guarantee he would have his bags packed looking to go a team that picks earlier.

    We will probably get to test that theory. The Titans will most likely trade that pick for a much later pick in the first round (as well as other picks). He may get his wish to go to the Titans in the first round after all, just not in the way he thought.

  10. With the first pick the 2016 NFL Draft the Tennensee Titans select Laremy Tunsil. Done deal.

  11. dewey51 says:
    Apr 12, 2016 9:20 AM
    This has bust written all over it.


    Makes sense, because everything he’s done up until now screams bust, right?

    I mean, working his ass off to come to FSU in peak condition with an in-depth knowledge of the playbook? Earning a starting spot on a National Championship team as a true freshman? Continuing to excel in both football and track while never even sniffing any sort of off-field issues?Eventually becoming a consensus AA who tested off the charts at the NFL combine and, by all accounts, was fantastic in every interview?

    If that doesn’t scream “future bust,” what does?

  12. With all of their needs the Titans are not taking a corner at number one – end of discussion. I believe what they want more than anything is to trade down. But if they do have to make the first pick they will take the left tackle. Why not take a guy who can protect your franchise qb for the next 10 years. See Jonathan Ogden.

  13. Come on people… He didn’t compare his skill or ability to LeBron.. He didn’t even mention the word “Super Bowl” in these quotes. He is just saying it would be cool to go home like LeBron did. And people trash him for being overconfident? I don’t see any of that here.

  14. Titans have a glaring need for DB’s, but they would be insane to not take an offensive lineman in the first round… if not the second third and fourth as well. I like Ramsey and LOVE Buckner but you gotta protect your QB first. Learn a lesson from the Browns and Lions, drafting 1st round qbs only works if you protect them.

  15. He’s not even in the league yet and he’s already one of the biggest divas. Dick Sherman and Josh Norman have some serious competition in the mouthing off department.

  16. People need to stop talking about tackles in the top 10 like they can’t bust. Look at the O-linemen taken in the top 10 the last five years and see more busts than successes.

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