Rosenhaus says Manziel faces “life and death situation”

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Agent Drew Rosenhaus has given free-agent quarterback Johnny Manziel an ultimatum: Get help or get a new agent.

Appearing Wednesday night on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Rosenhaus explained that he drew the line in the sand in order to help and “young man who’s in trouble,” via Alex Marvez of FOX Sports. Echoing the comments from February made by Manziel’s father, Rosenhaus called it a “life and death situation.”

“If he doesn’t follow my advice and get help then I have to stand down,” Rosenhaus said. “I’m very concerned about him, very concerned.”

Rosenhaus added that Manziel has left Los Angeles and returned to Texas, which is definitely a good sign. The best sign will be for Manziel to seek treatment immediately. That’s what will persuade Rosenhaus to rescind the termination of his representation agreement. It also will give the NFL reason to believe that the situation isn’t completely hopeless.

Obviously, Manziel’s life is more important than his football career. If Rosenhaus firing him (only a few months after Erik Burkhardt fired Manziel) isn’t enough to wake him up, nothing will.

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  1. When you make Drew Rosenhaus out to be a rational and decent human being, you know you’re screwed.

  2. Fake the concern all you want. I’m making some more popcorn cuz I love watching this show!

  3. Life and death?

    If you take away the football fame he’s just another stupid 23-year-old that wants to have fun.

    It’s only wrong according to the policy of the NFL where he obviously doesn’t belong.

  4. First of all I don’t believe the shark is simply doing this out of a motivation to help JF only. I think he wants to cut ties for other reasons…like no one wants him.

    Second, he has been in treatment before and unless he really wants to change, he won’t. Mayne being out of football will change his mind.

  5. Man, Rosey is sure trying to squeeze some free pub out of this. Newsflash, all he cares about is getting paid. His concerns about Johnny the person, fake pr!

  6. So if some owner is stupid enough to give this clown another chance the NFL will welcome him back yet Josh Gordon has basically been banned for life? This league gets more messed up every day…

  7. It apparently didn’t sink in when his first agent did this. We can only hope that now having a second agent do the same will somehow wake this kid up. He’s young so there is still time for him to turn this around and take advantage of his talent while he still has it. But like with everyone, that’s a finite time period.

  8. If you’re truly concerned about someone you don’t toss them aside when they are of no use to you.

  9. All of these articles over and over for someone who doesn’t even care about his own life. I guess its like the car crash that people can’t help but look at.

  10. Really you think Rosenhaus firing this kid will wake him up? He is the original affluenza teen… never had to face any consequences growing up because he was a talented football player and came from a rich family. Interesting how nobody was worried about him when he was getting in trouble at A&M for partying, now that they see their cash cow self destructing it is suddenly issue.
    All the talent in the world can’t help you if you have no drive and no self respect.

  11. Being so young and recognizing that you have a problem is a hard thing to accept. But it sounds like plenty of people have reached out to him and are willing to give their time to him to help him. Some people aren’t so lucky to have such a blessing. Hopefully he can take advantage of it and find that peace of mind in life. I know lots of people are judging this guy based on what they see on the outside, but no one really knows what’s going on inside his head. Dude might be dying on the inside.

  12. Alcohol and prescription pills ruin lives.

    If they just allow cannabis for pain and stress relief then we wouldn’t be hearing about Johnny Rehab and Josh Bongon.

  13. I have a sibling that is an addict (not saying Manziel is). I have seen the downward spiral from a decent person. Hopefully Manziel can get it together, if only for living his life.

  14. There is no schadenfreude any longer. This man’s life is the balance. I hope he makes the right choice to save his life. Football is just a game. What he is playing with now is no game.

  15. I guess Rosenhaus has been sniffing around to see if he can catch any “nibbles of interest” on his new boy and the answer must be “NO” !!! It seems like Johnny just stays in the news be it online or on TMZ ??!!! Gotta “Slow Yer Roll” if you want to get back to the NFL son !! It looks like alcohol (and other things) have gotten possession of him and will not let go. This is a very sad story heading in only one direction…”down” !

  16. I’ve made as many Manziel jokes as the next guy. But, in all seriousness, I hope this young man gets the help he seemingly so desperately needs. Wasted talent is one thing. A wasted life is quite another.

  17. I think what everybody is missing here is he knows he is not good enough to play in the NFL but he is good at drinking he really should be dropped from all NFL news sources ,,,he has no connection to the NFL anywmore !

  18. LeBron James’ agent fired him.
    Agent Erik Burkhardt fired him.
    Agent Drew Rosenhaus fired him.
    His parents and some friends seem to have given up on him.

    This sounds like something much worse than just an alcohol addiction. It is a slowly unfolding tragedy where we fear the very worse ending. I really feel sorry for young John Manziel. Forget about football Johnny. Get help from somewhere fast. I fear Johnny may have to dig deeper than he is capable of doing to dig out of this dive. But anything is possible with the right help from people who really care.

    Don’t give up, and don’t give in to this Johnny!

  19. Johnny Manziel’s career is like a high speed car chase all over the freeways here in LA. It started fast, and now the spike strips have blown out one of the front tires and the other is very low on air. Now, it’s just of matter of when~and how bad it will end. With a surrender. Or…???


  20. Figure it out Johnny or you will just become another punchline of a guy who through it all away …

    Wanna be mentioned in the same circle of losers like Ryan Leaf and Jamarcus Russell?

  21. If Rosenhaus, who represents Josh Gordon is giving Johnny Manziel an ultimatum like this it must mean he has serious problems, probably extending past alcohol and buds. I am a drug counselor myself and what the Browns put Johnny Manziel wasn’t what real addicts need. Substance abuse can change a person, from what I knew in college, partying aside and ridiculous media attention he was a good kid. Now, Johnny acts like a total self entitled jerk I think the Johnny you are seeing today is a man desperately in need of help.

    He ruined his first chance but like I said a quick 4 month isn’t going to help a full blown addict. I can only hope Manziel takes this opportunity and gets into a REAL 12 step program, he is still a college football legend and if he cleans up his act he definitely could have a career as an analyst or color commentator.

  22. Don’t know if this kid is just really that stupid, or if he sold his soul to the devil. He has got some serious demons to conquer. Wake the hell up Johnny. Don’t be a “had it all” and flush it down the shi++er like so many other stories athletes with potential. Pull your head out of your ass and get yourself some help.

  23. This situation leads to the obvious question: is it more dangerous to your life to play in the NFL on a regular basis or to ingest copious amounts of drugs and alcohol on a regular basis?

  24. Years ago there was an SI article about Maurice Clarett discussing his great success in Warren Harding High School. His coach Thom McDaniels (father of Josh) was asked how he handles such a superstar on his team. His answer was that there has been a long line of people throughout Maurice’s life that tell him how great he is…and I’m in the short line of people telling him what he can do better. Unfortunately, it seems that nobody has ever been in Johnny’s short line. Now that fact is paying lousy dividends.

  25. Yeah he’s already had help … and then chose to behave the same exact ways.

    It’s time to move on. He already has.

  26. Leave it to Drew Rosenhaus to find a way to squeeze some brand building value out of an account that is unlikely to ever result in a contract fee. Watch and learn.

  27. A question for Florio the lawyer: Does confidentiality not apply to agents? I was under the impression that most agents were lawyers.

    Second: his career is over. If media mouthpiece Rosenhaus is ready to cut him off, then no NFL team will go near him. Stick a fork in it: he’s done.

  28. First step is admitting you do have a problem. I’m not sure he sees that he does. People would kill to have the opportunities this kid has. He’s throwing away a once in a lifetime chance and he doesn’t even seem to care…
    Addiction is a tough beast. I know. It takes every ounce of will power you have to even take that crucial first step – getting help of some kind. And that’s only the start of the battle. If you don’t want sobriety very badly, it’s probably not going to happen. There is no “oh I’ll just have one/do it once” or dabbling here and there. Not for an addict. It’s usually an all or nothing type of thing for most addicts. You can’t just party once in a while. Or use once in a while. He needs to 100% commit to change. Needs to dump all the partying friends. Dump the dealers (if he has any). Change the phone number. Find himself a good sponsor, preferably after a nice long stint in rehab. You have to get clean in order to be able to think like a rational human being. Addiction takes over different basic survival functions of your brain, depending on the drug of choice. Getting as much clean time under his belt as possible is the only way his brain will ever be able to heal and recover from this addiction.
    I hope he chooses to get the help he so clearly needs. The sad part is, most addicts don’t realize that they are in a life and death fight (and treat the battle as such) until it’s too late to. Good luck Jonny. You have the means to get yourself the best addiction help/treatment available. Most addicts don’t have anything even close to that luxury. I hope you take advantage of it.

  29. He’s 23 years old. If he likes partying more than fame and fortune, that’s his call. He’s pissing away millions and millions of dollars. But he’s immature, not a hopeless party/drug addict.

    I graduated from an Ivy League school, partyed my face off, banged everyone, and now just realizing where I want my life to go at age 28.

    So GMs should take notice – if you’re investing your franchise in a 22 year old, DONT. Groom a QB for a few years.

  30. how can cleveland browns be so blind about manziel and justin gilbert and all the others. there is no way these guys shouldnt have been drafted period. what kind of idiot is haslam and why did goodell strap cleveland with this idot owner

  31. Every single person that reaches out to give this idiot a 102nd chance to finally man up in life, he sees as another affirmation he doesn’t need to mature or get clean.

    Everyone that offers help and support is exploited and their name and reputation traded on as he scurries about looking for the next open mark — his only talent on or off the field.

    If there is one thing Rosenhaus knows it’s how to evaluate slime, and how to extract twice its value, by any deception necessary.

    He tried to unload this soup sandwich on every football coach he’d ever met at every level; unfortunately for Manziel nobody had change for a nickel.

  32. I would typically make a joke here, but this is turning into a sad situation. I hope the kid gets the help he needs. Football isn’t an issue at this point.

  33. It is official. I have become overwhelmingly cynical. My immediate thought is that this is a ploy designed to change the perception of Manziel. I predict that he checks into rehab as the precursor to a new or renewed agency relationship with Rosenhaus who then begins the process of convincing a team(s) that Manziel has begun the process of recovery.

    This is smart……..very smart. I think it will work.

  34. He’s not dead, but his career certainly is. A middling college QB who was drafted higher than he should have been but could have lucked himself into a decent NFL career. Instead he showed us what he’s truly made of – SOFT, WEAK, pathetic frat-boy garbage.

    Goodbye and good riddance.

  35. Good for Drew. Keep making him work to stay off the bottom. When he finally bottoms out maybe he will be ready, if he s not dead or in jail.

  36. If Rosenhaus really cared about the guy, he would have insisted on changes before agreeing to represent him in the first place. Instead he wanted a quick buck, but Manziel is way more trouble than he’s worth.

  37. This smells.

    He’s obviously closer to Manziel than I will ever be, but how is broadcasting this on National radio in any way “helping a young man who’s in trouble”.

    This is, as is everything else Rosenhaus does, about him and getting his name in the news. He’s just showing there is no lower limit to the depths he’s willing to drag others in order to accomplish his goal.

    I hope Manziel gets help (I guess, considering I have no idea what his actual “problem” is). I suspect the constant media attention doesn’t help, especially when they, like me, know very little about what he’s actually going through.

    Stick to family and close friends who have been there since before football. Trust them, ignore the rest of the noise.

  38. I have known far too many young men & women in my area to have fallen to the wayside and far too many have died than to try and judge this young man. It’s a shame if he does not reach at least a high percentage of his athletic ability.

    A perfect opportunity for the more highly visible NFL stars to come together and get something in place for players like Manziel, but in the interim get involved and help this player before the worst happens. Time to put words into action and make a difference because the NFL world and others are watching. Best of luck Johnny Manziel!

  39. Todd Marinovich and Ryan Leaf 2.0.What an absolute waste of talent

    Parents should have told their kid “NO” once or twice in his life. What a huge disservice they have done him

  40. I am certain that Rosenhaus is very concerned…that no team will sign JM as is and hence no commission will be earned…

  41. I want to say “Stick a Fork in Him” but the better person in me is crossing his fingers he get help.

    There are many out there … specifically sycophants that I’m sure are standing right behind him saying.. “You’re amazing” … “You’re the Best QB out there”.. ” Don’t worry someone is going to sign you”.. and.. “Lets go get a drink.. oh and can I borrow 5k?”

    It’s sad.. and I hope he turns this around.

  42. Would never min. This sort of thing, but the his life hangs in the balance narrative may be a bit of a stretch..saying that,the loss of a successful future is also a tragedy..

  43. Since when is going back to Texas “a good sign” for this dummy? It was in Texas that he was partying with college kids. It was in Texas that he had the domestic dispute with his ex girlfriend. It was in Texas where he’s had things handed to him his whole life and never had to be accountable for his actions. It was in Texas where he learned this behavior in the first place. He’s surrounded by enablers in Texas…which can never be a good sign.

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