Rams say trade wasn’t announced Wednesday out of respect for Kobe Bryant

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The Rams and Titans announced a major trade involving the first pick of the 2016 draft on Thursday morning, but they actually agreed to it on Wednesday.

The reason for the wait to announce it wasn’t so that everyone had a chance to sleep on the deal and make sure it was what they wanted. According to a Rams official, it was so that nothing would get in the way of Kobe Bryant’s final game with the Rams’ new neighbors in Los Angeles. The Lakers game tipped off on Wednesday night and ended with Bryant scoring 60 points in his NBA swan song.

“Kobe deserved his night,” the Rams official said to Adam Schefter of ESPN. “There was no reason for this trade to be announced on his night.”

That’s a nice gesture, although the flip side could be just as true. With Bryant retiring and the Warriors on their way to an NBA-record 73rd regular season win, the sports world (and the Los Angeles sports world, in particular) had a lot going on Wednesday night. While a deal for the No. 1 pick would have generated attention, announcing the trade on Thursday guaranteed a clearer field for the NFL that provides a nice lead in to Thursday night’s announcement of the 2016 schedule.

29 responses to “Rams say trade wasn’t announced Wednesday out of respect for Kobe Bryant

  1. I sure hope the 2078 L.A. Lakers of Anaheim have the same respect for the Chattanooga Rams when they reach the Super Bowl.

  2. “We were going to announce our engagement yesterday but out of respect for Kobe we held off a day. No disrespect intended if today was still too soon.”

  3. Who cares about the NBA???? Absolutely pathetic! Come on Rams, this is embarrassing!

  4. OMG, the brown nosing, and new politically correct NFL owners billionaires make you want to vomit….Kobe did go off for 60, but the Warrior’s did something no other team has ever accomplished in its history, as well as Curry going over 400 made 3’s……I could have seen the little “alert” on the bottom of the screen…really no big deal…I am happy the rams traded….one more non qb on the board for when the Raiders pick.

  5. The Rams held off from announcing the trade on Wednesday out of respect for the fact that LA cares far more about basketball than they do the Rams. They didn’t want their big news being completely ignored.

  6. Wow. The Rams show a little respect for their neighbors and people on the Internet get their noses out of joint. Calm down people, you’ll live longer.

  7. well that’s just stupid.

    I can multi-task- I can read about the Rams, watch Kobe’s last game, AND eat a bowl of Lucky Charms at the same time.

    Some people just go out of their way to do the most asinine things.

  8. It’s about being the new kid on the block trying not to butt heads with the established Lakers and their fans.

    They don’t want to burn bridges, especially before playing a game there since their return.

    Think about it, half of L.A., or dang near it, weren’t even alive when the Rams last played there. Then when you throw in an additional 5-10 years when many kids don’t even know what professional football is, and then all the transplants of people coming from some other state or part of California, and the Rams are truly new to most of Angelinos.

    It’s smart for them to do this. The draft doesn’t even start for another two weeks.

  9. The Rams are full of themselves.

    What were the Titans doing? Out of respect for Grizzlies making history allowing the Warriors to set a regular season record?

    It was smarter for them to announce it today, they can get all the headlines today, instead of being the 3rd one yesterday. It doesn’t matter what would have happened it was going to be a big day for hooperball.

  10. warriors game = Yawn.
    Kobe dropping 60, including outscoring the Jazz to win the game = priceless.
    oh, and the warriors can claim to be “the best team ever” all they want, the fact is they had the best SEASON ever, and until they at least 3 peat are not in that conversation…yet.

  11. I don’t know why there is all this respect for Kobe – over his career he didn’t seem to care about anyone else’s respect to be paid. I’m glad he is gone.

  12. Respect and Rams don’t belong in the same sentence. If they cant compete with the NBA when the Washington Generals are in town , they are in the wrong business.

  13. Not really, the Lakers game ended around 10PM PST, and 1AM East coast time so most people were getting ready for bed or were already asleep. The Rams announced it today so all the morning sports talk shows were talking about the Rams trade mixed in with Kobe’s 60 points.

  14. Should have waited til next week, maybe then more people will care. Right now they’re still behind Kobe, Warriors and some guy being accused of Rape, next week they’ll only be behind the Boston Marathon and the NBA playoffs. Well, I guess that still makes the Rams irrelevant.

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