Manziel and friends reportedly trashed rented house in L.A.


Johnny Manziel may never make it back to the NFL, but he has made it to Page Six.

Emily Smith of the New York Post reports at the tabloid’s notorious celebrity rumor destination that Manziel rented a house in L.A. last week, and that Manziel “and his group” allegedly “left the house strewn with booze and drugs, broke an expensive glass table and a bathroom door, and left wine stains and cigarette burns on carpets.”

Real estate broker Nicholas Goodwin has demanded $32,000 from Manziel for damages inflicted on the $4.5 million house.

“They were supposed to check out at noon. Manziel was passed out,” Goodwin told Page Six. “There was cocaine all over the kitchen table, and mushrooms were still out on the table in front of him. There was booze everywhere . . . broken glasses over the floor and a champagne glass in a tree. If they don’t respond to our demand for compensation, we will sue.”

A demand letter already has been sent by Goodwin’s lawyer to Manziel’s representatives, and images of the house obtained by Page Six “show lines of suspicious white powder on a table, and an opened bag of what is claimed to be magic mushrooms.”

Agent Drew Rosenhaus recently told SiriusXM NFL Radio that Manziel has left L.A. and returned to Texas. Rosenhaus has commenced the process of firing Manziel as a client, in the hopes that Manziel will take steps to turn his life around.

233 responses to “Manziel and friends reportedly trashed rented house in L.A.

  1. I think I saw this episode already. E., Drama , Turtle and Ari Rosenhaus stage an intervention to get him sober and back on the set before the studio execs find out and pull the plug on Billy’s movie.

  2. I can’t even imagine a team thinking about talking to him, it’s a waste of time.

    Talking to him would result in one of 3 things. Him telling the whole truth about his issues, him telling all lies about his issues, or a combination of both.

    None of which any team would want to deal with.

  3. Let’s just start reporting if he does something productive with his life or does something good. That way we don’t have to hear his name ever again.

  4. This is not going to stop until he
    A. Enters Rehab
    B. Gets put in jail
    C. Is Dead

    Can anyone in his group say “Intervention”?

  5. Doesn’t make sense that he was passed out while doing coke and shrooms. However, if true, he has some serious issues that need addressed. I fear it’s just a matter of time before he injures himself and/or others or is found dead behind a dumpster somewhere. Get some help Johnny Foot Tall.

  6. “They were supposed to check out at noon. Manziel was passed out,” Goodwin told Page Six.

    “Johnny Blackout.”

  7. Sounds like he’ll have to learn the hard way. I just hope he doesn’t hurt or kill some innocent people along the way.

  8. Who would have thought this train wreck would have made Ryan Leaf look good. This Boy Needs Some Serious Intervention Or The Next Table He Will Be Associated With Will Be At The Coroners!

  9. Ryan Leaf had to do prison time for a lot less than what Manziel’s been doing But short of actually killing or permanently disabling someone else I doubt that Manziel ever sees serious prison time (and in such a case he’d have top lawyers to try to get him off).

    That’s how coming from a family with oil billions and the attendant political connections & influence will undeservedly benefit an enabled lowlife like Manziel.

  10. a plush life… then a lush life… so lushful, even a brush with the law… is no wake-up call… for not-so-tall Johnny Football… to focus on playing in the fall…

    so lushful, that he’s in no rush… to wake up and crush or flush… such a life filled with enough future regret to one day make sober Johnny blush.

    won’t listen to Dad… nor LeBron… nor Erik or Drew – ‘leave me alone! I can handle my lush life!’ heck, if he’d been married, he’d even say ‘hush wife!’

    time to throw away the old and wake up as Johnny New-Man instead of Alfred E… you’re not cool fool… you’re a clown ex-Brown… grow up, stop throwin’ up… start sportin’, stop snortin’… life you’ve fumbled, time to be humbled… now get to work… jerk.

    (tough, rhythmic love… the non-medicated way to combat affluenza)

  11. I think it’s time to stop covering him like a football player and start covering him like Charlie Sheen. It’s clear that he’s on the “Winning” track like Charlie Sheen was before HIV caught up with him.

  12. In the mist of his latest domestic violence episode and before his release by the Browns, I stated right here, that Manziel doesn’t want to play football, frankly because he knows he can’t.

    He has tasted the NFL and realizes that he lacks the requisite skill to play with the big boys. Therefore, he finds it easier to be disqualified by off the field stuff, rather than face the fact that everyone knows, he cannot play.

    He’s done and the system that protects the white affluent, should back off and let him go to jail, where he belongs. The double standard is disgusting.

  13. If he is not in the NFL, he is not really news worthy of Sports related forums.
    Hope that he is able to turn his life around, but sooooo tired of reading about his partying

  14. The only reason Rosenhaus is stepping away is there is no money in it. Why would anyone rent to Manziel even before this incident? That’s like renting your place to Led Zepplin.

  15. And people thought I was crazy when I wanted no part of Manziel in the draft.

    Zack Martin >>>>>>>>>> Johnny Manziel

    “That’s fine by me. I can live up to that.” – Zack Martin during his post draft interview on being the guy the Cowboys drafted over Manziel.

  16. Not only has he destroyed his football career, he’s going to kill himself with drugs and alcohol if he keeps this up.

  17. Johnny Manziel is the anti-Tebow. Two quarterbacks who never had any business playing in the NFL, but one like story books and the other likes getting ripped.

  18. Manziel is a good guy but truly needs help he’s too much of a rock star to play football don’t have the hunger and desire to be great I wish him well in life but his football career needs to be over

  19. lol, this guy just cant help himself. I have a hard time believing that he even wants to get back in the league. Dude’s been on vacation since he won the heisman

  20. Manziel is hurtling toward rock bottom at frightening speed. The saddest part is that he won’t pretend to care about football and attempt to revive his career until he runs out of money. To me it’s not if, but when.

  21. The thing is. This guy isn’t any good at being a QB. He makes a mockery of NFL scouts if he continues to be considered by anyone.

  22. not very surprising at this point… it will be slightly interesting if the NFL decides to suspend him over it, which they should, for life, immediately

    at this point on Manziel, the NFL isn’t looking too good that they haven’t broken the ruler in half on his hand yet when they’ve done so with everyone else

  23. Obviously Otter and Boone were involved…..when a home is destroyed in this manner it reeks of Toga Party.

  24. Eventually one of these stories is going to say Manziel found dead, overdose likely.

  25. Sounds like some drug abusing, high octane, rock group rented the room. Johnny Football. What a joke.

  26. Sounds like Michael Irvin has been mentoring Manziel. This kid is on the fast highway to hell and I don’t think it is going to end well.

  27. You have to be pretty smart to rent a $4.5M home to Johnny football….I mean what could possibly go wrong…

  28. Why do we have to keep hearing about this a**hole? Forget about him, PLEASE! Let Cleveland cut him and be done with it, already.

  29. wow, passed out with cocaine all over the table.

    Never been a big fan of this kid but I guess just as a human, I’m actually a little worried for this kid. Not sure he really wants to be around, prob sick of being a punchline and figures he’s gonna ease out the ‘fun way’. Hope someone can get through to him soon. Get some help kid. Can’t dig out of this by yourself.

  30. This is a saddening story by the moment.

    However, if there were cameras tracking his every move, my advice would be to forget about the NFL Draft.

  31. This idiot would not know help if it smacked him in his face. Manziel’s father may be right about this son as he is throwing his life and finances away on booze, drugs, and expensive parties. A fool and his money are soon parted. Pathetic.

  32. frankly because he knows he can’t.
    disagree here. i am a firm believer that (unlike Ryan Leaf) Johnny Manziel (on the field) has good enough talent to be a good, maybe great player IF he puts the work into it…..THAT is where the issue is. he’s not trying, he’s too busy getting hammered wasted and living the Hollywood/Vegas life and if he wants to do that, then go ahead, but it’s not going to help you with your NFL career. No NFL team wants to sign a guy who is constantly on TMZ or any news story about being drunk or violent. NFL teams want a guy who behaves off the field, they dont care if you party at times, but when the time comes to focus on football, focus on it. Gronk is a party guy, but he also knows that when it’s time to do his job, he does it. Johnny doesnt get it…yet, i hope he gets it before it’s too late.

  33. Ya’ll keep trashing him, but he is doing what many of us wish we could. It’s just that, this behavior has consequences, terrible ones if he does not stop. Hence, the reason we are not going hog wild with the honeys and booze, shrooms and coke. Not likely this will end well. Football career? HAH!

  34. “and a champagne glass in a tree”

    Say what you will about Johnny Football, but it’s pretty impressive to somehow leave a champagne glass in a tree.

  35. I went and looked at the pics posted on the NY Post website and really, what they are calling trashed just means they left empty bottles and dirty glasses around.

    It’s not like they left it “trashed” in a Rock Star kind of way, they left it a pigsty.

    Daddy’s gonna pay for the damaged table.

    I don’t think JM is going to play NFL football.

  36. Dude is going to leave stacks of cash, kicks, blow, and shrooms all over the table? Come on now. No one would just leave that stuff. Looks planted .

  37. On one hand, I cannot stop laughing at how Manziel has thrown away an opportunity that millions of guys would literally kill to have gotten.

    On the other hand, I looked at the pictures and kind of laugh at how the real estate agent called these evidence of leaving the place “trashed”. A couple of booze and soda bottles laying around and some leftover drug residue? I was expecting epic destruction-possibly a dead hooker here and there.

    Back in the day me and my boys could have done far worse.

    Once again Billy Manziel comes up “short”.

    Hope the guy gets some help.

  38. This has turned into a pretty tragic story and it’s not going to end well if this continues. Sadly, it doesn’t appear that anything is going to change his ways.

  39. As a die hard Aggie that got a ton of joy from watching this kid play football his freshman season, this is really sad. And hard to watch.
    This kid is destroying himself from the inside and it seems anyone around him has become collateral damage.
    Kid needs help, and I seriously hope he gets it.

  40. doctorpancake says:
    Apr 15, 2016 9:24 AM
    “and a champagne glass in a tree”

    Say what you will about Johnny Football, but it’s pretty impressive to somehow leave a champagne glass in a tree.
    Except he was aiming for the roof.

  41. The owner should have called the cops when he saw all the drugs. Clearly Manziel’s “friends” have no interest in helping him but just want the free party. He needs to hit rock bottom before waking up.

  42. After this fool ends up dead somewhere all is left is to wonder what his 30 for 30 will be titled.

  43. How can someone be found passed out with cocaine all over the table and not end up arrested? Jail needs to happen to this kid to force him to clean up.

  44. He’s obliviously mentally ill and needs help. But with mental illness you can’t help the unwilling…they will just lie to their help…

  45. Did any of you see the pictures?

    Sure the drugs left out are terrible but the home owner is going after 30 K. When it looks like a cleaning service could have that placed cleaned up in 30 minutes.

  46. Interesting that Johnny has never failed an NFL drug test. Why aren’t they testing him?
    Remember 2 years ago when Gil Brandt said Johnny should be drafted #1 and he vouched for his very high character. How is that high character looking now, Gil?

  47. In no way is this defending Johnny…but this abuse of short term rentals is a real thing.

    A buddy of mine had his crib trashed by some Hollywood d-lister. He left behind tripods, lube, tarps and a stack of cash to pay for the cleanup.

  48. At what point does his family step in and actually do something? At first it seemed like immaturity on his part but this really sounds like he has a serious problem. At this rate it won’t be long before they find him dead from drugs somewhere. Someone needs to forcibly alter his lifestyle so he can stay healthy and away from trouble. Seems like his family is nowhere to be found in that regard

  49. sb44champs says:
    Apr 15, 2016 9:00 AM
    Manziel is Jamarcus Russell 2.0 Waste of opportunity.

    Hence the rookie salary cap. No one lost $63 million in guarantees on this joker. So we can just watch him fade away without setting the franchise back.

  50. It’s too bad that Jerrah’s son talked him out of drafting Johnny/Billy. Talk about epic soap operas… Still time to do it, Jerrah, and cheap too! You dealt with Irvin coking up so why not Johnny Football? A match made in heaven right there.

  51. steelerben says:
    Apr 15, 2016 10:15 AM

    How can someone be found passed out with cocaine all over the table and not end up arrested? Jail needs to happen to this kid to force him to clean up.


    Maybe the cocaine was chalk and the magic shrooms were portabellas. Johnny seems to live in a constant haze where I doubt he’d be able to tell the difference. But in all seriousness, I wholeheartedly agree. Instead of handing him paperwork, call the cops.

  52. The best thing that could have happened would have been for this guy to call the cops and let the cops find Manziel passed out in front of a table full of cocaine. He won’t get help until he hits rock bottom. We saw pictures of him rolling money to snort lines, and still no one did anything about it.

  53. Were the cops called? Last time I checked – Cocaine (and most likely the other drugs in the house) were illegal.

  54. A few months from now, it will be the same story, except it’ll be a single-wide outside of College Station, and the damages will be $48.95, due to the fact that he poured some Pub Club whiskey on a George Foreman grill

  55. This guy needs a good ol’fashioned ass whoopin.

    With Johnny, it is time to chlorinate the gene pool.

  56. Honestly I thought Manziel’s excuse here is credible

    He was in LA to jump start his new acting career and was simply doing research for a role in an upcoming film:

    “The Johnny Manziel Story”

  57. shaggytoodle says:

    .I can’t even imagine a team thinking about talking to him, it’s a waste of time.”
    Exactly! Let’s say Jerr– er, a benevolent owner said, “OK, new season, fresh start, last few years never happened.

    “Just describe one single minute since Cleveland fired you, spent on anything imroving your football skills or knowledge.”

    That’s how hopeless this moron is. Still waiting for the call, though, expecting somebody to take a chance.

  58. “1slice01 says:
    Apr 15, 2016 10:17 AM

    He’s obliviously mentally ill”

    “obliviously” … what a cool use of the word!!!! seriously, 5 stars for that one ….

  59. johnnybaggadonuts says:

    “Almost there Johnny.” – Ryan Leaf

    “Bro, I left you eating my dust a dozen FAILS ago! You ever been dumped by even one agent, bro? Yeah, didn’t think so, bro!”
    —– Johnny Footnote

  60. There were….lines on the (glass) table

    Lines on his face….

    He pretended not to notice he was caught up in the race….

    (Apologies to Glenn Frey & Don Henley.)

  61. the off season has never been this fun. waking up to read about another johnny train wreck everyday is incredibly entertaining.

  62. If I was her I would have done the cop move of taking the mushrooms and just busting them for the broken glass or something.

  63. This has all the makings of a 30 for 30 and yet another warning to young people about the toxic mix of being young and stupid.

  64. danfrommv says:
    Apr 15, 2016 10:51 AM

    “The owner should have called the cops when he saw all the drugs”

    Police come in. Cite the owner for possession of drugs.


    I don’t think the owner would have any legal liability since it sounds like there was a rental contract in place. Plus, Manziel was still ON the premises at the time.

  65. Not trying to stick up for the guy or anything, but the pics i saw were hardly $35000 worth of damage. Maybe i missed something besides the 6 in the original story.

  66. Wow, there’s a new story every week, and I think to myself, “Okay, maybe that was the last straw for him – maybe he is going to turn it around now.” But then there is another story the next week! Crazy… He never fails to disappoint. And by that, I mean he consistently disappoints.

  67. Easily the worst first round QB EVER drafted. Even guys like Ryan Leaf and Tim Couch played more games and weren’t the flaming_@sshat this guy is. Looking at jail or the morgue (or both) before too long.

  68. Why would you let any 23 year old let alone Johnny Manziel stay in your house when its worth 5 MILLION dollars. I am his age and I think that person who let this happen is a moron

  69. I’m headed to Vegas next month. I hope I run into both Johnny and Gronk to have one hell of a time!

  70. when i saw this story this morning on my way out the door and only had a chance to read the Goodwin quote ending with “… and a champagne glass in a tree…” i thought this was from one of those satire sites… whoops….

  71. (“zeke2517 says:
    Apr 15, 2016 7:49 AM

    Johnny Manziel is the anti-Tebow. Two quarterbacks who never had any business playing in the NFL, but one like story books and the other likes getting ripped”)

    That is what I love about PFT. I can get wisdom and knowledge that I’m not smart enough to know on my own. I’m still the clueless drone that actually believes Tebow took over a 1-5 team , won 7 out of 8, then won a playoff game before he was blackballed out of the league.

    At least I now know what to believe and what is true. I hate facts. Facts get in the way of truth.

    ps. (place troll comment on Cleveland Browns here)

  72. like all addicts, he will quit one way or another. Hopefully, it’s on his terms. All one can do is hope he finds the right path as nobody can control his issues, cure them, or cause them…they are his demons to face. Best of luck young man.

  73. This dude is NOT a football player. STOP treating him like he’s a star. He’s a loser who will never play another down in the NFL.

  74. Sadly, none of the people he was with are his “friends”. They are people who take advantage of his fame and money. Without those, he would be just another lonely junkie. Unfortunately, nobody can help someone who doesn’t want to be helped. He’s going to have to hit rock bottom and decide that he wants to help himself. Praying for this kid.

  75. steeltwiz12 says:

    “CFL on 1…..”

    Yeah, Cheeseburger Factory of Lubbock, but unfortunately, they too are rescinding their agreement and cutting ties with this imbecile.

    And they want back the busfare they advanced him.

  76. Don’t clients normally fire the “agent”? Man, and I thought JaMarcus Russell was the biggest bust of all time.

    Dayum Johnny, you are single handedly redefining the meaning of “bust”. And what’s really sad is that he hasn’t bottomed out yet.

    Stay tuned folks… this trainwreck isn’t over yet.

  77. “That stuff isn’t mine, it is my friends”

    “I was passed out at noon because I was up all night babysitting those guys and keeping them from driving”

    It’s all he’s got except for “I have a problem and I need help”.

    Thing is, many of us went through this period of early twenties the same way. You think you will live forever in those early twenties. Many a long night with stupid stories(that you may or may not remember) and drugs involved. But NOBODY KNEW about it because we weren’t famous and nobody cared about what we did other than some of our parents.

    Then we grew up and most of us are family men now who wouldn’t even think of having nights like that anymore.

    I’m not going to judge him as a human but as a QB in the NFL the guy is a total waste.

    He reminds me of Charlie Sheen a bit. Winning. Life is a LONG time though if you make it…lots can happen yet.

  78. You know you are rich when you LEAVE a bunch of cocaine on the table and go pass out. Usually it only comes out on the table when whoever has it pulls it out. Then it is gone in a flash. Then everyone sits around talking with one eye on the mirror/table, waiting for the next guy to pull out his stash so they can get involved.

    It’s why so many pairs or groups of people end up in the bathroom.

    Only guys like Tony Montana sit there with a pile of coke on the table…and we know how it worked out for him.

  79. What motivation does he have to change? He’s not motivated to be a great football player (just wants to be a celebrity), and he’s not motivated by money (since his family is stupid rich).

    A rich, young, white celebrity with nothing but time on his hands… what else is going to happen.

  80. You rock johnny. Let this be a lesson to all the young folk. Live fast, die young, leave a good looking corpse. Well, two out of three will have to do for johnny.

  81. Many young people party like this. No big deal. He’ll mature and he’ll be fine. I expect him to take a year off and get himself squared away and then he’ll be back in the NFL the following year.

  82. Now if only Johnny was black the league might discipline him. This dude is constantly connected to drug and alcohol stories. Josh Gordon smoked weed folks. Right or wrong whatever. It was weed. Johnny has been connected to blow numerous times. Mushies and trees are small time drugs. And still the league does nothing to Johnny. I hate the race card but it’s stories like this that allow that card to genuinely be played…

  83. jmethane, are you implying that a bunch of drug-addicted celebrity groupies are parasites?!

    On what grounds? Besides a trashed $4.5M home that belongs to a stranger; hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars worth of mess and damage with not one in sight to help clean up; and not one staying to make sure the idiot doesn’t vomit and choke to death on it, or have a heart attack?

  84. In my humble opinion, I personally don’t believe the hype. In other words, the Press will do WHAT EVER POSSIBLE to find a hot topic, even if it means strewing truth to the point of lies. It’s been done and will continue to be done. Half of you folks are like cattle following what the mainstream media wants you to believe and you’re falling for multimedia sensationalism.

    Johnny Football is a victim of tabloid frenzy, plain and simple, i can see it a mile away..these tabloid sites are worse than ravenous wolves and will do ANYTHING to bring in the quick bucks even if it means making someone look far worse than what he or she really is.

    I feel sorry for Manziel though, I don’t think the kid is as bad as what the news makes him out to be. In no way am I suggesting he’s innocent or some angel but man…give the kid room to grow into his own. If it takes learning the hard way, like most of us, so be it. It’s his life. I find the NFL itself far more sinister and deceitful in nature for the simple fact they denied the concussion facts made by Dr. Bennet Omalu, they literally tried to ruin that man’s medical career. So, there are bigger fish inside and outside of the NFL that need to be put before Manziel…sheesh, The hypocrites in this world is astonishing and there are quite a few in this thread posting.

    And all you A-holes judging this kid, give it a rest, it’s his life and besides we all went through our party phase, no?

    Those without sin, cast the first stone. Oh wait, you already did!!

  85. For a while I thought his behavior was “put on” because he wanted to get kicked from the Browns. Sorry to say Johnny really is a mess!! He may not have ever been a top starter, but he certainly (with the dirge of NFL QB’s) could have had a decent career (see RG3). What a shame to throw away such a cool life. What a fool!!!

  86. I have to say this is pretty sad and an agent like Rosenhaus to fire him and says this kid needs help says a lot. This is going to take his family to stop paying his way and hit rock bottom. This kid is going to die, this is more then just of how great an athlete he is and how he threw it’s beyond that. It’s simply on what one can do to save a life and if he cares enough about himself and his friends and family to save himself. It’s just sad.

  87. Sounds like another case of absentee parents who don’t care about their child with little direct love or direction flowing his way growing up. His NFL career is over. Before long he will have destroyed so many brain cells he won’t have the sharpness of mind to play pro ball.

  88. cafetero1075 says:
    Apr 15, 2016 8:11 AM
    This guy’s a clown. He’s the Paris Hilton of the NFL.

    At least Paris Hilton is good looking…

  89. He will be dead in a month. The only reason he continues to do this is because he likes the attention, not the actual partying. Good riddance in advance. I’m sure espn will make a 30:30 on his life cut short. And I bet he is proud of it.

  90. Anyone remember who said, “A wasted mind is a terrible thing.”

    Here’s hoping he gets help fast. His parents must be devastated. His story is as mind boggling as that of Aaron Hernandez – among the greatest athletes in the world but the brain circuitry is damaged somehow.

    I’m sure there are shrinks out there who would counsel him for free just to find out how someone traveling along the Yellow Brick Road could get so lost.

    Answer: -DQ

  91. at some point i can remember telling someone that all negative stories about johnny being a mess and an addict and jerk were overblown. i was very wrong. this guy should be in treatment with a metal brace around his ankle. hope no one signs him.

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