Rams reportedly “targeting” Carson Wentz now that they have top pick

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Now that they own the first pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, the Rams can have any quarterback they want.

And they seem to have a preference.

According to Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times, the Rams are “targeting“North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz in making the deal with the Titans for the top pick.

While Cal’s Jared Goff is considered by many a more turn-key player, Wentz may have more potential.

If nothing else, Hollywood loves a good story, and dropping a kid from an FCS school who was born in Bismarck into the middle of the league’s return to Los Angeles will be a good one.

We’ll find out if it’s the right one, but Case Keenum’s hold on that starting job was tenuous anyway.

UPDATE 10:00 a.m. ET: Farmer has followed up by saying Goff is “still heavily in the mix,” and the Rams are “leaning” Wentz.

56 responses to “Rams reportedly “targeting” Carson Wentz now that they have top pick

  1. “Well, if this doesn’t finally get me fired, I guess I’ll just stop wearing pants.” — Jeff Fisher

  2. With what they gave up, that’s a hell of dice roll to put on a QB from North Dakota St. They better be sure or the unemployment line will be longer in two years.

  3. yeah, how cute of a story that would be!… I am really getting sick of the major sports leagues needed a “Hollywood story”… Kobe Bryant last night draining 60 points, give me a break. media, media, media. money, money, money… I really hope Mark Cuban turns out to be right. PIGS GET SLAUGHTERED.

  4. Probably the most over rated QB in the history of the draft and not because he doesn’t have talent. Wentz is a player who would have been better served being picked by a better team where he could have sat and learned. He played for a small school powerhouse yet his stats “under pressure” were terrible, far worse then Goff. Wait until the defensive schemes and man eaters in the NFL get a hold of him.

  5. Draft a Division II guy out of a spread system after trading premium picks in a very deep draft and your first round pick in the next year’s draft. What could go wrong, lol? This always works out well, lmao.

  6. Lets see, Carson Wentz just went from the Factory of Sadness to the Streets of Hollywood. I bet he feels like he won the lottery but you gotta feel for the “Next” Guy

  7. “I’ve got a Carson Wentz rookie card. What’ll you give me for it?”

    “My mom, J.J. Watt, twenty draft picks in the NBA, the deed to my house, freedom in South Africa, the concept of love, half of the Solar System, what’s left of the Sports Authority, the Cleveland Browns, the country of Chile, these shoes on my feet, the rights to the National Anthem, free Chik-filA for life, a poem…”

  8. Carson Wentz is an extremely happy young man this morning. Gets to live and play in sunny So Cal, will be paid a fortune and most of all, avoids Cleveland.

    The question now becomes, do the Browns panic and overreach for Goff at 2?

  9. my browns will never win unless we are aggressive and not do risky stuff
    i mean giving up all those picks wouldnt be good but sheesh
    roger really knows how too have the nfl look fixed
    might as well move the draft too LA for 1 year too since there sucking off LA so much nowadays

  10. You obviously forgot about the team that sits before the cowboys that just lost their starting saftey to the ravens

    mcjon22 says:
    Apr 14, 2016 9:46 AM

    Wow, Jalen Ramsey is going to drop to the Cowboys at 4.

    I think I’m gonna be sick

  11. If the Bengals had any hope of winning a postseason game they would have traded their entire 2016 drafts to move up for this guy…

  12. Now just hope the Rams don’t throw him to the wolves Day 1 hoping to make a big splash in LA. The NFL is going to be a WHOLE lot faster and more complicated than anything he saw in D II. He would benefit more than most with having a year or two to get his feet under him before being expected to carry a team.

  13. Winner of the day – RGIII and rightfully so.the Browns need to build around his greatness.

    LOL RAMS. I feel so sorry for you. Redskins fleeced you years ago. We won our division twice and hosted two playoff games. What did/have you done from that tradr. Buncha amateurs in STL/LA!

  14. It might not work out, but if they want get better they have to change something major. I have total respect for that move. Look at the last 4 teams left last year. 3 first overall picks at QB and Tom Brady.

    It’s a smart move and not as risky as it used to be given the way rookie contracts are limited now.

  15. Wentz isn’t an Andrew Luck so they overpaid but Fisher’s and the GM are on the hot seat so the gamble makes sense on their behalf. Especially when qbs like Ryan Fitzpatrick are the best alternative options

  16. Big Ant TV says:
    Apr 14, 2016 9:53 AM

    my browns will never win unless we are aggressive and not do risky stuff
    i mean giving up all those picks wouldnt be good but sheesh
    roger really knows how too have the nfl look fixed
    might as well move the draft too LA for 1 year too since there sucking off LA so much nowadays


    The way your browns will win is to draft O-linemen and D-linemen high and always take a QB every draft until you find the right one. Last year they did well. It will pay off to keep doing that.

  17. If it is Carson Wentz, best thing he can do is to make sure he is single when he arrives in LA.

    Everyone in LA is going to want a piece of the #1 draft pick QB of the returning Rams. He better have an agent and team around him who can take advantage of all of the opportunities to make extra income. But while all of this is going on…he better be studying everything to know his offense and position, he can’t suck out of the gate. So much pressure.

    Browns should see what they have in Bob and select a player that can help elsewhere. Bob might have one season of surprise left, but let’s the Browns not be forced in another high QB pick right away.

  18. Let me defend my Browns for a second. Usually I slam them…but……Remember when people slammed Cleveland for not trading up for RG3? Remember St. Louis saying they were getting “Weird disinterested signals from Cleveland?”…how did that work out? If I’m Cleveland I trade down a couple of slots. Somebody will want to trade up for Ramsey or Tunsil. Or Cleveland can stay where they are and take Ramsey.

  19. bassplucker says:
    Apr 14, 2016 9:51 AM

    The question now becomes, do the Browns panic and overreach for Goff at 2?


    It is the Browns. How could they NOT panic and reach?

  20. Team with no legitimate placeholder starter picks QB with promise who needs time to develop. And they’re moving into a massive media market.

    What could go wrong?

  21. Paxton Lynch’s value just skyrocketed into the Top 10.

    With Wentz and Goff both gone, the Eagles will probably trade with Ravens to jump over the 49ers and pick him up at #6

  22. The Rams didn’t do much with all those picks to improve the overall team. These top QBs in this draft aren’t looking like your Cam Netwon, Russell Wilson or Andrew Luck who will come in year 1 and produce.

    Not saying these QB are bad but they have question marks like Gabbert, Jake Locker and Ponder who were pushed up in the draft due to teams with QB needs.

  23. Could have had RG3 and kept the picks to build a better o-line and secondary. Why does this team keep shooting itself in the foot — Can we just call Kurt Warner now?

  24. Interesting. Now that a QB is going first it changes the whole draft as opposed to Tunsil or Ramsey going first. I assume Wentz will be the pick and Browns are interesting they have RG3 & McCown now so maybe they will wait until later to draft a QB and snag Tunsil to play RT.

  25. Is Andrew Luck reentering the draft ? That’s what you give up for a QB like Luck , not the QBs coming out. Why draft a QB to hand off the ball to Gurley ? If this pick does not turn your franchise into a Super Bowl contender in the next two years , it will set this franchise back even more than it has been the last ten years. Hard to believe , I know. With the history of the HC and GM what makes anyone think they can draft a franchise QB ? The Titans did something that could turn their franchise into a winner. Build with the draft. Get as many picks as they can . Draft the best player available . The #1 pick does not mean the best player. Look at Sam Bradford. Good Luck LA. You will love the King of California and the most inept organization in the NFL.

  26. The Rams pick will be Goff. He is a California kid and he’s the more pro-ready and polished passer anyway. I think Wentz has been a little bit of a smoke screen for all the qb needy teams. I believe the Browns want Goff too and the Rams swooped in.

  27. bassplucker says:
    Apr 14, 2016 9:51 AM

    The question now becomes, do the Browns panic and overreach for Goff at 2?

    The second part of your post makes no sense. The Browns always panic but picking Goff at #2 is NOT over reaching considering he’s a top 5 pick and potential overall #1.

  28. It’s a good move by The Rams. Wentz is a franchise QB. I think actually he’s the third best QB in this draft class, but a good one nonetheless. This year is loaded with blue chip QBs, so you really don’t have to trade up to get a good one. I think the best QB in this class will end up going in the second round. But the fact that it’s tougher than heck to win a super bowl without an elite QB makes this a good move by the Rams.

  29. You would think that the Rams wouldn’t do a deal like this when it blew up in the face of the Redskins who they traded with. As a Niners fan I hope Wentz fails miserably and they are screwed for years to come. Hopefully this means Jack or Buckner will fall to the Niners at 7

  30. weepingjebus says:
    Apr 14, 2016 9:41 AM
    “Well, if this doesn’t finally get me fired, I guess I’ll just stop wearing pants.” — Jeff Fisher
    Post of the year nominee!

  31. Don’t follow college ball much. Either of these guys anything special? Most of what I have read about them so far is fairly underwhelming. Seems like more a defensive draft this year.

  32. skoobyfl says:
    Apr 14, 2016 9:47 AM
    So much for the Bills moving to 2nd rumor for Wentz.


    If the Bills did that I would be pissed… Taylor did fine last year and has a lot of promise. The defense meanwhile has some serious holes in it. They need a star linebacker, defensive end to replace Mario, or at least a new safety before a new QB. A fast WR2 would fantastic as well to leverage Taylor’s surprisingly lethal deep ball. I was hoping the Bills could wheel and deal for Mike Wallace somehow. He would have been perfect.

  33. Congrats to the Rams for making every QB in the draft now WANT to go to the Browns. This is going to be the toughest sell ever for the guy they pick.

    “yeah you’ll be expecting to succeed taking over the worst passing offense in the league for a head coach that’s never won anything on a team that won’t have any decent draft picks to give you weapons till your rookie contract is almost over but we’ve got Disneyland!”

  34. To bad a nice guy like Wentz will be forced to live in LA.. He deserves better than that.

  35. Great move by them. They get to pick who they want, and they need a QB. Gets the new/returning fanbase excited for year 1.

    They’ve lost some parts on defense, but it’s still good. They have some athletic studs on offense.

    Hopefully for Rams fans the coaching staff doesn’t get in the way.

    NFC West is about to get even tougher.

    49ers must be crapping bricks since this means they can do no better then get the 2nd best QB, and might have to settle for Lynch which would seem like a reach. But who knows, there are still two other picks ahead of the 49ers, conceivably all three could be gone. But history generally shows two at or near the top.

    As for someone saying QB’s would rather be on the Browns ROFL. Factory of Sadness is worse now then it was last year… hell if the Rams win 8 games, that might be equal to what the Browns do the next three years combined.

    I’m legitimately concerned that the Browns will have to luck into a single win next year.

  36. I see this years QB prospects not to be blue chippers.
    I think Goff is the best prospect. Wentz played in a lessor division of NCAA football. He’s good, so don’t try to criticize my comments. I just don’t see the comparisons to Ben Roethlisburger like many comment. Taking Wentz at #1 is a risk. A big risk.

  37. Good for the Rams. It all starts with the QB. With a good QB, they can fake it to Gurley and throw deep. The Rams have the RB to make play action pass effective. QB is obviously important, but more help is needed at WR. As much as I love the Rams, Austin and Britt scare nobody.

  38. Great trade for the Titans! Very risky one for the Rams. The QB that the Rams take at No.#1 is not head and shoulders more talented than the guy they could’ve picked at No.#15. They gave up way too much just to move up 14 spots to get roughly the same QB talent wise! I don’t see giving up that many picks to get a QB that’s probably not that much better than one you could’ve drafted later on in the 1st round and possible the 2nd or even 3rd round . Maybe not even much better than who they already have on the current roster! If they have another off year like the last 15 , they won’t even have thier 1st round pick in next years draft to boot! The odds just don’t work out to me.

  39. desperate move by LA, but i get u cant sell Case Keenum in LA, Titans fleeced the rams bottom line.

  40. If the Rams don’t take Goff they are insane.. Goff is light years ahead of Wentz. Wentz needs a year or two coming from D1A to the speed of the NFL game. Throw him to the wolves and you will end up with nothing. Goff has greatness written all over him. In terms of processing defensive looks he is up there already with the best in the NFL. Hair trigger mind.. And an assassin on the field. Only college QB I know who threw for over 12,000 yards, 96 TD’s and never threw one Red Zone pick.. Not one in the three years at Cal where he broke all of Aaron Rodgers passing records..

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