Jeff Fisher says second-rounder from Bradford deal was key in trade with Titans


Monday’s PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio will include a visit from Rams coach Jeff Fisher. I know this because the interview with Fisher has been recorded, given that the initial broadcast of the show happens between 3:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. PT.

Instead of making you wait until Monday morning, we’ve decided to premiere the interview now, during what otherwise would be the NFL’s weekly repository of stuff they’d rather not have to tell us.

In the interview, Fisher tells us more about the trade, including that there were more teams in contention for the No. 1 pick but that the ability to throw in a second second-round pick this year (thanks to the Sam Bradford trade) became a key to boxing out the other teams.

Speaking of the Bradford trade, Fisher was asked whether they quarterback they acquired in that deal — Nick Foles — will be on the roster as of Week One. Fisher called that a great question, and perhaps all that that implies. With current No. 1 option Case Keenum still on the roster and 2015 third-round option Sean Mannion entering his second year, Foles looks to be the odd man out.

Especially since the table was set a year ago for Foles to become the clear-cut starter, and it simply didn’t work.

So find out if the button below works by clicking on it and hearing everything Fisher had to say.

22 responses to “Jeff Fisher says second-rounder from Bradford deal was key in trade with Titans

  1. The only way that even makes any sense is if Wentz or Goff and up being any better than Bradford and I’m just not sold. The Titans totally mopped up with this deal and I think the Rams will end up scratching their heads in the next few years.

  2. 1.Troll Redskins for giving them kings ransom for RG3.

    2.Don’t win anything with picks.

    3.Give Kings Ransom for a lower graded player.


  3. I swear Jeff Fisher say dumb crap out his mouth. So you telling us you went trade happy all because you have an extra pick? instead of using that extra pick as an ammo to build your team? Its a stupid trade. You still could have picked up a decent QB in the second because I really dont see any huge differences in all the QB prospects this year

  4. This from the same guy that thought foles was the franchise qb,fisher is an idiot and Snead isn’t to far behind gave up way to much. I hope it does turn into a disaster, it might be the only way we get rid of those idiots

  5. I’m still trying to figure out why it matters which quarterback they draft they still don’t have anyone that can catch a ball

  6. As an Eagles fan, after this trade, I am completely happy however the Eagles draft turns out. Of the top ten rated players, minus the qb’s, it looks pretty good whoever they get.

  7. I guess I’m in the 5 percentile that still believes in Jeff Fisher. Probably because I clearly remember when he was winningest coach in the NFL over a five-season span (1999-2003) … and I remember when Fisher’s defense carried the Titans to the playoffs just one year after he and his GM were forced to draft Vince Young (and then forced to start him!) … and how the season after that Fisher and his back-up QB (Kerry Collins) started out 10 and 0 (and finished 13 and 3) … and yes, how less than a year after that Vince Young single-handedly blew up Jeff Fisher’s locker room and ended both their tenures in Tennessee.

    – Titans Fan Since Memphis

  8. Just amazing how Coach Mullett and Chest Hair is still a head coach in the NFL. And the fact he’s on the competition committee is a pretty sad statement on that committee.

  9. tennesseeoilers says:
    Apr 15, 2016 4:47 PM
    I guess I’m in the 5 percentile that still believes in Jeff Fisher.

    I was going to riff on that but after I took a look I can see why a guy whose team went 18-46 in the last 4 years would think Fisher’s 27-37 in that span looked pretty good.

    In fact in the five years without Fisher the Titans have lost 53 games. That’s more than Brady has lost in his entire 15 year career. Where’s that gotitan troll that dogs the Pats?

  10. Spin it any way you want Jeff. The only way you didn’t get absolutely fleeced is if your TBD chosen one turns out to be a Hall of Fame caliber signal caller.

    And maybe you said it or didn’t, but reading between the lines, it sounds and smells like you’re ok with the bounty you just gave away because that 2nd round pick from the Eagles doesn’t really count or factor in because it was like playing with house money.

    No Jeff, that pick was in your possession and should be valued for what it is… the opportunity to select a solid player in the 2nd round.

    To view it as nothing more than a bargaining chip, that’s the degenerate gambler’s attitude who takes any winnings and throws it all back on the table because it was ‘house money anyway’ only to lose it all again. Bad philosophy! Look at what you just gave away!

  11. buffedman says:
    Apr 15, 2016 4:38 PM
    “2017 Super bowl Champs Los Angeles Rams (NFL MVP Carson Wentz)”

    Wow, a Rams fan from Colorado or Oregon (where smoking pot is legal).

  12. Can you imagine finally getting the Rams back and the coach is Jeff Fisher? Ugh…

    Man I hope they drop Fisher after this season and bring Harbaugh back to the NFL.

  13. Love the move! If they think the RAMS are a qb away, prove it! They want Sam to take a pay cut, he wouldn’t, traded. Of course he is going to support that decision publicly, any Coach would. Does he make changes? Of course, you call that coaching!!HAVE FAITH RAM FANS!!!

  14. Jeff NASCAR Fisher’s record with the Rams is at .430. The Rams’s owner deserves Fisher.

  15. Do people in LA even want the Rams back? I have read where LA didn’t want a team the NFL wanted a team there.

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