Arrest warrant issued for Rams running back Tre Mason


The last NFL player to be arrest apparently is the next one to be arrested.

Nick Wagoner of reports that Rams running back Tre Mason failed to appear for a hearing on Monday in Broward County, Florida criminal court. A warrant has now been issued for Mason’s arrest.

Mason had been arrested last month for suspicion of possession of marijuana, reckless driving, failure to register a motor vehicle, and resisting arrest. His arraignment had been set for Monday.

On March 5, police used a stun gun to subdue Mason after he drove away from officers who were trying to pull him over for speeding. When he was finally pulled over, Mason tried to “brace himself” in the car and exhibited “great resistance” to efforts at removing him.

A third-round pick in the 2014 draft, Mason had been expected to report for the start of the offseason program next week.

48 responses to “Arrest warrant issued for Rams running back Tre Mason

  1. “A third-round pick in the 2014 draft, Mason had been expected to report for the start of the offseason program next week.”

    Yeah…that won’t be happening now.

  2. Typical Rams. Fisher’s “knock-’em-out-for-the-season” is about to get knocked out themselves.

  3. Football is not a game for the well adjusted.

    They can’t, and shouldn’t even try, to change its image.

  4. Brain vs brawn. It appears, as far as the NFL is concerned, brawn is winning out, because with the money these morons are making, they can’t stop for a police officer, they are carrying loaded guns (risking their lives and their families lives), get suspended for a year and then when you are ready to be re-instated, try to dilute a drug test and just cant stop smoking pot. I pray to win the lottery because God gave me a 5’10” body and only 140 lbs of body mass. These guys are born with a lottery ticket in their hands and they piss it away (literally). I don’t understand, especially when these kids, in some instances, like myself, grew up without parents, nobody to give them anything, no one to help them along, and their lives and the lives of their descendants is of so little value to them that they can’t follow the simplest of rules to allow them to cash in on millions and millions of dollars. From my point of view, from my life, from what I make working in a warehouse, I just can’t understand how stupid these guys are, just plain stupid.

  5. Just another looser who makes a fortune, and has no idea how to behave. It is really sickening listening to these NFL players who just don’t’get it’. Do they think they are above the law or something?? It certainly seems like it. Just suspend this idiot for a bunch of games, and see if he has any interest in playing football again. Of course Josh Gordon and Johnny Manzell are not exactly good adverts for anything right now.

  6. One of my old college team mates once told me while he was playing for the Rams (Henry Ellard), that too many NFL ballplayers believe they are “above the law” and therefore are not accountable. Amazing how that message still rings true. This tool is too stupid to register his bloody car among other things…………………

  7. The sad part is every day i read this crap about another idiot player doing something stupid and then i think…..these are millionaires……

    Its almost like a higher power has no problem throwing huge money at stupid people knowing that it will all get returned sooner rather than later.

  8. You can’t help a team from your jail cell, just asked former Viking Chris Cook who was booked into jail on domestic violence on a Saturday night. Only problem was the judge wasn’t going to see him till Monday morning so he missed the football game on that Sunday in between.

    Oh by the way, the Vikings lost that game, no telling the outcome had Cook been available.

  9. In the future, expect Mason to suffer a mysterious injury that keeps him off the team plane to Florida.

  10. I was just thinking this morning that the “Days Without An Arrest” counter was getting a little high. Luckily it will not make it to the halfway point.

  11. Derick Henry to the Rams in Rd 2. Book it. He and Gurley as a 1-2 combo would beast.

  12. Hey a guy got arrested and nobody made a reference that the Cowboys (a team with one of the lowest number of players getting in trouble with the law) are going to pick him up….oh wait…

  13. Braced himself in the car so they couldn’t remove him, lmao…. Like a child that holds their breath in defiance…..

  14. sityourselfdown says:
    Apr 13, 2016 12:27 PM
    Upstanding citizens throughout the NFL..
    Since an NFL player is less likely to be arrested than the general US population I would say this is a true statement.

  15. garby95 says:
    Apr 13, 2016 12:59 PM

    He was ashamed the arrest counter was so high this time of the offseason he has to do something

    Leadership. Just pure unadulterated leadership. I like it.

    – Jerry Jones

  16. 6thsense10 says:
    Apr 13, 2016 2:03 PM

    Since an NFL player is less likely to be arrested than the general US population I would say this is a true statement.


    You mean that a millionaire is less likely to commit a crime than someone who makes $7.50 an hour? Noooo Waaaay! Hold yourself to a higher standard than the west and south sides of Chicago.

  17. laces out says:
    Apr 13, 2016 12:43 PM

    rats, time to reset the arrest counter
    sdchicken says:
    Apr 13, 2016 12:48 PM

    Is it really that hard to live life without getting arrested?
    Apparently it is. This thing has been running since… at least 2007.

  18. what happened to hands up dont shoot? why come out the tunnel for a game with a couple of your teammates screaming “hands up dont shoot” with your hands to the sky, when you yourself is not going to practice what you preach, instead your brace your self to resist arrest and end up getting shot by a taser. the irony

  19. Apr 13, 2016 2:03 PM – 6thsense10 says: … Since an NFL player is less likely to be arrested than the general US population …

    I need the see the source of THIS wacky line.

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