Giants owner John Mara torn about taking league meetings to N.C.

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Personally, Giants co-owner John Mara is offended by North Carolina’s controversial new bathroom law.

But he’s also not sure boycotting the state in the small way available to the NFL would do much good.

Via Bob Glauber of Newsday, Mara said he wasn’t sure moving the May owners meeting from Charlotte would have the desired effect for those who oppose the measure known as HB2, which requires transgender persons to use the bathroom that correlates with their birth certificates rather than as they identify.

PayPal has already scrapped plans to bring 400 new jobs to Charlotte as a result of the law, and Bruce Springsteen canceled a concert in Greensboro last weekend as opposition has mounted.

I personally find this law to be offensive, but I think at this point, to change the [location of the] meetings, I’m not sure what kind of effect that would have.” Mara said. “We’ve made some pretty strong statements, both as a league and as an organization, on this subject.”

The league put out the standard we-don’t-condone-bigotry statement, though the Panthers themselves haven’t said too much. The NBA threatened the state with vague hints about moving the 2017 All-Star game, which would likely have more of a local economic impact than 32 sets of rich people sequestering themselves in a suburban resort hotel for a couple of days.

But then again we’re not economists, we’re just guessing on that part. Who knows, maybe Beyonce and Jay-Z were planning to come watch Mara and Jerry Richardson walk into and out of a committee meeting.

“I have mixed feelings about going down there, but I’m not sure that moving the meeting elsewhere is necessarily the right thing to do,” Mara said. “It may be more effective to take the message of inclusion and equality to Charlotte.”

If the NFL chose to flex its socio-economic muscle on a particular issue, they could likely affect some degree of change from state politicians. But beyond making generic statements, the league hasn’t found a way to market the cause yet, which limits what might actually be done.

60 responses to “Giants owner John Mara torn about taking league meetings to N.C.

  1. The NBA absolutely did not threaten to move the all star game. That was proven to be a false report.

  2. Yeah, because, like all NFL owners, Mara thinks he is a man of integrity. That must be it.

  3. It’s not about the 32 people actually in NC, it’s about the message that the NFL, as an organization, doesn’t support the law, or any body that condones such bigotry.

  4. Who keeps putting a microphone in front of this guy? And why? This is the guy that said the NFL – a multi-billion dollar business – can’t afford a few cameras at the goal line. Seems like every mouthpiece for the league is the least informed and intelligent person they can find.

  5. Is there a general fund in NC that I can contribute to that’s in support of said law? There’s people on both sides, not just the idiotic famous people that trying to gain Twitter followers.

  6. People are going to hate, I get that. It’s the way of the world. But when somebody stands up waving a bible, and says they’re hating in Jesus name, I’m sorry. That’s a level of cowardice that needs a strong response.

    The economic impact doesn’t matter. They need to do more than just talk.

  7. its either anti gay rights OR anti religious rights… the fact that this is a discussion says a lot about how America has fallen

  8. Maybe the owners will boycott after they’re finished with those great golf courses.

  9. All because north Carolina doesn’t want Transgender people in bathrooms. Personally I have children, and I do not want them to be put in that situation of seeing this play out. Everyone has rights not just a very small minority.

  10. Cue Roger. Time for him to tell some lies and break into his “most hated man in America” routine. Anything to deflect blame from the owners.

  11. What does he mean “desired effect”? Does it mean that not every owner is offended?

    This is a $10B+ organization. A statement would definitely be made by switching the meetings location out of state.

    Mara never gave a good reason not to do it, just a weak one to not do anything.

    Try reading his comments using Eeyore’s voice.

  12. Cunning Linguist says:
    Apr 13, 2016 7:38 PM
    John Mara may be rich, but nobody ever accused him of being smart.


    He was smart enough to pass a bar exam… Have you even finished High School?

  13. Odd wanting to keep men out of the women restroom is such a controversial concept.

    If only there was a law like this when Big Ben visited the restroom with the college student?

  14. I don’t really have a dog in the fight but its got to be one of the dumbest laws in recent memory. Do people from n.c. really want someone that was born a woman, then had a sex change and looks like a man… using a woman’s bathroom? Its just plain ridiculous. They need some common sense. Either way if they really cared I’m sure the billionaires could relocate their meeting.

  15. Backwards southern govt at it again. Rather lose millions in revenue on a law that affects like 4 people.

  16. Most of the people who are offended are only pretending to be offended because they fear PC backlash. No one wants to be labeled, and that is precisely what happens if PC is not followed.

    Remember when men went to the men’s room and women to the women’s? Remember when men used the men’s locker room and women used the women’s? If you think that is normal, you are a bigot in today’s bizarre PC world. Oh, you can have an opinion, so long as you get it approved as PC. Society has become twisted and turned around. Strange days are these.

  17. Read the law you moron! It saves young girls like mine from perverts who want to sneak into the bathrooms and gym showers – that is it, no more

  18. What a twilight zone this country has become. 20 yrs ago transgender people would be locked up in a mental hospital now we have TV shows and awards. Sorry but I for one do not want some dude walking into a girls bathroom while my little daughters are in there. Call me a bigot all you want. Get some common sense

  19. northernpackfan says:

    It’s not about the 32 people actually in NC, it’s about the message that the NFL, as an organization, doesn’t support the law, or any body that condones such bigotry.

    Bigotry by definition is intolerance towards an opposing opinion. Everyone threatening to boycott NC is a bigot.

  20. justintuckrule says:

    Backwards southern govt at it again. Rather lose millions in revenue on a law that affects like 4 people.

    The moral fabric of society, that you want to change, affects everyone.

  21. What a wishy washy statement.
    Once a again we are reminded that when it comes to Maras John is no Wellington.

  22. Who cares what this scumbag member of the New York Nightmara Crime Syndicate thinks. He is evil, dishonest, and should never be consulted or quoted. This whole family is filled with dishonest people. Anyone who looked at this family’s role in the punishment of the Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys during the uncapped year will realize how petty and vile the Mara family truly is.

  23. Good grief. It’s gotten to the point of utter insanity in our once great country where everyone is offended by everything. If you don’t like what’s happening, change it at the ballet box. Otherwise, please stick to being a billionaire with a job for life that of millions of people would love to have.

  24. So he basically thinks it’s okay for a grown man to go into a public restroom with a little girl. These dopes just don’t get it! It’s not about transgendered people but about the psychos who will follow a woman/girl in for their jollies. Smh at the stupidity.

  25. Yes. It’s imperative that the NFL take a definitive, pro progressive consensus position about transgender people because…progressive media.

  26. bruce springsteen can protest nc a whole state mind you. But some bakery cant protest a gay wedding cake. same thing if u ask me. Someone is denying someone a service based on beliefs.

  27. I think they just don’t want to embarrass Carolina owner Jerry Richardson. He, in turn, doesn’t want to risk local backlash by being the one to stand up and OK a move.

    It’s just a meeting. Move it, already. Make a stand.

  28. Funny how the Boss and Mara and PayPal can exercise their conscience rights, but the people of NC through their duly elected representatives cannot.

  29. Does anyone here really think this law is about bathrooms? Seriously, that’s as uninformed as Gantt or Mara. Wow. You don’t want this legislation coming to a state near you.

  30. I’m pretty sure that most of you who support the constitutionally unsound, if not illegally discriminatory law aren’t aware of this. You don’t have to believe everything you think.

  31. As a Giants fan I can only imagine how annoying it is to hear John Mara’s opinion on everything NFL as a fan of another team as it’s annoying to me as well. Please accept my apologies.

  32. What I find wrong with this law is not whether it hurts or helps those confused about their gender, without it a straight male pervert is allowed to simply walk into a woman’s restroom or shower and do whatever it is that perverts do. Why should I or any other male be allowed to just walk into a women’s locker room and watch women get dressed, undressed and shower? All I have to do is say I feel like a woman?

  33. I find it amazing that the politically correct crowd thinks it’s fine that men use the women’s bathroom when they “feel like” a different gender. How many women do you really think are going to use the men’s bathroom?

    It’s a movement that will lead to perverts raping women in the bathroom.

  34. I am personally offended by John Mara. Can we move him somewhere so we never have to see him again?

  35. I don’t want someone with male plumbing going into the mall bathroom when my daughter is in there. I really don’t think that makes me a bigot. Besides, what if it is just a perv using this as an angle to get in there?

  36. It’s gotten to the point where I cringe when I hear someone say, “I’m offended” or “I’m outraged.” The phrases have been used so much that they have started to lose their meaning.

    How about, “I disagree with this law because I think it’s unfair and here is how I think we should voice our opposition.”

    Enough with the “outrage” and “offensive” talk…it unfairly connotes that there is only one side of these debates, and honestly that’s ignorant and obnoxious.

  37. You may be shocked to read this, but if you look at the actual law, it does NOT state that a transgendered individual cannot go into a bathroom associated with their “new gender.” The law simply states that an individual has to go into a bathroom that correlates to the gender stated on their birth certificate.

    If an individual goes through a sex change operation, they are permitted to update their birth certificate with their new gender. When they do so, they will not be breaking the law by going into the bathroom associated with their new gender.

    THe law DOES prohibit someone who is a man — and who is still a man — and who still says he’s a man on his birth certificate — to go in and use the bathroom with your 12 year old daughter.

    I am strongly for the rights of LGBT people. However, when getting involved with these issues you need to: a.) first actually read the laws and get your facts so you know what you are talking about and b.) pick your shots so you are arguing intelligently.

    It’s not enough to say, “I”M NOT A BIGOT YOU ARE!” you also need to be in alignment with the actual facts.

  38. Bigotry by definition is intolerance towards an opposing opinion. Everyone threatening to boycott NC is a bigot.

    People are boycotting a law. A law is not an opinion.

    I know this is a very difficult thing to understand for some, but try to keep up.

  39. The fact that other states are critical of and do not understand why NC has implemented this law is a disturbing thought. NC may be the last frontier of common sense.

  40. The law passed by the city of Charlotte, NC, allows any man to self-identify as a woman, and use women’s public restrooms, including REGISTERED SEX OFFENDERS.

    The first image that comes to my mind is my 12 year old daughter walking into a restroom, and watching a 300 pound man follow her in. This law suggests to me that I should not be concerned about such a situation should it arise, and if I am concerned about it, I am a bigot.

    My angst is not directed at the LBGT community, but instead at a law that allows perverts a new way to go after victims. The NFL should be thanking Governor McCrory for his courage instead of criticizing him for supposedly being anti-LBGT.

    One more note that might be of interest to the NFL: I live one hour west of Charlotte, and my daughter is a HUGE Panthers fan. As a Viking fan, I had previously told her that I would get our family tickets to the Vikings-Panthers game in Charlotte this coming season. However, after over-hearing about this law on the news, it was my daughter who exclaimed “I’m not going to Charlotte now!”

    We will patronize other areas of North Carolina. Until those in Charlotte who passed this law come to their senses and back down, Charlotte is off-limits to our family.

  41. Serious Question (not trying to be biased, and I generally support the LBGT community):

    * Can someone can simply announce their gender of choice and, after having done so, walk into the restroom of their liking? *

    In other words, in a state that allows “gender choice restrooms (my term), can I (as a heterosexual male who dresses as most males do) claim that I identify as a female, then enter the ladies room?

    I’m not taking sides on this issue, or trying to stir up problems. I’m legitimately asking how it works in LGBT states.

    Anyone know?

  42. Forget who can pee where – there is much more to this law. The law actually takes away the right for ANY person in North Carolina to file a discrimination suit for ANY reason at the state level. Because of the law NC residents must file a Federal anti-discrimination suit, which is much harder and more expensive.

  43. Literally nothing changed.

    Charlotte passed an ordinance and the state overturned it.

    Everything is as it was for years and years and years and no one said a peep.


  44. Well you know what Johnny boy I bet no one will ever start questioning their identity if the see Kate or Rooney bee line for the bathroom. Especially now that they know that you don’t have a problem with people with male parts (who as and enlightened man like yourself knows can still be attracted to females) being in the restroom with your daughters while there half dressed and at their most vulnerable.

    At least there’s 2 of them. They can apply the buddy system. If they do that, they will never have to worry about being in the bathroom alone with someone who is attracted to their gender and can easily over power them do to their male anatomy.

    The women who aren’t lucky enough to always have an entourage or be at posh upscale places with bathroom attendants? Ah, I’m sure theyll be fine. It’s not like there’s sick people out there who like to take advantage of things like this.

    Ask Erin Andrews she’ll tell yea. People just dont invade the privacy of women like that.

  45. baddegg says:
    Apr 14, 2016 6:58 AM

    It’s not enough to say, “I”M NOT A BIGOT YOU ARE!” you also need to be in alignment with the actual facts.

    It seems like your the one light on facts. Almost every comment was about the exact thing you posted. People were in support of the law because they didnt want people who are just claiming to be women in the female restrooms. They weren’t worried about actual Transgender people who have had the surgeries using the bathrooms. So how is that any different than from the facts you posted?

    It seems to me you just wanted to call people out for not knowing the facts. It didn’t matter to you if they were actually interpreting the situation correctly or not.

    Furthermore your lack of understanding of group discussion dynamics is astounding. People who were commenting weren’t commenting about 1 specific law in 1 specific state. They were commenting about how in our modern society people like Mara react to people with differing opinions. How if you think about anything other then how something will make a person feel your a bigot. How it’s politically incorrect to point out why something might be a bad idea.

    See you thought it was about the nc law. It wasnt. It was about why a law like that should be in places, and why their sick of people like Mara acting like if you support those types of laws your some how a bad uncaring person.

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