Report: Browns would consider trading out of second spot

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One of the seemingly accepted truths of the 2016 NFL Draft is that with the second pick, the Browns are going to take a quarterback.

But there’s a chance they might not take anyone.

According to Lance Zierlein of NFL Media, there’s “more and more smoke” that the Browns are willing to find their quarterback in the second round, and are willing to move down from the second spot.

Of course, it’s all smoke these days, with two weeks and change before the draft. And with a new Browns management team in place that has no background on draft weekend, it’s impossible to gauge their intentions based on track record.

The Eagles seem intent on finding their next quarterback of the future, and are stuck behind several quarterback-needy teams, so they might be inclined to do something.

But none of the teams at the top of the draft need one more than the Browns, regardless the addition of Robert Griffin III.

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  1. Eagles trade sam bradford, their 8th overall pick and a 3rd round pick to the cleveland browns for the 2nd overall pick in the draft. Where they draft Carson Wentz

    Then an attempt at a new era can begin

  2. I’m a lifelong Browns fan and nothing would be more Browns-like than trading out of #2 and watching another team take a QB there that they believe is a franchise guy. Meanwhile, the Browns take a QB later on like they know better than everyone else.

  3. If he gets to the second round, a good candidate for QB will be Chris Hackenberg. This kid has a lot of similarities to a certain Steele’s QB. Keep Chris in mind ….

  4. You don’t bring a personality like RGME in to draft a qb 2nd overall and cause a QB controversy. The writing is on the wall.

  5. Trouble is, regardless of how badly CLE needs a QB, they need is even greater to make successful selections regardless of position. So if they really aren’t sold on one of these QBS at the top then why take one there? I’m not sold on them….though I concede I don’t really know much.

  6. Cue the haters. The Browns need more than a 2nd-pick-QB to rebuild their roster.

  7. My browns being stupid again
    Missing out on a franchise qb in Wenrz or Lynch
    Can’t rely on RG3 and or mccown via there durability issues

  8. I’ve been saying this forever and a day while media members have been doing the dirty work for the agents of these mediocre QBs in this draft of hyping them up. You don’t take projects or Division II guys at #2 in the draft unless you want to continue being bad. Imo, it’s Ramsey, one of the elite tackles, or a trade down because they have lots of holes to fill. Griffin is just as much of a project who actually has played at a high level, and Kaepernick actually had gone to the Super Bowl and played in big games if they could have gotten him with a coach who is billed as an offensive guru, so it only made sense to go that way instead.

  9. They’re rumored to want Goff, and if they could trade down, staying ahead of the 49ers, and pick up another 1rst and a 2nd, or something like that, it’d be a nice score. Provided Tennesee doesn’t trade out, of course.

  10. They’ve been called the “trade down Browns” from draft fans since Mangini shook down the Jets for half their team so they could get Mark Sanchez.

    Mark this in the “duh” category. BTW if they trade down to #22 it’s going to be QB. That’s their MO.

  11. The Cleveland “Harvard Geniuses” aren’t experienced enough to play cute with the other 31 GM’s, who ARE experienced.

    Stay put and draft the best player available…and stop letting your better players just walk away. Don’t get cute and stop making holes you can’t fill!

    SASHAY, you are NOT the smartest person in the league.

  12. So suddenly two QBs no one really gave a squirrel poot about are hot after the combine and pro days. The QB play last season was not bad, the rest of the team was though. Trade that pick and add to the 10 you have already. Rebuild that team and then you can get the next flavor of the month next year because the truth is, the team will be drafting high again. The team needs young talent, no more money grubbing FAs. Build via the draft. Every year there’s THE quarterback coming out of college so they’ll get a chance to grab one. Does you no good to have a superstar QB and no team to support him.

  13. This is the most lackluster, mediocre crop of QBs I’ve seen in years. I can’t imagine any team desperate enough to waste a 1st round pick on any of them. That’s not to say one won’t break out of the pack 2-4 years from now and start to shine bright. But those losing teams can’t afford that kind of learning curve. So I guess I’m saying Cleveland have their QB of the future. He is RG3 if they can keep him healthy and he surpasses his early promise. The Browns need to use this draft to fit the right pieces around him. And give a QB nod in the 4-7 round just for development of future trade value (if RG returns to stardom and form). That’s what they’ll do in this draft IMO. Much to the chagrin of the pundits and their naysayers.

  14. They can’t trade for a new owner or front office or head coach. Not going to help. Maybe elway can pull the wool over their eyes for some practice squad broncs, a 6th rd pick, and ten cents. hey if the machine gives the green light that’s what sushi and despots are going to do. That said the qbs in this draft are pathetic. This is a pretty lame class.

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