Conflicting reports on whether Rams prefer Goff or Wentz

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The Rams are doing everything they can to make the NFL draft suspenseful.

After trading up to the first overall pick today, different sources within the Rams are saying different things to different reporters about whether they plan to draft North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz or Cal quarterback Jared Goff.

The initial reports said the Rams were leaning toward Wentz, but Adam Schefter of ESPN is now reporting that the Rams are leaning toward Goff.

It seems unlikely that the Rams would trade up to the first overall pick before deciding which quarterback they want to take. It’s more likely that the Rams know who they’re taking but have decided to wait until draft day to announce it.

And so we’ll spend the next two weeks debating whether Goff or Wentz is the player who has the best chance to lead Los Angeles to a Super Bowl.

53 responses to “Conflicting reports on whether Rams prefer Goff or Wentz

  1. Conflicting speculation about who the Rams will select first overall. I’m shocked that just guessing wildly is resulting in differing reports.

  2. Poor Rams. Traded the farm for 2nd rate talent. I’d feel sorry for the Franchise but they have Stan Kronke as an owner. At least the Redskins traded for RGIII and the fact that he didn’t work out wasn’t on RGIII at all. Goff and Wentz sounds like one of those law firms you hear on daytime TV.

  3. Don’t overthink this and make the same mistake San Francisco did. Carson Wentz is Alex Smith. Jared Goff is Aaron Rodgers.

  4. Please Rams, pick the California guy, Goff. AS A Browns backer, I and many others prefer Wentz.

  5. I see an easy 20 articles of this headline, of course they will send out conflicting info. They didnt throw away all those draft picks not knowing who they want. They know they will throw out the bread crumbs and the media will trip over themselves trying to piece things together.

  6. Wentz is a rugged cold weather guy and belongs in Cleveland. Goff is a good looking golden haired California guy. He’d be a marketing dream for the Rams in LA. Plus Goff is a better QB who makes decisions much quicker than any other QB in the draft.

  7. It’s definitely Goff. California boy with the California looks. Instantly adds fans from University of California, Berkley.

    Who are they kidding? This is as much about a PR home run, as it is getting a franchise QB.

  8. And the reports will be conflicting right up until draft day. Rams probably haven’t made a final decision yet. Use these two weeks to dig up as much information as possible.

  9. I would lean toward Goff. However, the Rams had both QB’s in for workouts and have studied them closely. They would know much better than us.. Great move by Los Angeles to secure a much needed franchise QB. Hope they get some WR and TE help, too. The defense and running game is already in place.

  10. The Rams need a lot of help, they might be better off trading down. I’m not sure this QB class is strong enough to justify using top picks on them, and it’s deep enough to get a guy later who might be better than the 1st round guys.

  11. Very important decision…. In the AFC since 2004 the Super Bowl quarterback has been named Brady, Manning or Roethlisbereger… the only exception was 1 year when it was Flacco

  12. To a super bowl? Hahaha haha ya right. More like the toilet bowl, that is all that crappie owner deserves… even the toilet bowl is probably too much for him.

  13. There was some very bad advice here last week for Colin Kaepernick saying that Kaepernick should not accept any salary reduction to accept a trade to become the Broncos starter. I said at the time that was crazy, that Kaepernick’s long term earnings would be much better off if he took a 1 year cut (for 2016) but was assured of a starting position, especially for a great team like the Broncos, instead of being stuck as a backup for the 49ers. Unless Kaepernick gets named the starter over Gabbert or unless Gabbert gets hurt, Kaepernick will ride the bench for the 49ers this season and then get cut. That means that Kaepernick will be trying to get a job next year after not starting for 1.5 seasons.

    Kaepernick will turn 30 during the 2017 season. If he’s coming off a 2016 as a backup, he’s not going to get a big contract to be a starter for any team, and its very unlikely a great team like the Broncos will be in need of a QB (it’s very rare to see a dominant defensive team with good offensive line, excellent receivers and good RB in big need of a QB).

    Look at the contract RG3 got this offseason. He’s 26, which is 3.5 years younger than Kapernick will be for the 2017 season. RG3 at his best was a much more highly regarded and better performing QB than Kaepernick, but after being benched for 1.5 years, the best offer he got was for $7.5mm per year for 2 years with one of the worst teams in the NFL, the Browns.

    Unless Gabbert gets hurt Kaepernick is likely to regret not having accepted a trade (and taken a pay cut) to go to the Broncos.

  14. Probably trying to shake down the Browns for an extra pick, In case the Browns like one over the other(probably the wrong one).

  15. I find it impossible to believe that fans cannot wait two weeks to get the answer to this question. It’s the Rams. Whoever gets picked is doomed to failure.

  16. And in the end, after much misdirection, it turns out… the Rams really loved Boehringer?

  17. The Brown now a have a built in excuse if they take the wrong QB, and someone will panic and make Lynch a top 15 pick. Titans had 2 weeks to hold out for more picks, bad moves for everyone but Lynch

  18. The Rams know who they want…. You don’t go all in and remain undecided about who u traded up for…

    But don’t expect the pick to be revealed until draft night….the league won’t let that suspense end before it even starts!

  19. Not having watched either qb play a game, I would select Goff, as he has played well against division 1 opponents. Neither qb is worthy of trading up for though.

  20. Do they pick the more NFL-ready guy with the lower ceiling, or the higher-ceiling guy that needs development and has concussion history?

    Maybe not the easiest choice after all.

  21. What I LOVE about this is the Rams paid up to get their guy.
    It would be so cool if they guessed wrong.
    I hope whoever they take is mediocre, being as good as .. Brian Hoyer or Mark Sanchez.
    And the other guy turns out to be ok.

  22. Pretty sure it’s Wentz. He will be the 2nd best QB in that division as soon as he gets there. Now all they have to do is dethrone the best QB and team, the Cardinals.

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