Week One doubleheader, Osweiler’s return to Denver highlight MNF schedule

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The NFL released the 2016 regular season schedule Thursday night, and fans and players alike still check for Monday Night Football games when scanning the schedule.

There are some good ones. The Steelers play the Redskins and the Rams play the 49ers in the Week One doubleheader, and the Week Three Falcons-Saints game in New Orleans marks the 10-year anniversary of the reopening of the Superdome after Hurricane Katrina.

Brock Osweiler’s return to Denver comes in Week Seven as the Texans play the Broncos. The Texans also play the Raiders in Mexico City on Nov. 21.

The complete Monday Night Football schedule is below…

Week One: Steelers at Redskins, Rams at 49ers

Week Two: Eagles at Bears

Week Three: Falcons at Saints

Week Four: Giants at Vikings

Week Five: Buccaneers at Panthers

Week Six: Jets at Cardinals

Week Seven: Texans at Broncos

Week Eight: Vikings at Bears

Week Nine: Bills at Seahawks

Week 10: Bengals at Giants

Week 11: Raiders vs. Texans in Mexico City

Week 12: Packers at Eagles

Week 13: Colts at Jets

Week 14: Ravens at Patriots

Week 15: Panthers at Redskins

Week 16: Lions at Cowboys

There’s no Monday Night Football game in Week 17.

21 responses to “Week One doubleheader, Osweiler’s return to Denver highlight MNF schedule

  1. “…and fans and players alike still check for Monday Night Football games when scanning the schedule.”

    Only to see if my team is playing, which means the game will be broadcasted in my market. Otherwise, because none of the other games are broadcasted, I haven’t cared about MNF in years.

    It would be really nice if Disney moved MNF back home to ABC. But they obviously haven’t paid any attention to how CBS owns Thursday night ratings when they simulcast TNF.

  2. Eagles at Bears, this ought to be a snooze fest. they figure two bad teams in week two makes for good viewing,why?

  3. Monday Night Football really isn’t that big of a deal any more. The MNF schedule is mostly a list of second-tier games. The Sunday Night Football schedule is what MNF used to be. SNF gets the best games now, and it’s been like that since 2006.

  4. “Eagles at Bears, this ought to be a snooze fest. they figure two bad teams in week two makes for good viewing,why?”

    Same logic that has two matchups of 6-win or less teams from 2015 (Giants and Cowboys) getting the Week 1 Sunday afternoon doubleheader game and a SNF game. All about the ratings, never mind if the actual football from those teams will suck.

  5. Doesn’t Disney pay a lot of damn money to air MNF? Shouldn’t they get better games? Very few winning teams on that schedule.

  6. There’s 3 games on this list I find interesting

    Falcons at Saints
    Texans at Broncos
    Raiders at Texans

    My guess is the rest are going to be hard to watch

  7. I only find 3 games that appear to be good matchups. Some of the other games may be close games but lack national appeal. I like Weeks 7,9,and 14. Pretty pathetic Monday Night slate.

  8. Are you sh***ing me? No an A game in the mix. Worst MNF schedule ever. Meaningless. Thursday’s are better. Wow. Turd fest. I think the announcers have favorite restaurants in cities they want to go to- only possible logic.

  9. Chalk it up to bias (Buffalo guy) but Bills Seahawks in week 9 will be cool. Uncommon match up, comparing Wilson and Taylor will be interesting, and both teams should be pretty competitive. Watkins/Sherman will be a great match up to watch. Looking forward to this game for sure.

  10. Oh and stop judging the schedule based on everyone’s 2015 records. This might shock some of you, but they change every year. You never know what games will turn out to be significant or just plain awesome to watch. Learn to appreciate real football and stop whining every time it isn’t a reality show throwdown featuring Manning vs. Brady or whatever. All of these teams have loyal fan bases who want to see their team play in prime time. Not every game can be the playoffs.

  11. Ok fine, but to leave certain teams out and give others TWO games who were absolutely INSIGNIFICANT last year is just plain wrong. There is a DEFINATE bias here and you know it! Happens every year, that’s why I said, I wasn’t going to watch the “3 hour event” and just wait until it was over to see the schedule and as usual, it did not disappoint with it’s usual favoritism.

  12. I’m glad the Vikings have 2 mnf games this seasons so I have a reason to watch MNF twice this season. Even if they play opponents I don’t expect much resistance from.

    Only a couple of interesting games on the entire list.

  13. I want an end to all the prime time games ending so late. Do these networks think it’s still 1974, where either you watch live or don’t watch at all? Or do they genuinely believe that no one in the Pacific Time Zone owns a DVR?

    Start the games at 7:05 Eastern. And that means start the GAMES at 7:05 Eastern, not the mindless bloviating of the TV talking heads. Start that at 6 PM, or 3 PM or whenever. Let the Pacific Time Zone people record the game and watch it when they get home. It’s a whole lot easier to avoid hearing the results of the game for a couple hours than it is the entire next day, which is what Eastern Time Zone residents who get up at 5 AM have to do with these games ending near midnight.

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