Report: Rosenhaus dumps Manziel, asks him to seek treatment

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Agent Drew Rosenhaus is dumping Johnny Manziel as a client and will only take Manziel back if Manziel seeks treatment for whatever issues he has, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Wednesday night.

“I have terminated the standard representation with Johnny Manziel in the hopes of helping him get the treatment I believe he needs,” Rosenhaus told Schefter. “I have informed him that if he takes the immediate steps I have outlined for him that I will rescind the termination and continue to represent him. Otherwise the termination will become permanent. There is a five-day window for me to rescind the termination. I’m hoping he takes the necessary steps to get his life back on track.”

Rosenhaus became Manziel’s agent after Manziel’s original agent, Erik Burkhardt, cut ties in January after Manziel’s offseason party binge began. The Browns officially released Manziel in early March, a move delayed only for salary cap reasons.

Manziel has been showing up on TMZ in recent weeks and living in Los Angeles, though he can’t get his story straight in regard to his roommate situation.

Last offseason he sought treatment for undisclosed issues and spent around 10 weeks in a treatment center before returning to the Browns for offseason workouts. Manziel is still waiting to find out if he’ll face charges from a January 30 incident in which he was accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend.

Rosenhaus had — or still might have, if Manziel seeks treatment — quite a job in trying to get a team to take a chance on Manziel, a 2014 first-round pick who partied his way off the Browns roster in two seasons. News of a discussion between Manziel and Broncos coach Gary Kubiak broke last week, but the Broncos moved quickly to say that was a private conversation between Texas A&M alums and not any kind of discussion about Manziel joining the team.

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  1. Also being reported he was “the passenger” in a hit and run this weekend that ended with car stalled around a light pole.

    Can’t help wonder if he took Chris Carter’s advice and got himself a fall guy. Even if he was the passenger it’s still terrible judgement to be in that position, clearly whoever was driving was intoxicated. Earlier in the day Manziel gave an interview where he was slurring speech. Days later his agent dumps him.

    Now if he could only follow Chris Carter’s examoke, and listen to everybody and take his career serious and get cleaned up.

  2. Manziel’s problem is he’s just not good enough. Gronkowski loves to party and we all celebrate it because he is the best of all time at his position. If Manziel was throwing 40 tds/season he wouldn’t have a drinking problem.

  3. Rosenhaus: “Hey Johnny, I’m going to have to drop you as a client.”
    Manziel: “C’mon, dude, seriously?”
    Rosenhaus: “And I’m going to have to ask you to move out of my house, too.”

  4. “There is a five-day window for me to rescind the termination.”
    -Mother Teresa Rosenhaus

  5. IB007 says:
    Apr 13, 2016 7:37 PM
    When Drew dumps you, your life is circling down the toilet …

    More to the point, when Drew dumps you it’s a sign even he believes your potential future earnings are what normally goes down the toilet. It’s not like Rosenhaus actually cares about Johhny Foolsball’s life

  6. You know what’s weird?

    Rosenhaus was considered really obnoxious at one point and is actually the mature one (unlike Manziel) for a change. Drew’s a dad of a baby girl.

    However, based on the recent images and this current incident of Rosenhaus, it’s almost as if he was legitimate enough to be Johnny’s dad.

  7. LOL….when someone like Drew Rosenhaus drops you then you know you are a first-class loser.

    And comparing Manziel to Gronk is ridiculous. Gronk may do his partying but it NEVER interferes with his job. I’m not a Patriots fan. Gronk has his fun but never gets into trouble and doesn’t show up for meetings drunk like Manziel. Making a comparison between the two is totally unfair to Gronk.

  8. Translation: no one wants him and I am not making money if he doesn’t sign a contract. Yu better believe if there was a market he wouldn’t dump him.

  9. Johnny if u were waiting to see when your very LAST chance would come this is it. If you look back in 5 years trust me, if Drew Rosenhaus won’t take you well; it’s like this… He’s dealt with some real shady players and former players, I can’t imagine what you must be up to.

    Seriously this is solid by Drew, I know he is doing this most likely for himself but this is an opportunity for Johnny, and teams will even notice if he makes legitimate change.

    All this means nothing… most likely going to see him on TMZ smashed or arrested by next weekend. Hope not though, but this feels like it now or never for Johnny, wish it could be different too much talent.

  10. At this rate no one will be left in the world to be Johnny’s agent and I will become Johnny’s agent. I would advice Johnny to take any contract at any cost so that I can get the agent commission.

  11. He’s like the HS stud who disappears in the next level…talent only takes you so far, at some point you have to work harder than everyone else.

  12. When your only friend is Josh Gordon, it’s time to re-assess your choices.

    Let’s see — football career, gone. Agents, gone. Girlfriend, gone. Income, gone.

    We all drink alcohol. It’s not that great. Grow up.

  13. well lucky for him he is already rich…..

    must be nice to be able to flush a multimillion dollar job down the toilet because your already rich.

  14. I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear sooner than later that Johnny Manziel has died. He obviously needs serious help but no one can help him unless he comes to grip with his problem(s) and decides to seek help. Which doesn’t seem like it’s going to be happening anytime soon. Sad story.

  15. According to a lot of posts I see here, the NFL and agents are wrong to judge Johnny. He should only be judged for what he does on the field and should not be under any scrutiny for his habits. That is the mentality of some of the millennial group.

  16. In other words johnny has no chance of getting hired by anyone and therefore can make no money for Drew Rosenhaus. Bye bye Johnny. Now please stop reporting on johnny so we can talk about actual football players.

  17. This is the agent that didn’t dump TO at his worst.
    The kid has been fired by two agents in two months.
    Can we stick a fork in him? He clearly has no future in the NFL.
    Maybe let TMZ pick up the coverage as if he’s a Kardashian or Miley or some other tire fire.

  18. sewalters79 says:
    “Millennials are such idiots”

    We were able to work part-time or low pay jobs, get married, have kids and buy houses on a single paycheck.
    These kids today have no such luxury.
    Cut ’em some slack.

  19. He’s either going to be one of the biggest comeback stories EVER, or just another bust.
    People only talk about the scale of failure when some other idiot comes along.
    Josh Gordon will never be a BUST.. because for a short time he was “he man’. But he’s trowing it all away on bong rips as is obvious by the continuation of his suspension.
    Man-child in is mental gridlock.
    He wants to be “the man” but acts like a child.
    But he COULD be the man… but his demons have consumed him.
    Just like Gordon.

  20. Manziel’s problem is he’s just not good enough. Gronkowski loves to party and we all celebrate it because he is the best of all time at his position. If Manziel was throwing 40 tds/season he wouldn’t have a drinking problem.


    Well I hate the pats, but never heard Gronk’s girlfriend accuse him of hitting her, or a helicopter searching for him.

  21. Amazing how many people bend over backwards for this guy…then they soon regret it. Hat tip to the Browns for the gamble they took to draft him and stick with him for 2 years, his former agent and buddy for riding it out with him, the cops and even Rosenhaus. Even his old man has washed his hands of him. He doesn’t need help, he needs a punch in the face.

  22. I say TMZ should do a live on the spot reality film on him. Just follow him around

    I’ll supply the beer

  23. Listen to Drew. People might hate him but no one can get Manziel back in the NFL faster but he has to listen to him. He isn’t a miracle worker.

  24. oddte says:
    Apr 13, 2016 7:39 PM
    Manziel’s problem is he’s just not good enough. Gronkowski loves to party and we all celebrate it because he is the best of all time at his position. If Manziel was throwing 40 tds/season he wouldn’t have a drinking problem.


    Don’t know the difference between a good time and substance abuse? I am going to bet you are under 22.

  25. Thar be buzzards circling in that sky! They caught the scent of a dead NFL career. One more incident or mishap from Johnny Football, and they’ll be is full swoop-dive mode!

  26. It’s sad to see this play out like this. As much as I kinda feel the Browns jerked him around between having him start, not having him start, it’s pretty clear that he’s doing most of the damage himself. This comes off as a guy who just does not get it and has never had to get it because he’s been propped up his whole life. But talent only gets you so far. I’d rather have a less talented guy with a great attitude and work ethic on my team than a hugely talented, lousy attitude/work ethic kind of guy (I know I’m probably in the minority there)

    Remember when his father said he was worried Johnny wouldn’t live to see his next birthday if he didn’t get help? I used to think it was an exaggeration. Now, I’m not so sure.

  27. He still hasn’t hit rock bottom in his mind and that means it will end one of two ways

  28. Manziel acts more like a problem child star of a forgotten sit-com than a professional football player. He is like the Lindsey Lohan of pro ball. I am kind of baffled that he would prefer the high of night clubbing over the unmatchable adrenaline rush of 75,000 fans cheering or screaming for your team on Sunday afternoons. The answer might be that one is easy and lazy and the other needs a lot of work and study to excel at a high level.

  29. Rosenhaus is a horrible human being even before we became Johnny’s agent. I didn’t think I could have a lower opinion of him but this somehow makes me re think that.

  30. The problem is JM hasn’t realized he has a problem. He apparently wants to get to the point where he has no money, home, friends or future before he seeks treatment. He apparently has moved from just general screw up into the category of addict. If you watch “Intervention” at all, you see the pattern. It doesn’t appear he has enough people around him who are willing to force him into treatment, so what you have is an addict slowly slipping into oblivion. Best wishes, Johnny, but please, get treatment.

  31. Ah, Draft Night 2014…I seem to recall lots of Browns fans laughing at Jaguars fans because Jacksonville took Blake Bortles at #3.

    “You morons! You could have had Johnny Football, and we got him at 22!”

    Interesting how these things work out, huh?

  32. he realizes that if wants any more chances to play in the NFL he will have to play in the CFL. Actually he might be a better fit there

  33. About 25 years from now I can see the 30 for 30 special on this guy. He is wearing a cowboy hat, has a beer gut, bald, and crying about the opportunity he blew. Or they will be visiting him in jail because he killed someone while drunk.

  34. Now we know why Johnny Football exists…to make Drew Rosenhaus look like a human being.

  35. Wow…you know when the guy who used to put up with the antics of Terrell Owens drops you…something is really wrong. Just another case of misguided youth who thinks the world owes him something since he’s been handed everything his entire life. He won the NFL lottery and got paid as one of 32 people in the world who gets a chance to start for a NFL team and what does he do? He throws it all away to go back to his college partying mentality. This kid really needs to grow up and realize that the world doesn’t revolve around him and he should be humbled to have a chance to be a starting QB in the NFL. Some people are handed lemons and make lemon-aid…Johnny is handed lemon-aid and chooses to turn it into lemons.

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