Jets, Bills to meet in another Color Rush game

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Last year the NFL debuted its “Color Rush” campaign with a team that featured the Jets (wearing all-green uniforms) against the Bills (wearing all-red uniforms). That turned out to be a nightmare for colorblind fans, and the NFL vowed to take that into consideration when scheduling any future Color Rush games.

Now the Jets have confirmed that their game against the Bills on Thursday, September 15 will once again be a Color Rush game.

Presumably, the NFL and Nike have figured out a different color scheme for those Color Rush uniforms. Perhaps the Bills could wear blue instead of red.

A separate but related issue is whether the whole Color Rush campaign, which will continue on Thursday Night Football this season, is a good idea at all. Although the NFL and Nike thought it was a good way to get more people talking about NFL uniforms and more fans buying jerseys, a lot of fans thought the Color Rush uniforms were ugly. The NFL is willing to placate fans who disike Color Rush for reasons of colorblindness, but not fans who dislike Color Rush for reasons of aesthetics.

28 responses to “Jets, Bills to meet in another Color Rush game

  1. Can’t wait to see the Chargers uniform in which Nike passes over the powder and navy blue for the gold. Look at Jacksonville and Los Angeles last season wearing ridicolous yellow uniforms. And our game is against Denver, who will probably be in all orange. Yellow, orange, we can be the all vomit game!

  2. OI Dont take sides on the Colour rush they are great!

    I like that TNF has a cool uniform tradition, helps it stand out from other nights!

  3. The NFL needs to stop the Thursday night games and the “color rush” shyte. I will not be watching most of the Thursday night games because I find them sloppier than the regular games. It is too soon for the players to be back out there. Roger and his phony concerns over players safety. These games prove he and the owners do not care about that.

  4. I’m not one of those who will take any and all opportunities, even if it’s trivial, to rip Goodell and/or the NFL. But I will say that I am a huge non-fan of this dumb “color rush” idea.

  5. The sad part is the people who came up with the idea and the people who approved it probably have college degrees.

  6. I don’t know why anyone would be against something that jazzes the NFL up a bit. Its just supposed to be a fun alternative to the same old stuff they dish out every week. Quit crying about it.

  7. There is one word for color rush, ugly. Want to introduce alternate unis fine, but these just look lame.

    TNF games should only ever be played by teams that had a bye the previous week. That’s the only fair way to do it. Home field is a big advantage with a full week. Having to travel after playing a game 4 days prior is beyond ridiculous.

  8. I’m not understanding the NFL’s fascination with color rush…between everyone I know & the bazillion social media posts Ive seen since last year, I put the approval ratng at a generous 20%. Smells like a money grab…

  9. Yes, because bold blue and bold green wont be hard to distinguish for fans at the stadium to distinguish. Stop with the color rush BS. And if you MUST continue it, at least make sure the teams wear colors that dont bleed together

  10. all this money they are wasting on this color rush garbage they could be investing in officials training or other upgrades to the game.instead roger has this stupid idea that people are really into this ‘color rush’ stuff.
    its another of his great ideas gone amuck.
    Why cant they improve the damn game instead of stupid stuff like this? a novel concept use the money for the concussion fund instead of throwing it away with Nike over something like this.
    roger, have you ever had 1 idea that was derived from common sense?

  11. I cut the cable cord several years ago so I have yet to see a single Thursday night game. Who really cares about Thursday football anyway. They are really, really bad games according to the highlights and scores. It’s awful football with or without Color Rush.

  12. Weird … I don’t know anyone who likes the color rush garbage but I do know a lot who hate it. I can honestly say I have NEVER watched a whole color rush game and that JAX game it was less than 60 seconds.
    I guess Nike must be paying the NFL millions.

  13. In the same vein as the NFL being completely clueless about air temperature affecting PSI levels in any inflated item, they completely missed the fact that color blind people cannot discern well between red and green.

    If you asked Goofdell what goes with peanut butter, I can guarantee you he won’t reply with jelly

  14. joetoronto says:
    Apr 16, 2016 12:01 PM
    The Bills will appropriately be wearing crap brown.
    I guess if the color head gear is a reflection of the team as you indicate, the Toronto fans I guess will be bald.

  15. So deep royal blue with deep green… doesn’t seem like it would do too much to help distinguish the two sides.

    C’mon NIKE, that’s the best you can come up with?

  16. abninf says:
    Apr 16, 2016 9:15 AM
    The sad part is the people who came up with the idea and the people who approved it probably have college degrees

    Did you graduate from high school?

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