Josh Gordon’s petition for reinstatement is denied

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For weeks, the NFL had nothing to say about the potential reinstatement of receiver Josh Gordon. Now, the NFL is saying plenty.

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the NFL has denied Gordon’s petition for reinstatement. Per Cabot, Gordon can apply “later in the year.”

The report caps a 24-hour period in which protracted silence regarding Gordon ended in a major way. Gordon reportedly failed a drug test last month, and the league reportedly wanted to wait 2-3 months before reinstating him in order to see whether Gordon could stay clean during that time.

One source with knowledge of the application of the process for handling reinstatement requests after a minimum suspension of one year tells PFT that the issuance of a denial letter could mean that there was something more than one failed test, and that the league won’t simply wait another 2-3 months before reinstating Gordon. In at least one prior case, the NFL delayed reinstatement for a few months without issuing a decision denying the petition. By issuing a formal denial of the request, the door to his return is much more firmly and clearly closed.

36 responses to “Josh Gordon’s petition for reinstatement is denied

  1. What a moron, wants to get high more than he wants to play football and be financially set for the rest of his life – which in turn would allow him to just get high for the rest of life and not have to worry about anything.

  2. if there wasn’t already a fork stuck in him, you can stick it now.. what a bozo!

  3. should not be a surprise, the nfl is his employer and a private company. Just like any other private company they can tell their employees no drugs. I am a pot supporter and believe it should be legal. That being said any private company can still prohibit drug use from its employees, same as coming to work drunk. He would put himself and others in danger if he were smoking prior to practice or games. Obviously he has a problem and cant control it, any other citizen would just be fired, not given multiple chances.

  4. With his size, speed and skillset, he was poised to be one of the best split end #1 receivers in the league along with Dez, A.J., Julio, Demaryius, Sammy Watkins and OBJ. That incredible 2013 seems so long ago. What a shame man.

  5. hope the browns release his rights so Jerry can scoop him up. sign him for peanuts and wait it out jerry, he’d be an immediate upgrade to what we have and if he “blows it” again who cares, you’re not betting the farm on him anyway

  6. Maybe this story isn’t so big that he needs to worry anyway. I don’t get it! Your are getting paid MILLIONS of $$$$.. Put down the reefer ‘N get in the gym. Find a different hobby – fishing – strip clubs – painting .. whatever just leave the drugs alone and get PAID!!! All that talent and no brains..SMHADL!

  7. Hoping he “gets it” and gets some advice from other current and former players to readjust his priorities. Its on him to stay away from illegal substances (regardless on your opinion on if it should be illegal) and to keep from doing anything detrimental to the NFL.

    I am not going to hold my breath that he does.

  8. It’s crazy how bad the NFL has it out for Josh. Three quarter of the players in the league smoke. For that matter three quarter of the adult population in the USA smoke. That’s doctors, lawyers, and every other profession you can think of! Its not any different than having a few drinks after work.

  9. What will the NFL do when a player has a prescription for pot from a Doctor?
    JPP said he was on morphine when he had his hand operated on. Morphine is against league rules if a player tests positive for it and wasn’t prescribed by a Doctor.
    Can anyone tell what difference would be?

  10. avenger9800 says:
    Apr 12, 2016 5:40 PM
    It’s crazy how bad the NFL has it out for Josh. Three quarter of the players in the league smoke.

    A player has to fail 4 tests before they get to the point of suspension. In Gordon’s case those fails included a DWI and codeine. Think about all those players smoking that aren’t getting popped. Any player not in the substance abuse program is only tested once a year and they know within a few week span exactly when that test will be. It’s not the NFL that “has it out for Josh” he is doing it to himself.

  11. avenger9800 says:

    It’s crazy how bad the NFL has it out for Josh.

    Then the players union must have it out for him, since they agreed to the rules. It sounds like Josh has it out for himself.

  12. His stupidity aside, the fact that the NFL violated confidentiality for the sake of PR ahead of a ruling should be a way bigger controversy than the crime. But the majority of the media won’t bite the hand that feeds and call out the NFL on their dubious behavior.

  13. Who cares if he smoke pot? So stupid.
    Meanwhile drinking is not socially acceptable, but a league sponsor. This Buds for you hypocrites.

    Booze 1000x more dangerous. Total bs.

  14. Some people aspire to be top NFL receivers . . . . . i think Josh Gordon has spent his whole life wishing he could be a cautionary tale for others.

    Good on him for sacrificing so much for future generations.

  15. Let’s cut to reality here… So Josh likes to smoke some weed and drink a bit. What is so damn wrong with that? The NFL League offices are full of people who do it. Fix your damn rules to the 21st century, you bloated hypocrites. Let the guy play ball. If he develops a problem with weed and alcohol, it will show in his play and he’ll fail.

  16. What a horrible person. Corrupting our youth. Is there no more room in the prisons for this dastardly man. Hide the kids.

  17. ‘I was gonna play football
    But then I got high

    I was gonna make some millions, too
    But then I got high

    Now I’m selling cars, and I know why
    Because I got high
    Because I got high
    Because I got high’

  18. This kid is just friggin’ dumb. I’m talking window licking dumb. Cardboard outhouse dumb. So stupendously dumb that I’m going to now pen an open letter to Josh on behalf of the entire country:

    Dear Josh,

    You are stupid. This is not debatable. We are aware that you are too dumb to recognize this unassailable fact, so, you’re just going to have to take our word for it. You’re profoundly stupid.

    Consequently, we feel we have to step in to save your dumb ass from a lifetime selling used cars.

    Please review the following procedures necessary to pass league anti-doping protocols:


    We are confident that if you follow these 3 simple rules you will be reinstated to the league and enjoy the subsequent millions in compensation that will follow.

    If any of the concepts listed here are a touch too big for you, please have an adult explain them.


  19. This guy needs a team to keep him on the straight and narrow. He must have absolutely nothing between the ears. How is smoking a plant more important to him than making millions of dollars? How? I just can’t wrap my head around it.

  20. Just so we know the timeline here, Josh Gordon submits for reinstatement, the media thinks it is taking too long and pressures the league offices, the league leaks information about how Gordon failed a test but they are trying to be lenient and that’s why things are taking so long, Gordon’s camp threatens lawsuit over the leak, and the NFL brings down the ban hammer.

    So, if the media has just sat patiently on the sidelines and waited to hear about him being reinstated in two months, he’d be playing football instead of sitting at home with Johnny “Life Coach” Manziel?

  21. it boggles the mind how players continually screw up their lotto ticket…

    they just need to simply not:
    – assault people
    – beat their loved ones
    – take banned substances (and yeah Pot is a Federally banned Schedule I drug regardless of what some states say)
    – gamble
    – get in a DUI
    – generally act like 12 year olds and embarrass their employers

    you would think that the first two things a big contract rookie would do is hire a money manager and a professional life coach and keep their behavior in line, but instead they hire 30 doods from the old neighborhood who disappear the moment they get cut

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