NCAA denies Drew Ott’s waiver request, making him a late entry to the draft


With the draft 15 days away, there’s another player in an already crowded pool.

Via multiple reports, the NCAA has notified former Iowa defensive lineman Drew Ott that his request for a medical hardship waiver has been denied. It means that Ott won’t get a fifth year of college football, and that he will be eligible for the draft.

Ott suffered a torn ACL last season, ultimately competing in six of the team’s 13 games. This exceeds the NCAA’s 30-percent maximum for obtaining a medical hardship waiver. However, Ott and Iowa tried to argue that Ott participated in limited snaps during those six games.

It didn’t work.

The NFL has confirmed to PFT that Ott will now be eligible for the 2016 draft, giving him limited time to position himself for a spot in one of the seven rounds.¬†Although he participated in medical examinations and team interviews at the Scouting Combine, he’s still only six months away from tearing his ACL.

The first task for Ott will be to find an agent, whose first order of business will be to get the word out on Ott as soon as possible.

Time is of the essence because the NCAA waited too long to make a final decision regarding his status. So, basically, the custodians of college football made up for not paying Ott by screwing him.

14 responses to “NCAA denies Drew Ott’s waiver request, making him a late entry to the draft

  1. So he didn’t get a scholarship? Is that not a form of payment? I know a lot of people with mountains of student loan debt that would have loved to have free college tuition.

  2. the custodians of college football made up for not paying Ott by screwing him………………With his pants on. Is there a worse way of being screwed?

  3. Romo2witten:

    Did the NCAA make hundreds of millions of dollars on the backs of those people you know? No? Not really a valid comparison, then, is it?

  4. Congrats to Iowa for giving the kid all of that free training in order for him to pursue a career in professional football if that is where life takes him.

  5. This crusade for paying college athletes is absurd. Almost all of them get a free education and other benefits. Playing football in college is what allows them to potentially make millions in a relatively short period of time. All they have to do is be good enough to make a roster and they will get very close to half a million dollars a year. Even the practice squad guys get close to $100,000. If not for NCAA football, most of these guys wouldn’t have gone to college and those that could would be saddled with debt.

    This site makes money off these guys too. This very article is generating clicks and advertising revenue and I am certain PFT is not sending any of their money to Drew Ott or any other college prospect they write about. It is easy to spend other people’s money but unless you are willing to spend your own on principle, your argument rings hollow with hypocrisy.

  6. Well if the ncaa is screwing him by not paying him they did him a favor by sending him off to the pros so he can try to get paid. Fact is, florio just wants to complain to curry favor with the players.

  7. Great point FinFan68. Yep, the media doesn’t send checks to the players and it’s the media who creates their buzz and benefits from their existence.

  8. College Football allows kids to showcase their talent for the NFL scouts, grow into their bodies for the NFL, and get a 200k to 500k education tax free! Not sure how this is a negative.

  9. I will admit having limited knowledge of the Iowa D-line, but how is a player that played “limited snaps” in the six games he was healthy even remotely considered an NFL prospect?

  10. Tarantella70,
    You are right- you have limited knowledge of the Iowa D- line. Drew was a beast in the limited amount of snaps he had this last season. He is a power base end that will be a good pick for some team in the later rounds. He has some medical that will need to be vetted, but worst case will be a valuable rotation guy.

    He is an old school throwback tough guy that once walked away from getting slammed off a car hood after being hit on his moped.

  11. Tarantella,
    He dislocated his elbow badly in the 2nd game of the year. He played through it(in limited snaps) until he tore his ACL. Had he stayed healthy he was probably 1st team All Big Ten.

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