Bengals sign Taylor Mays

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Friday afternoons are often the time when the NFL announces suspensions for players, but this Friday is off to a slightly different start.

The Bengals announced that they have signed safety Taylor Mays. Mays was last in the news last month when his four-game suspension for violating the league’s substance abuse policy was announced, but knowledge of his absence to open the year obviously didn’t cool the team’s interest in bringing him aboard.

It’s Mays’ second stint with the Bengals after he spent four seasons with the team from 2011 to 2014. He moved on to the Vikings and Lions last year before finally settling into a role with the Raiders. He saw action in 14 games, making five starts, and recorded 26 tackles.

Mays started four games in his previous run with the Bengals and started his NFL career as a second-round pick of the 49ers in 2010.

17 responses to “Bengals sign Taylor Mays

  1. @kurdishpats1:

    I’m a USC fan and had the privilege of watching him week-in and week-out during his time at ‘SC. With that said, I think the root of his problems fall on his football IQ.

    Look at Earl Thomas and Eric Berry. Two guys who are 6’ or 5’11 and weigh just north of 200 pounds.

    If you’re going by the ‘eye’ test, Mays is your first choice every time. However, the game of football is more than just size as Thomas and Berry are head-and-shoulders better than Mays.

    Simply put, maybe Mays is not as smart when the ball is snapped compared to Thomas and Berry.

  2. This dude hardly saw the field on the Raiders, and thats saying alot because the Raiders secondary was banged up and very weak last year ( minus C-Wood of course ).

    So pretty much the Raiders and Bengals swapped DBs, and i think the Raiders got a much better deal in Nelson.

  3. Somehow the Bengals seem to fly under the radar in bringing questionable characters to their organization. Some have worked out, some not but they aren’t afraid to keep trying.

  4. Why didn’t they just resign Reggie Nelson and his 8 INT’s versus Mays with his 4 game suspension and journeyman stats?

  5. drunkraider says: So pretty much the Raiders and Bengals swapped DBs, and i think the Raiders got a much better deal in Nelson.


    I can now see why you use the tag ‘drunkraider’.

    The Raiders paid slightly more for Nelson than Cincy paid for Mays. Only a drunk guy would pay over $6M a year for Nelson……..

    Mays will only be playing special teams for Cincy, and maybe some snaps if someone gets injured.

  6. I don’t think you can compare Nelson at 6 million a year to Mays at the vet min. One is a good starter and one is going to be a special teams guy.

  7. Reggie Nelson is making 4m a year with Oakland, not 6? It can go up to 6 with pro-bowls and all-pro honors.

    I’m not even a Raiders fan, but you all sound like some salty Bengals.

  8. I trust the organization. If they think he might help, he might help. He did have a couple of decent years as a role player most of the time and an occasional starter.

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