Manziel was passenger in alleged hit and run incident

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As it turns out, a false tale of living with Von Miller may not be the weirdest thing about Johnny Manziel’s most recent Saturday night.

Via TMZ, Manziel was the passenger later that night in an alleged hit and run.

Specifically, Manziel was riding in a vehicle that hit a light pole. He and the driver, Ryan Silverstein (a/k/a OVO Ryan, whatever that means) fled the scene on foot.

And, of course, they were picked up by suspended Browns receiver Josh Gordon.

Manziel and Silverstein later returned to the scene, and Manziel was interviewed by police. He has not been accused of any criminal wrongdoing.

Still, Manziel’s involvement in yet another bizarre incident will do nothing to persuade a team to give him another chance.

48 responses to “Manziel was passenger in alleged hit and run incident

  1. Can we just quit with him, he is a looser and its boring even thinking about him playing football again? Just let him get in more trouble, and hopefully end up in jail or rehab. He doesn’t deserve being in the “real world” he is trouble.

  2. Yet another scene in the made-for-TV-movie: The rise and fall of Johnny Football.

  3. Manziel is another case of affluenza. His parents obviously decided to spare the rod and spoil the child. I think the kid is on a self-destruction path and it wouldn’t surprise me to read his obit from suicide some day.

  4. Chances are north of 99% that Johnny Manziel will never play another down in an NFL game.

    Chances are probably north of 50% that Josh Gordon will never play another down in an NFL game.

    I wonder if they know that? Reality.

  5. unnamedsources says:
    Apr 13, 2016 4:59 PM

    How do the Browns find these guys?

    They’re the Browns.

  6. I read a great article today about the biggest draft busts (team-by-team analysis) of the last 5 years. The Browns could fill out a roster with theirs. There’s something in the water up there.

  7. arnoldziffel says:
    Apr 13, 2016 5:09 PM

    Johnnie Manziel is the Paris Hilton of the NFL … famous for no apparent reason


    That’s a little bit of a stretch bro, like it or not, the dude did win the heisman….

  8. Johnnie Manziel story’s are getting old. It’s gonna be hard to catch onto a team when your name keeps popping up in the news every day.

  9. I second the idea of getting him a reality TV show. Get on it BRAVO!

    You only run from an accident for three or four things and they’re all bad.

    It blows me away that people were trying to compare him to Russell Wilson coming out. Completely different quarterbacks, completely different kinds of people.

    In the interest of my entertainment purposes I certainly hope he doesn’t go away anytime soon. Dallas should pick him up.

  10. Can’t you people check stuff out before you post it? All this “article” does is quote TMZ. Striking a light pole is not the same as striking another vehicle or pedestrian. Where did TMZ get this story? The LAPD would have info on it – if it happened.

  11. I am assuming they were drunk or had drugs on them why run away from a crash with a lightpole? Probably could get a ticket, but its not like they hit another car. Manziel is sooooooo dumb

  12. hit the light pole, fled the scene on foot, picked up my a criminal, returned to the scene, what else?

    conclusion: end up the the cell

  13. manzel has become a a joke to himself and the nfl would be wise to distance themselves from ex players like him,because when he falls it will not be pretty,think Lawrence phillips

  14. We done talkin about this cat yet? It’s clear what his priorities are. If he wants to continue to wild out, let him. I think, at this point, he lives for this attention.

  15. “semcgowanjr says:
    Apr 13, 2016 5:23 PM

    Can’t you people check stuff out before you post it? All this “article” does is quote TMZ. Striking a light pole is not the same as striking another vehicle or pedestrian. Where did TMZ get this story? The LAPD would have info on it – if it happened.”

    You may hate TMZ for being a tabloid, but they get it right more often than not. They have sources all over LA from valet guys, personal assistants, cops, restaurant people, etc who tip them off about celebrities. Plus they have a mobile unit in Hollywood ready to bring out the cameras.

  16. .
    Am I the only one that thinks Johnny Football was actually driving the car – and had to run to find his “fall guy?”

    That makes more sense than anything else that I have read…


  17. Enough with him already!!
    And to think his talent is wasted on a spoiled Rich Kid
    that doesn’t care about anything but himself!
    And another Quarterback that would give anything to
    have 1/2 his talent, Mr. Tim Tebow. What a freeking waste!
    I have heard enough about this guy.. he has gone from a player that many liked and looked forward to watching, to one of the most hated guys in sports!
    I wonder if Lindsay Lohan would like to meet him???
    Throw in Charley Sheen and away we go!!!

  18. Manziel forever out of the NFL. Gordon forever out of the NFL. Again, addiction trumps talent. What a waste of human life.

  19. Of course he was “the passenger”, sounds like he went to the Chris Carter School of Fall Guys.

  20. TMZ reports Josh is willing to testify that the pole jumped in front of the car. It should be obvious that Manziel is under the influence of Bromance. It’s time for Bronation to check this guy into a dry dock.

  21. The Ratbirds have lockers cleared out and waiting for all 3 of you, right next to Terrell Suggs!!!

  22. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be SO self-important that you can’t see what your actions are doing to everyone around you. The guy gets tattoos of himself on himself. I imagine he’d rank in the top 2 percent on the narcissism scale. He’s the next Ryan Leaf…just a footnote in the history of Football. If you surround yourself with idiots who don’t care about you or your career, why should you? He’s not going to see the error in his ways until he’s 50yrs old and flipping burgers at some Texas food joint.

  23. Say the 0.00000001% chance a team wants to sign him… How is he not facing a minimum of a 1 year suspension? That’s what people don’t even mention about this guy. He has violated the personal conduct policy atleast once a month since he was drafted!

    This guy will never play in the nfl again and I’m happy that’s the case. All self inflicted. Start planning the funeral: Johnny burial.

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