“Leaner” Jameis Winston ready for second NFL season


Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston capped his rookie season with a Pro Bowl berth. In Hawaii, he saw things that could propel him to reach an even higher level of success in his second year.

As explained by Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, a “perceptively leaner” Winston arrived for the start of the offseason program, after seeing the physical condition of players like Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and Falcons receiver Julio Jones in Hawaii.

“I do believe I get better every single day and I look good,” Winston said.

To get there, Winston hired Michael Jordan’s former trainer, and Winston has been working with Buccaneers strength coach Dave Kennedy. Winston’s new commitment to fitness has him going well above and beyond the call when throwing passes to guys like receiver Mike Evans.

“He goes out there and he’ll run a 50-yard route, I will sprint 50 yards down the field, wherever he had caught the ball,” Winston said.

Because Winston had played both baseball and football in high school and college, he had never had the opportunity to devote an offseason to getting himself into top shape. Last year, Winston spent the early months after football getting ready for the Scouting Combine and his Pro Day workout.

This year, for the first time Winston was able to focus only on getting himself into the best physical shape possible. Which will serve him well if he continues to embrace contact on the football field.

Of course, it would be smart for him to avoid as much contact as possible, but it’s difficult for quarterbacks to suppress that instinct. Besides, he managed to stay healthy last year when he wasn’t in great shape. The new and improved version of Jameis Winston could go a long way toward staying healthy and becoming even more effective.

28 responses to ““Leaner” Jameis Winston ready for second NFL season

  1. “Because Winston had played both baseball and football in high school and college, he had never had the opportunity to devote an offseason to getting himself into top shape.”

    Russell Wilson had also played both baseball and football in high school and college, drafted by the Rockies, and he was in good enough shape to go from 3rd on the Seahawks depth chart to starter by Week 1 and take his team to the playoffs.

    Winston is simply hooked on the Cheetos.

  2. Show off them abs Jameis.

    If we ought to believe you, do what you did at your pro day and with George Whitfield when he had a latch around your waist.

  3. “Leaner” Jameis Winston ready for second NFL season
    Must be stealing those crab legs again….

  4. The study also found that a player who was arrested before the draft is almost twice as likely to be arrested during his NFL career as a player who had not been arrested before the draft.

    Or, you know, be a little rape-y. Steal crab legs, “borrow” soda, shoot stuff, and what-not.

  5. alonestartexan says:
    Apr 12, 2016 1:50 PM
    Winston will end up being the best QB of the draft class and he and Mariota will end up being this generations Manning/Brady.


    In this scenario, do Cam Newton, Russel Wilson, and Andrew Luck all fall off the map?

  6. I love that Winston has shown up all the haters of his game, so all you have left is the rape allegation and crab legs.

    Jameis is the real deal. Like him or not.

  7. Full disclosure as a Buc’s fan, I never wanted Jameis. But you haters are unreal. The kid was outta hand. That being said it’s been awhile since the crablegs and jumping up on a table yelling obscenities and there hasn’t been a hint of either since, unless you count the illadvised tweet after the draft. So the kid has a mildly warped sense of humor. Seems to me he’s on the right track. He’s my guy until he aint, but I think they should bring back Josh as his backup.

  8. A “Pro Bowl” appearance is not what it once was nor should it be used to describe the season a player had. Not picking on Winston as he is not the only player to benefit from 10-15 guys in front of him declining.

  9. He has a real shot as long as he learns from the failures of the youngsters from other teams who decided 1 or 2 years of success meant brand management and as many ‘look at me’ Instagram moments as possible while ignoring things like…quarterbacking.
    Apparently you can have fun and work too, Winston said that he and Evans would get together to watch film before relaxing over a Warriors game, which is a great double dip.

  10. THAT’S MY QUARTERBACK! You know Jameis is doing something right when half of the comments are praise and the others are full of hate from insufferable souls.

  11. Look at all the hate from the nose bleeds.

    Jameis, you keep grinding and working. In the end, you let your play speak for itself and let the tabloid fans keep hating on nothing.

    Seriously guys, all your smack is over 2 years old. He’s done nothing but be a great professional since the moment he was drafted. Keep living in the past.

  12. He actually surprised me in his rookie season. I expected a debacle, a fat, troublemaking debacle. I was wrong. He had a solid rookie season and none of the red flags has come to fruition as a legitimate problem. He’s still working hard and saying the right things. More power to him. Sometimes people DO grow up and straighten out their lives. Good for him and good for his team.

  13. So since being an employee of the NFL he is squeaky Clean, and had the 3rd best rookie season EVER……haters gotta hate though….you keep hating, I’ll just thank my lucky stars I have a franchise QB that always gives us a chance to win, who’s team mates would run through walls for, and who has already started the culture change this franchise needed.

  14. There has been a run on crab legs around the surrounding bay area. His seafood diet is starting to take its toll; prices are skyrocketing at local restaurants. But, as long as Jameis feels good, that’s all that matters.

  15. Sounds like our franchise QB is working really hard to improve his game. By all accounts he is a team leader as a rookie, and has the respect and admiration of all his teammates. I guess hanging out with Derrick Brooks isn’t a bad idea. He is smart enough to look at a Russell Wilson and strive to incorporate those traits into his own game. Doesn’t fit too well with the hater narrative so many keep pushing. Go Jameis!

  16. Average size? He is tall and built like a brick sh!t house.

    Average intelligence? You must not follow him. He has wowed every single person he has talked football with. Was it Mooch or Gruden who said Winston had the best white board session they had ever seen?

    The guy isn’t just another qb, he puts in the effort to be great. Not there yet, but he will get there.

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