Trade for No. 1 makes Fisher, Snead feel better about losing in Week 17

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The Rams missed a chance at giving coach Jeff Fisher the sixth 8-8 finish of his long coaching career last season when they lost 19-16 to the 49ers in overtime in Week 17.

They settled for Fisher’s fourth 7-9 campaign and got the 15th pick in the first round of the draft, which now belongs to the Titans after the two teams agreed to a swap for the first overall pick. At Thursday’s press conference about the trade, Fisher wondered if the deal would have still happened had the 49ers not blocked a field goal before hitting one of their own to end the season.

The Rams would have been picking 19th and Fisher questioned whether the Titans would have been willing to move back that far and whether the price would have been higher than the Rams were willing to pay if that was the case. General Manager Les Snead said his wife told him at the time he’d feel a lot better in April about the loss, an assessment he said he’s come around to agreeing with recently.

Fisher joked that the team would still be working to shore up their field goal protection, but that it wasn’t the worst field goal block given up by one of his teams given the way things worked out with the trade.

12 responses to “Trade for No. 1 makes Fisher, Snead feel better about losing in Week 17

  1. Could easily end up the same as RGFragileEgo. Nowhere near worth the amount they gave up, not with the rookie salary cap in place.

  2. This trade goes us all some real football related news and that is fun but the teality is that you have 2 crappy franchises making deals that won’t help them in the end because, in the end, they are 2 crappy franchises that always make the wrong decisions. BTW, the Rams didn’t have to move into #1 to get one of the 2 to prospects and even could have gotten Wentz at #4 (he should barely be in the first tons except for stupidity). But I guess it’s some real football to talk about. A hugely successful season for either of these 2 crap franchises is 8-8

  3. Had a bad feeling about that hollow victory as the FG went through the uprights. 49ers could have had the 5th pick.

  4. In the end, he’ll end up regretting that the FG was blocked. Had they won in Week 17, Fisher and Snead wouldn’t have had the chance to hamstring themselves and make a head-scratching decision like trading 2 firsts, 2 seconds, and 2 thirds for 1-1, a fourth, and a sixth. They would have been MUCH better off winning that game, going 8-8, and picking 19th.

  5. Dumb.

    By this logic they would have felt even better had they lost every game last season, then they would have had the #1 pick outright and not needed to trade. Ask the 76ers how the strategy of tanking for draft picks is working (though admittedly they drafted poorly and the NFL doesn’t have a lottery).

    I’ve wondered when a team will tank by contract? When a team will give contracts to good players with crazy up front money. Then in the latter years of the contract, after the bulk of the money is paid, you’ll have the players with a lot of salary cap room.

    Right now teams do the opposite, always trying to defer player cost to out years, which guarantees salary cap constraint.

    This strategy means you’ll suck for a couple years while those big dollars are paid out, but you get high draft picks for 2-3 years, those players come in on cheap rookie contracts, and in year 3-5 of the contracts, you have the good players, the contract payments decrease, not increase, and you can bring in additional players, with the high draft pick rookies, and the few good players you already paid.

    I’m available for interviews if an NFL team would like to hire me for my brilliant strategy.

  6. Maybe you should hold off, and stop patting yourself on the back so much. It’s just a tad bit early to be getting all philosophical about how you could have missed out if not for that blocked kick. All you did was trade for the 1st overall pick. That is not an accomplishment. 31 other teams could have done the same thing.

    It’s not like the player your going to draft with the pick has proven anything yet. What if he’s the next Ryan Leaf? What then? I bet you won’t be glad you lost that game anymore will you? No, me either.

    In fact youll probably be thinking “man, if we would have just made that field goal I wouldn’t have wasted 2 1sts, 2 2nds, and a 3rd round pick on Ryan Leaf 2.0. Now all I got to show for it is that 4th round bench warmer and that 6th round practice squad kid.”

    You know what will get to you the most though? The fact that you will have to talk about this very press conference. How the media will remember how self congratulatory you were, and how you brought up the fact that you were 1 field goal away from never making the trade. That will be fun won’t it? Yeah. Probably not.

    So relax Jeff. The trade hasnt done anything for you yet. If in 2 years the kid is playing like a number 1 pick ought to play, then that’s when you talk about it being meant to be and how kismet and serrindipidus it all was, but until then. The less you say the better.

    Your the last person who should want people talking about games you won and lost in previous season. If enough people starting doing that nfl owners might finally realize how nuts it is that such an aggressively mediocre coach continues to get work.

  7. The most valuable thing an NFL owner can have is a scout who knows how to evaluate QBs. I think the best QB from this class will still be on the board in the second round. The Rams just gave away the house to move up to the number one slot in order to draft the second or third best QB (maybe 4th). Don’t be a bit surprised if John Elway doesn’t just sit there and let the best QB fall all the way to him at #31, kind of like Dan Marino fell into the hands of Don Shula in 1983.

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