Scot McCloughan on Kirk Cousins: Let me overpay him if he’s good


If you’re waiting to hear about a long-term deal for quarterback Kirk Cousins, it sounds like it is going to be a while.

Cousins got the franchise tag before free agency opened this season, setting him up to make $19.9 million for the 2016 season after leading the Redskins to an NFC East title in his first full season as a starter. Both sides have said the expected things about a desire to extend the working relationship beyond next season, but General Manager Scot McCloughan sounds more than willing to wait before diving into an extension.

In an interview with Jason Cole of Bleacher Report, McCloughan said that he’s told Cousins that “we’re going to take care of you” if he takes care of the organization and that he’s comfortable paying the inflated price tag that would come with handling things that way because of how important it is to have the right quarterback leading the team.

“Let me overpay him if he’s good,” McCloughan said. “If you have a productive guy, it helps everything, and it proves out. You look around this league and see the teams that are in the playoffs every year and look who the quarterbacks are. Look at the ones who win. It proves out. Don’t get me wrong, the O-line is huge. The running game is huge, which we had in Seattle. But when it’s all said and done and the quarterback can get the guys rallied around him, you have a chance. You’re going to play good defense. That’s easy to fix. You just draft good football players. They can be a small guy, a big guy, as long as they can find the ball. The special teams are going to be good because we’re going to build through the draft, so the younger guys will be big in that. But that quarterback, I’m telling you…”

There’s a chance Cousins can’t repeat last year’s success and the Redskins find themselves back among the teams searching for “that quarterback.” It’s not a place that McCloughan wants to be, obviously, but you’d rather be there without a commitment to Cousins should things break the wrong way in Washington this season.

48 responses to “Scot McCloughan on Kirk Cousins: Let me overpay him if he’s good

  1. Was there a homeless man consulted before the franchise tag was used? I imagine every QB-needy team has a one ready to consult regarding all QB personnel decisions.

  2. 1st year on the job & a division title in hand. Going against 4th quarter meltdown Eli, broke down Tony, and living off 1st draft pick status only Bradford. Skins will get another title next season.

  3. We’re only winning 10/11 games with this low energy choker under QB. With RGIII we would have been undefeated at least 3 times in the next 6 years. I think I’m going to be sick.

  4. In the Vinny Cerrato era Cousins would have been handed a 6 year, $150 million dollar deal and we would have traded two first rounders to the Cardinals for Larry Fitzgerald this offseason.

    I dig the prudent moves. Cousins either steps up and proves he’s worth the money, or he is shaky and gets a reduced deal next year.

  5. I don’t blame the Skins for making the franchise-tag gamble. If Cousins has an amazing year, it helps them make a deep playoff run and they will have the pay-up like what the Ravens had to do with Flacco. If he gets injured or fails to perform, they aren’t stuck with a huge long-term millstone of a contract.

  6. hopefully he can beat teams who aren’t under .500 this year…rooting for this guy but i’m gonna keep an eye on the browns…wow i can’t believe i said that lol

  7. The Redskins are doing the smart thing in this situation. You can’t give a guy a $100M contract based on less than a full season of quality play. Franchise him and make him prove it wasn’t a flash in the pan. Sure, it’s a big cap hit for this season, but it doesn’t hamstring you for years like if you’d given him a long term contract with significant guaranteed money.

  8. In Scot (with one t) we trust. One year gamble with no “kicking the can down the road” with the salary cap. Add talent whenever and wherever you can on the roster. The division is a mess and 9-7 might get you a home game again.

  9. Its a one year gamble, if Cousins under performs it ends up costing the team a few MM extra, not a big deal.

    The real questions are:

    A – what if Cousins has a good year. How much do you pay him? Other teams like Cleveland will surely overpay to get a franchise QB when they don’t have to use up #1 draft picks.

    B – what if he has an ok year, but not great. Then Clevland will still pay close to 20MM, as it would give them a QB better than whatever they have now.

    The Redskins may find themselves squeezed on a long term contract, having to pay 2-3MM/year more since they have competing teams bidding for his services.

  10. 1st year on the Job and a title in hand someone wrote about cousins.. Ah No.. It wasent his 1st yr on the Job.. Wow! You don’t watch to much football..

  11. logicalvoicepft says:
    Apr 12, 2016 2:32 PM
    We’re only winning 10/11 games with this low energy choker under QB. With RGIII we would have been undefeated at least 3 times in the next 6 years.

    I can totally see that, what with the steady progression of win totals the Skins put together with him as their field general.

    All kidding aside, I hope Cousins does turn out to be the real deal. Skins fans are due for a break and the division is better when they are in the mix.

  12. This is the anti-Tannenbaum approach. At least someone learned from his mistakes because he sure hasn’t…

  13. This absolutely makes sense. Instead of locking yourself into a huge contract with a QB who might be a flash in the pan, you pay him the $20 mil this year and tack on a few more mil per year in a long term contract if he performs.

  14. I liked the original article. McCloughan really came off well. I could see how there’s finally hope in the Capital.
    We will see how they handle a first place schedule. You never know.

  15. Cousins only throws the inside stuff…. slant, skinny post, the in, etc….

    Give him a year of training as the clear starter without the other baggage and see what you have. Maybe he can incorporate something to the outside corner or a fade. Then you might have a proper game manager on your hands.

  16. Seahawks fan but live near DC. I like the way the Redskins are turning things around. McGloughlan is a good exec, but shouldn’t make his thought process known to the general public. Also, some other position players might take offense to his verbiage, if taken out of context. This is the “spin- control” capital of the world after all. As far as Cousins is concerned, I have a feeling the Redskins front office is going to regret franchising this year in lieu of a long term deal on the cheap.

  17. one thing is for sure…in the current version of the nfc east….there are no repeat div champs

    09 boys, 10 birds, 11 jints, 12 skins, 13 birds, 14 boys, 15 skins

  18. McCloughan is a solid GM, and coincidentally when he was with SF and Seattle they had some of the best rosters in the NFL. It will be very interesting watching all 3 of those teams to see who was really responsible for building the rosters.

  19. Most fans are catching on about Scot and his football IQ. The 49ers that competed in multiple NFC Championship games team where Baalkee gets much of the credit the core of that team was put together by McCloughlan. He was also John Schneider’s top scout and we all know the recent success with the Seahawks.

  20. Makes sense otherwise you might end up in the same situation as the 49ers with Kap.

  21. Damnit, I was hoping the Niners would jettison the incompetent egomaniac, Trent Baalke, and bring back Scot McCloughan. You Redskins got a great GM with a real eye for talent.

  22. “We will see how they handle a first place schedule. You never know.” why do people say this ?? you play the same schedule as the other teams in your division minus 2 games…. and in the NFL odds are if you play a “first place schedule” one of those two games against wht should be other good teams will be against a stinker.

  23. Funny how some fans think it was even an option for the Redskins to sign Cousins to a “cheap long-term deal”. Maybe before last season you could have done that but why would you do that, there was barely any film on him?

  24. Its easier to pay a QB a 20% premium because you waited. That’s a lot better than paying him a 1000% premium because you paid him prematurely and was unable to make him your starter.

  25. Gotta say it now….the Redskins are on the up n up with this GM. He helped the Seahawks a lot, and for that….I’m interested to see how high he takes Washington

  26. Home Dallas, NY Giants, Philadelphia, Green Bay, Minnesota, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Carolina
    Away Dallas, NY Giants, Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Arizona
    London Cincinnati

    Here is the Redskins schedule for next year. This team is going to do worse then the 9-7 record they put up last year. They are facing better teams this year.

  27. Give me a break..: Redskins just eeked out the division win one game over 500 and quite a lot of help from the other junk teams in that division. Cousins has played decent at times but I’ve never seen so much hoopla about a QB with so little accomplished…. Kind of embarrassing that he’s got ya all hoodwinked with his You Like That marketing giving him the big money betore he does anything to really like…. Didn’t ya’ll get knocked out of the 1st round of playoffs….

  28. So the Redskins were just supposed to let Cousins walk? Unless they could lock him up long term for 14 or 15 mill a year, they had franchise him.

  29. This guy logical voice doesn’t really believe what he just wrote does he? That statement might be one of the most delusional I have ever heard. If rg was such a great.. ahem mediocre qb he would have had more than 1 team looking for his services. To say the team would be undefeated is laughable. Not to mention there is more than 1 person on the team. Logical voice you have no idea what other players would be on the squad so assuming rg could do it all by himself, we’ll my friend can you find another team to root for. Your actually scaring me..

  30. So this guy basically said that you need a good Qb, Oline, RB, and Defense to win…If all it takes is that bit of knowledge to run a football team I think it’s time for me to start turning in some resumes.

  31. Cousins is a career backup and will not be the answer for Washington behind center. He will be relegated to his radio talk show in short order and none of the fans will be tuned in!

  32. Shoulda rolled with Colt Mccoy-watch they will go back to him. Stupid to give kirk a multi year con tract true- but it’s only slightly less stupid to franchise a backup qb.

  33. Nick Foles had a great first year too. The 2016 opponents will have a lot more tape on Cousins this offseason. Probably a smart play by the GM.

  34. themboys5150 says:
    Apr 12, 2016 2:58 PM

    1st year on the Job and a title in hand someone wrote about cousins.. Ah No.. It wasent his 1st yr on the Job.. Wow! You don’t watch to much football..

    I think the commenter was referring to Scot Mccloughan with his comment. Last year was Scot’s first with the Skins. The article was about what Scot said about Cousins. Not about Cousins.

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