Report: Jaylon Smith not expected to play at all in 2016

Jaylon Smith
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Jaylon Smith thinks he’s going to be the best player in this draft, but it’s going to take him longer to start proving that.

Smith went through the medical re-check in Indianapolis this week and teams are reviewing his file, but the news apparently was not good.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the Notre Dame linebacker is not expected to play in 2016. The expectation is that he’ll be ready for the 2017 season, after he’s recovered from his Fiesta Bowl knee injury.

Smith tore his ACL and LCL in his final game, which will knock him from the high reaches of the first round.

Now the question becomes which team is willing to roll the dice on his recovery, and when. A good team with depth could afford to wait on him, but not many teams are able or willing to take a redshirt player.

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  1. Philly in the 3rd round. Come on Howie, pull the trigger since it will be a transition year for the Eagles anyway.

  2. Shelve him for a year and then see what he’s made of.
    Dont take him no higher than 3rd round

  3. The patriots are the perfect fit. This season, they have depth on both sides of the ball and have a ton of free agents this upcoming offeseaos on, including Jamie Collins and Donta Hightower. The would be the perfect, long term insurance policy at the MLB position.

  4. Depending on which round they’d have to take him, I think Minnesota should grab him. Barr and Smith on the outside, with Kendricks in the middle? Let’s go!!!

  5. Chad Greenway injured his knee in training camp as a rookie and lost that whole first year. He turned into a solid linebacker with some all pro seasons. someone will take a chance on him and will get a good player a year later.

  6. .
    The Patriots own picks 60 and 61 ( their own and the Cards). If he lasts this long, it’s not a reach for Belichick to snatch him. On the Patriots most rookies are eased in anyways, and seldom do you see a rookie start full time from day one.

  7. The Bowls/NCAA should give some kind of insurance for players playing in that game. I mean they aren’t paid or anything.

    Instead proceeds are given to Title IX, so female athletes aren’t given anything less than the men even though revenue is 1000x.

  8. baalke of the Niners will draft him.
    He has such a great record of drafting players & having them sit for a year or forever.

  9. Tough injury and feel sorry for the kid. This report will scare away potential teams and drop him in the draft a long ways down and off some boards……..Agree that it is either a team that is in full rebuilding or a solid team and extra draft picks that will take a chance…….

  10. saints737 says:
    Apr 15, 2016 1:13 PM

    I saw one mock that had him going to the Saints at #12 and that was yesterday.

    Seriously how do some people have jobs?

    The Chicago Bears drafted Kevin White out of WVU last year at #7 over all and he has yet to see the practice field.

  11. Is there really any doubt in anyone’s mind that Trent Baalke drafts this kid. Blown out knees have practically become a prerequisite to get drafted by the 49ers since he’s been at the helm.

  12. His last game he played for free, and he went all-out. He’s a competitive guy, there are a few teams who are good enough to burn a pick that won’t pay off immediately, and value that kind of spirit. Likely landing places are Patriots, Seahawks, Steelers, maybe Green Bay or Arizona. This definitely seems like it will become a “rich get richer” situation. I could also see SF beating everyone to the punch, as they need to beef up their defense again and they KNOW they will be awful again this year anyway.

    It’s a shame he has to delay his career though. I like the old, violent NFL as much as the next guy but in these days where we can watch every minute of every game in HD, I would prefer if they erred on the side of player safety so I can see the best guys on the field all the time.

  13. The Patriots with 7 picks in the last two rounds would be the best spot. Sadly, coming out early cost the kid a lot of money. NE can afford to wait and with no first round pick should take the risk he heals and becomes a star.

  14. The Pats do make sense, they have the depth to wait him out. But after the DEasley whiff and the fact they’re short a 1rst, 4th and 5th rnd picks, I doubt the can really afford to take another chance like that.

  15. Given that he has nerve damage on top of the two ligaments not at all surprising and probably for the best anyways. At least for his knee, his bank account, not so much. But heal up and get that second contract. I wish him the best.

  16. I do not understand eligibilty rules, but would he not be much better off taking the year in college, rehabing and earning some credits and entering next year’s draft ready to go.

    He projects as a one, even a high one healthy. But this year he will be a three maybe. You look at the next five years of his life, which way does he earn more … lots more.

  17. Please it’s not nothing like lattimore jaylons had one injury ever ,His doctor Daniel cooper said he’ll be back at 100 percent ,

  18. PLEASE Trent so he can be added to your miserable failures and he can be let go because it didn’t work out, at the same time you are.

  19. if most players get 4 year deals after the draft, it should be a given that he should sign a 5 year deal at least. Could imagine him taking 1 year to recover, 1 year to get back up to speed, then have a great year and the team that took the risk drafting him can’t re-sign him

  20. I think it works out better for him this way. No 5 year rookie deal. He will now be able to cash in on free agency earlier than he otherwise would have.

  21. He’ll go in the late rounds so if I am Smith, depending where and how late will dictate whether or not I sign a contract. He can always go back into the draft in 2017 after he has had a chance to heal up and get back into football shape. That most likely improves his draft status.

  22. raiderinva says:
    Apr 15, 2016 1:27 PM

    The Chicago Bears drafted Kevin White out of WVU last year at #7 over all and he has yet to see the practice field.

    Different situation. White was diagnosed with the stress fracture after offseason workouts before training camp got going. He was healthy at draft time.

    Probably more accurate comparison would be Willis McGahee, who was not able to play the first year in Buffalo if I remember correctly.

  23. For everyone saying Patriots, I doubt it. They don’t have a first rounder so they are going to need to make that second rounder count. No way they use it on a prospect player for next year. Brady probably only has 1 or 2 seasons left so I suspect they are going to enter a “win now” approach we aren’t used to seeing from them. My guess is o-line or wr. They didn’t have nearly enough depth there last year and protecting Brady at his age should be a priority.

  24. It will have to be a team with a stable coach who isn’t on the “need to win” bubble. That cuts out about a third of the teams.
    Good luck to the team and Jaylon.

  25. I’d be very leery of drafting Smith in the first 3 rounds
    He may never play, like SC running back, Marcus Lattimore

    I hope the best for Smith, no matter which team selects him

  26. Are the guys saying he is a 2nd or 3rd round pick the same ones who claim Kaepernick is elite.

    I wouldn’t draft a player who is attempting a come back from that sort of injury. He might never play again. If I did draft him because of his potential if he can come back, it would be in a later round with a compensatory pick I got for nothing. It is hard enough for small guys to get back to playing shape after knee injuries.

  27. Taylor Decker is the player that cheap shotted Jaylon Smith, costing him more than just millions..possibly his entire NFL career. Meanwhile Taylor gets to remain a possible 1st round pick.

    Football, game of chances.

  28. @saints737 you wanna have a good laugh, look at Ike Taylor’s Mock Draft. Probably the worst I’ve ever seen of any year.

  29. jm91rs says:
    Bengals. 2nd round.


    Bengals are exactly the sort of team with the roster depth to let Jaylon heal a year and let him focus on 2017.

    They did it last year with OT Ced Ogbuehi; they could well do it again with Jaylon.

    Burfict, Dawson & Jaylon Smith would be just about the best LB corps in the league……

  30. thegreenandcold says:
    Apr 15, 2016 3:57 PM
    Packers in the 2nd. They can afford to wait as they have a stacked roster and have made the playoffs the last 7 years.


    If Stacked Roster = Aaron Rodgers and a bunch of scrubs then I agree.

  31. Could see a team like Patriots, Steelers or Arizona using late 3rd round picks. Other than that too risky and he slides even further. That injury is nasty.

  32. ACL isn’t the issue(or even the LCL, although that complicates the recovery), it’s the nerve damage. You damage your peroneal nerve, your foot doesn’t work the same.

    That’s pretty important. Great college player but a huge risk.

  33. Good luck to J.Smith on recovery.
    Could be a great stash for somebody.
    Marcus Lattimore was in similar spot when 9ers gambled on him,
    but sounds like if someone has patience he may contribute 2017.

  34. Cleveland will take him in the 2nd round. They want to “suck for the next Luck” (Clemson’s QB Watson) this year. But with their luck, they’ll finish with the 2nd pick again next year and miss out on Deshaun.

  35. tedmurph except Smith doesnt have the character issues Easley has. hes a steal for any team outside the first round.
    BTW, this kid ran a legit 4.4 with pads on…hes going to make some team VERY happy

  36. thegreenandcold says:
    Apr 15, 2016 3:57 PM

    Packers in the 2nd. They can afford to wait as they have a stacked roster and have made the playoffs the last 7 years.
    Are you kidding? The “Rodgers window is closing” critics would go stark raving bananas!
    Possibly with one of their two, end of the 4th round comp picks, but that’s even dubious.

  37. He wasn’t a very physical player to begin with and often relied on his speed and agility to run around blocks. Poor kid just lost a lot of money.

  38. It actually makes more sense for a rebuilding team to take him … Niners, Browns, the kind of team that’s going to lose for a couple of years anyway. The guy has huge talent if he can come all the way back.

  39. kevster02 says:
    Apr 15, 2016 1:23 PM

    The Bowls/NCAA should give some kind of insurance for players playing in that game. I mean they aren’t paid or anything.

    You know he got a Free-Ride Scholarship to the University of Notre Dame, right?

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