Drew Rosenhaus confident Josh Gordon will play this year


Agent Drew Rosenhaus was on PFT Live Friday and said that he doesn’t believe Johnny Manziel will take the step toward treatment that Rosenhaus asked him to take this week, a decision that Rosenhaus says will lead him to terminate their working relationship.

Rosenhaus doesn’t have the same doubts about another one of his clients. Manziel’s former Browns teammate Josh Gordon has to wait until August 1 to apply for reinstatement from suspension for a second time after reportedly failing a drug test and Rosenhaus says he’s confident that Gordon knows he “can’t afford any slip-ups” that will keep him from returning to the field in 2016.

“I think Josh is going to be back this year,” Rosenhaus said. “I really believe that. There’s no question that this has been a tough year for Josh being away from the NFL. The leak to the media about a “positive test” was very frustrating and painful for him. With all that being said, we’re in a position right now where we’re battling to prevent that from happening again. The reality with Josh is he’s had dozens if not hundreds of tests since he was suspended last year. He has worked incredibly hard with the league, complying, doing the right things. This is a young man that’ll be back in the NFL. He will have another shot at being reinstated before the start of the season and I’m confident between now and then that he’ll take the necessary steps to be reinstated.”

Rosenhaus also took issue with the league’s policy that players serving a suspension are barred from being around the team. He argues that players should be able to have contact with their teams and get help if needed, which is an issue that’s been raised by others in the past as well.

As it stands now, though, Gordon can’t get that help from the Browns and he’ll need to show that he can stay clean on his own before he’ll be given the chance to resume his career.

14 responses to “Drew Rosenhaus confident Josh Gordon will play this year

  1. Unlike Johnny Football, as long as Gordon is in play and Rosenhaus can make money off him, there is a total different set of off field standards for Josh baby. Chase that dollar Rosenhaus, chase it!

  2. The “failed” test was only under the canabanoid limit because of the dilution. If you’re going to try to cheat a wiz quiz, you’re going to get caught doing it. Just set down the blunt. Seriously. I don’t know how good the stuff you’re getting is, but it can’t possibly be better than earning millions of dollars and being a superstar in the NFL. Just give it up for a couple of years, and then once your career is over you can smoke all the weed you want. Buy a pot farm, if you want to. Just get it together for the next few years and don’t waste that potential.

  3. As long as there’s the slightest chance that Rosenhaus can make money off a player, he’ll continue acting as his agent and standing behind. He won’t drop Manziel until he’s sure there’s nothing he can suck out of him.

  4. I didn’t realize he was Josh’s agent. That’s funny stuff. Johnny needs to get help, but Josh Gordon, who has far more serious problems apparently doesn’t need help. Why? Because when Josh Gordon is finally free of his rookie deal (which is going to wind up being 7 years or so), Rosenhaus is in line for a nice pay day. Manziel had practice squad QB written all over him and there’s no money there.

  5. jm91rs says:
    Apr 15, 2016 10:48 AM
    Johnny needs to get help, but Josh Gordon, who has far more serious problems apparently doesn’t need help.

    There’s some serious doubt Gordon has more problems than Johnny Foolsball. Yes, unlike Manziel he has been hit with the suspension stick but that’s a matter of timing putting him in the testing crosshairs. Gordon hasn’t created an alter ego, been repeatedly caught lying to his team or had helicopters searching for him in the middle of the night. Also guess we all missed the part where there’s been a chorus of folks close to Gordon fearing for his life

  6. Drew Rosenhaus doing what is the best interest of Drew Rosenhaus; if that happens to be in the best interests of Gordon, the Cleveland Browns and the NFL that would be great. Wendyohno is right that Gordon could play; the question is can he still play?

  7. The only thing that makes Josh Gordon look good is standing next to Johnny Football. I knew he needs to make commission on this guy, but that’s no reason to expect the League to reinstate him. It aint happenin’.

  8. Sure, he may play this year but I wonder how many games before he gets suspended again because he just can’t help himself. I seriously doubt he can pass a drug test if he had one now since he failed one he had to take after applying for reinstatement.

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