Stedman Bailey moves closer to a return to football


After Rams receiver Stedman Bailey was shot twice in the head last November, the most pressing question was whether he’d survive. Then the question became whether he’d return to a normal life.

Now, the only question that seems to be left is whether (or when) he’ll return to the NFL.

In a video posted on Twitter and retweeted by Bailey, the 2013 third-round pick from West Virginia is seen running routes at top speed, in a way that would never suggest that he had suffered such serious injuries only five months ago.

In the video, Bailey is working out with his former Mountaineers teammate Tavon Austin, who was drafted in the first round by the Rams three years ago.

Last month, Rams coach Jeff Fisher said that Bailey was in the process of seeking opinions from neurologists and other specialists to determine whether he can play, and whether he can engage in the kind of rehab program that will allow him to play.

Even if Bailey’s effort falls short (and it would be unwise to bet against him), Bailey already has overcome the odds in a way that should serve as an inspiration to anyone who faces any kind of adversity.

11 responses to “Stedman Bailey moves closer to a return to football

  1. I wouldn’t bet against him as he has already beaten the oods being alive. He has the will and if it is possible he will be back on the field.

  2. All these well wishes for a known druggie, very interesting. The story of why he got shot has, interestingly, never come out and probably never will come out, but with his history its not hard to guess what really happened.

    I wish his poor kids, that he had in his car at the time he was doing whatever he was doing, well however.

  3. The most important thing here is that he lived, he survived. Playing in the NFL would just be icing on the cake. Most people who get shot in the head do not live.

  4. If those bullets actually damaged his brain in any way (I don’t know the details of his injuries), he’d be absolutely nuts to engage in any physical activity like football that could create further brain trauma.

  5. I don’ know how a doctor could clear him to play…with all the talk of risking brain injuries how can you let this guy get back on the field….even if he is physically able to play can he take the hits??

  6. dansardo says:
    Apr 13, 2016 11:19 AM

    All these well wishes for a known druggie,


    Pretty c r a p p y and uninformed comment. Though definitely not a good thing, Bailey’s 4 game suspension in 2014 was for violation of violation of the NFL policy on performance-enhancing substances NOT “street drugs”.

  7. unfortunately, some feel as though using drugs (PEDs or recreational) makes someone subhuman.

    I don’t know the circumstances of his shooting, but if he wasn’t threatening or harming some else, he didn’t deserve to be fired upon. Despite how some may feel, poor judgment shouldn’t be considered a death sentence.

    Some of these guys make REALLY bad decisions, some are downright STUPID, but if they’re fortunate enough to survive this kind of potentially life changing event, I hope that they learn from it & can get on a better/safer path.

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