Source: Johnny Manziel, Josh Gordon aren’t roommates

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It’s officially much easier to predict the football future of Johnny Manziel than it is to explain his present living arrangements.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, and contrary to a report from ESPN, Manziel is not currently living with suspended Browns receiver Josh Gordon. ESPN reported on the existence of a Manziel-Gordon apartment-sharing situation on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles after Manziel said (incorrectly) that he is living with Broncos linebacker Von Miller.

Miller has denied living with Manziel, and Manziel has since apologized to Miller for dragging him into a bizarre misstatement at best and a flat-out lie at worst from Manziel.

It helps neither Manziel nor Gordon to be tied together at this point in their careers. Gordon’s request for reinstatement to the NFL has been denied, and he can’t apply for reinstatement until August 1. Manziel remains unsigned and, but for Miller’s desire to bring him to Denver, unwanted.

39 responses to “Source: Johnny Manziel, Josh Gordon aren’t roommates

  1. Can we cool it with the “Where’s Johnny Manziel Living: World Tour”? Please? Could we maybe leave him alone for a while?

  2. How has no one mentioned that Johhny Football was drunk during that TMZ interview

  3. Manziel is a hero to the “nothing wrong with partying” crowd. And maybe if he had the resume of Joe Namath or Kenny Stabler, he could get away with that. But he doesn’t. In fact, Manziel’s resume includes lying, deception, and denial. At this point only a fool would want him leading their favorite football team.

  4. Report: Manziel currently living with homeless guy under the bridge who was responsible for drafting him.

  5. This is the time he should be flying low under the radar trying to convince teams he’s got himself straightened out and is worth a roster spot. Instead, he’s hammered, lying about his living arrangements. Dude is a mess.

  6. Kapodaco says:
    Apr 12, 2016 6:15 PM
    Can we cool it with the “Where’s Johnny Manziel Living: World Tour”? Please? Could we maybe leave him alone for a while?


    Trust me, no one would like to never hear Manziel’s name again more than me. I couldn’t stand him in college and dislike him more now.
    That said, Manziel has done everything he could to be in the spotlight all the time, so he created the monster. Don’t blame the media for keeping him in the news.

  7. To hell with “Wheres Waldo”, its now “Wheres Johnny?”
    He’s the new Kato Kaelin, everyones “dude living in the guest house”. It won’t be long before we are asking which overpass he is living under.

  8. All the job interviewing skills and charisma of Greg Hardy. I wish him the best. The best refrigerator box under that bridge like Cannonball said.

  9. Gordon: “Hey man, sorry, but you gots to move out.
    Manziel: “But dude, the sleeping emojis in your tweet…”
    Gordon: “Yeah, you’re kind of a bad influence on me. See ya.”

  10. These erroneous reports are Leigh Steinberg at work. Told Jonny he has rats around him n purposely had him feed them some garbage information a different bs story to each one. Each story that comes out shows manziel another rat to eliminate from his circle. Then Steinberg will spin it all as look at how much the media has gotten wrong about Jonny! Clearly half the stories or more you’ve heard as BS as these! Finally got someone on his team playing some chess. Now if he could just get out his own way and Steinberg’s and listen to what’s undoubtedly better advice he’s getting now he might have a chance. Manziel is not the first entitled qb to act like a prick n party like a rockstar. He was just to dumb to realize he needed to pay the right people to tell him how n when to do it n a good publicist to get him some much needed good press to to earn him some favor amongst the masses n the journalists. If you’re not gonna grow up Jon at least surround yourself n educate yourself w people that know how to play the game. Go do a USO tour. Run a highly publicized football camp for underprivelaged or disabled kids. Leak out some info about charitable donations. Etc, etc etc.

  11. I think the guy just genuinely doesn’t care…that’s obvious…my eleven year old knows you have to go along sometimes in life…so does Johnny…as fans we would kill for the chance at being an nfl player…clearly Johnny doesn’t feel that way..addiction issues aside I doubt football has ever been priority one or he would be in panic mode trying to save a clearly dying career..not hanging at bars and giving teenage level i.q. Interviews to tmz

  12. .. or, you know… stop showing up in high profile places drunk and talking to the media.

    I don’t know much about these situations, but I’m thinking that might help.

  13. ESPN is absolute trash. This kind of story is what they have devolved into. Nothing more than a tmz-sports bastard child with hosts that believe they are personalities. They are all trying to get that hot scoop so it can be fodder for the idiots that watch it.

  14. I have a reliable source telling me that Johnny Manziel is living with Brian Cushing in Texas, his home state.

  15. I would like to see Dallas go after both of them with low risk/high reward deals. The Browns can move on from Gordon (maybe a 4th or 5th round pick), Manziel is a FA at this point. Dallas needs a true #2 and a backup QB. Get them under the Cowboys security system with 24 hour “companions”, including Michael Irvin and others helping out and it may, may, workout. Give them deals that let Dallas cut them with no financial windfall if either screws up. Pretty sure both of them would like to be Cowboys.

  16. It seems to me that he’s couch surfing. That’ll wear thin real fast with his friends. He better not think about calling on my house, but there’s a couch down the street by the dumpster he can use.

  17. ppc50 says:
    “Dallas needs a true #2 and a backup QB…”

    Yes, but Manziel would only serve as the steaming No. 2; they’d still need a quarterback.

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