Orlando Citrus Bowl wants to host NFL games

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NFL teams currently play in Miami, Tampa and Jacksonville, but if the folks at the Orlando Citrus Bowl get their way, a fourth Florida stadium will host NFL games beginning in 2017.

Steve Hogan, the CEO of Florida Citrus Sports, which oversees the newly renovated Citrus Bowl, told the Orlando Sentinel that he’s very confident the NFL will use the venue next year.

“I promise you, I guarantee you, we will have NFL football in this stadium in 2017 — one way or another,” Hogan said. “We’re absolutely focused on that and we’re going to be back in the [NFL] business.”

Preseason games have been played at the Citrus Bowl in the past, but Hogan wants regular season games.

“I’m not just talking about preseason games,” Hogan said. “Regular season games are also in play.”

Although Hogan said he has talked to all three Florida games, the Dolphins would almost certainly be out: Miami taxpayers just spent a lot of money to help renovate the Dolphins’ stadium, so it’s hard to imagine the Dolphins giving up a home game. The Buccaneers and Jaguars may be more open to considering it, but they’d risk alienating their Tampa and Jacksonville fans if they gave up a regular-season game to play in Orlando, which is about 90 miles northeast of Tampa and 150 miles south of Jacksonville.

On the other hand, the Bucs and Jaguars are both in the bottom quartile of the league in attendance, with each averaging less than 62,000 fans a game last season. If the 65,000-seat Citrus Bowl can bring in more ticket revenue, perhaps Jaguars owner Shad Khan or Buccaneers owner Bryan Glazer will consider it.

37 responses to “Orlando Citrus Bowl wants to host NFL games

  1. Sounds like they better beef up stadium security at the other three venues. Suggest roving bomb sniffing dogs be alerted as that was a very strong statement and there is only one real way that I see it happening……….

  2. From the article ….

    Although Hogan said he has talked to all three Florida games, the Dolphins would almost certainly be out: Miami taxpayers just spent a lot of money to help renovate the Dolphins’ stadium, so it’s hard to imagine the Dolphins giving up a home game.


    Wrong … The 400 million dollar renovation is coming out of the owners pocket … know your facts Mr Smith ….

  3. this is stupid..games played anywhere but in nfl stadiums is stupid..how does this idiot think its such a great idea..he is all excited..if he was a real nfl fan and had a favorite team he wouldnt want them playing anywhere but their stadium..he is probably an art collector or something and has no idea about how fans feel about their teams

  4. It wasn’t the taxpayers that footed the bill for the renovations for the Dolphin’s stadium……it was Steven Ross who payed for it himself…

  5. When do the Jaguars play the Buccaneers next? Put that one in Orlando. Call it the Florida Bowl.

  6. “I promise you, I guarantee you, we will have NFL football in this stadium in 2017 — one way or another,”

    Interesting choice of phrase, “One way or another.” The Orlando Chargers? The Florida Raiders? lol

  7. Preseason NFL games will be only games the Jaguars played there, which most fans would gladly give up, especially Week 1 or 4.

    Khan has already taken one home game away for London and the fans have been understanding. We would revolt if he tried to take another.

    O-Town can suck it. Close your eyes and embrace the Bucs!!

  8. Actually Hogan is an avid football fan, he’s also smart enough to realize that there is a very large market not far from Tampa that is football mad. Orlando sells out the Citrus Bowl for the freaking MLS, NFL would make loads of cash. I think something like 40,000 fans came to the Citrus Bowl last Saturday for the dang FSU spring game!

  9. The idea makes zero sense. It would cost a team a home date for nothing and if the Citrus Bowl had to offer compensation then there’d be no reason for the Citrus Bowl to want the game. And Orlando-area fans are right there by Tampa so it’s not like an overseas game where the argument is that new fans are getting exposure to the sport.

  10. The Orlando Colts……has a nice ring to it. One more season with Grigson and the people in Indianapolis will be welcoming (if not demanding) the move….

  11. Sadly, Orlando has had teams various pro leagues in the past:
    Continental Football League Orlando Panthers,
    World Football League Florida Blazers,
    USFL’s Orlando Renegades,
    World League of American Football Orlando Thunder,
    XFL Orlando Rage,
    United Football League Florida Tuskers. Problem for them is that Florida already has three NFL teams and their is no way the owners would allow another team to move to the state.

  12. .
    Florida fans are weighing the cost and logistical ramifications to sit in a 90° stadium, lunching on $10 drafts and $5 donkey dogs, or to sit in the comfort of their own air conditionied home with direct ticket showing 8 games.

  13. The city of Orlando is so fake. No culture… Not a good pro sports fan base.

  14. Orlando Breakers! 😂😂😂 yes!! Lol
    I can see this happening.
    This is what happens when you have a city with a newly renovated stadium and no team. Can’t blame them for their hustle.

    Orlando is already hosting a prime time college game on opening weekend. The only game on Labor Day night: FSU vs Ole Miss on ESPN. It’s the only location with 3 college bowl games – 2 of which are in the same week. They were 2nd in overall attendance in their first year of the MLS averaging more than 30k a game, and now have 2 games over 60,000 … FOR soccer!!!!
    They host several teams during spring training as well as still somehow support the NBA’s Magic. Even their Arena league team holds AFL attendance records and are still thriving in their 25th year.

    It has stronger tourism than Vegas, both in casual and business, though what they lack in casinos they make up in theme parks, beaches and other attractions.

    They may not get a franchise, but that’s not what this guy is saying.
    Maybe it’s a Neutral site game with a portion of the proceeds going to breast cancer? Maybe a Monday or Thursday game. Or even a game of Thanksgiving. Hey teams, bring your family to Disney World on Thanksgiving weekend. I can see that kind of family perk for players mid season as enticing.

  15. I always thought the best way to save the Jags would be to move the team south to just North of Daytona Beach – would be close enough to both Orlando [1hr drive time] and Jacksonville[1.5] – and Daytona Beach area is not shabby either…

    Could use league funds to build infrastructure and an AZ Cardinal type domed stadium. Would be great for visiting fans – time at beach or with Micky…

  16. One thing NFL owners prove over and over again…they will do anything for the right price!

  17. So fake? No culture? You’re clearly a tourist who’s never spent a minute outside of the theme parks and Convention Center. Thanks for proving your ignorance. Have fun on I-Drive tourist.

  18. Wrong … The 400 million dollar renovation is coming out of the owners pocket … know your facts Mr Smith ….

    And that’s the way it should be when it comes to stadiums. Ross is paying for it but he had to be dragged kicking and screaming to do so after Miami and Florida told him to take a hike numerous times.

    So…. it turns out these multi billionaires CAN afford to renovate stadiums themselves. Newsflash to Mark Davis and Dean Spanos: Go pound sand you conniving cheapskates. We taxpayers refuse to give you one cent of public money.

  19. I suppose if each team used one of it’s road games so that none of it’s home games are lost, then their fans wouldn’t care. Is that even possible?

  20. Raymond James stadium capacity is around 62,000. So can’t fit any more any way. What about the luxury suites, that is where the real money is.

  21. Orlando is a better market economically, and has a better stadium than the following nfl markets: Pittsburgh , Buffalo and New Orleans.
    It would be a smart move to relocate one of those lesser franchises there.

  22. why in the world would the Bucs want to play a game in Orlando? There is zero upside. So some guy in Orlando wants it? People in hell want ice water. I’m sure lots of fans drive the 1 hour down I-4 to Tampa no problem. Even more stupid is the idea of the Steelers relocating; probably the most moronic comment I have ever seen on this site. As if the Stillers would pack up their 6 Lombardis and move out of the most loyal sports town in the U.S. The Steelers are a religion there. Old Art Rooney lived in a regular neighborhood on the “Norside” for God’s sake. His wife would give out tickets to the kids on my wife’s block if they knocked on her door and asked for them. “Lesser franchise”? Words fail me.

  23. Steve Hogan is a fool, this will most likely never ever happen. Orlando is a third-tier city that can barely support a basketball team, they would never be able to sell out an NFL regular season game – much less a full season of NFL home games.

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