NFL apparently has a plan to avoid color-blind confusion for Color Rush games

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As MDS pointed out earlier today, the Jets and Bills will get together in September for another Thursday night Color Rush game — even though last year’s green-red goulash left plenty of colorblind fans dazed and confused.

Lions president Rod Wood previously let the cat out of the bag regarding the league’s intent to incorporate the Color Rush concept into every Thursday night game. After the 2016 regular-season schedule was announced, an item posted at the Steelers website confirmed that the league has “mandated” Color Rush Thursdays. In that same article, Steelers owner Art Rooney said he assumed the team’s Thanksgiving night contest against the Colts will be a Color Rush game.

“[W]e decided our color option was going to be black, and the default option is going to be white,” Rooney said. “When you’re the road team, the home team gets to decide what it’s wearing. If for some reason the Colts would decide to wear white, we would wear black. We just felt black was more of our predominant color [than gold].”

Reading between the lines, Rooney’s comments suggest that the league’s mandate regarding the Color Rush concept includes a requirement that one team will wear solid colors and the other will wear white on white. Which would definitely solve the colorblind problem for every potential combination of hues and shades.

65 responses to “NFL apparently has a plan to avoid color-blind confusion for Color Rush games

  1. If one team is going to have to wear white on white what’s the point of the whole thing?

  2. I and everyone I know can’t stand color rush and we actually turn off the game when it happens… it’s so ridiculous and barf inducing

    way to get ratings NFL!

  3. Color Rush Thursday is one of the dumbest ideas I’ve ever heard of. It’s just plain stupid.

  4. Im not understanding the NFL’s fascination with color rush…between everyone I know & the bazillion social media posts Ive seen since last year, I put the approval ratng at a generous 20%. Smells like a money grab…

  5. They should all have to wear entirely red outfits to display their embarrassment for coming up with this ridiculous scheme.

  6. How many more “color rush” days do you think we’d have if Roger Goodell also had to wear these ridiculous colors to work on Thursdays?

    Gawd, if you’re like me, you sit and scratch your head bloody over some of the crazy, stupid things the NFL forces its players to do. I mean, is there a single fan out there who enjoys seeing grown men playing a man’s game being forced to practice their profession in pre-school looking outfits?

  7. Get rid of these foolish uniform ideas. Had to stop watching the game just because it was so difficult to even LOOK at. I’m out on these games. Foolish, no value whatsoever to the fan.

  8. I didn’t watch any of the color rush games. I tried, once the games started I turned the channel.

    Part of it was the match ups. The deciding factor was the ugly uni’s.

  9. ahs2 says:
    Apr 16, 2016 9:42 AM
    Im not understanding the NFL’s fascination with color rush

    Smells like a money grab.

    It seems to me that you fully understand the NFL’s motivation.

  10. I am all for the idea. As long as, during breast cancer awareness month, the Patriots wear solid pink uniforms. With tutu’s to celebrate the history of ballet.

  11. What IS the point? I mean, really. Serious question. I just looked it up and the NFL website says that color rush is “designed to unite teams and fan bases”. Aren’t they already united behind the team’s real colors? AND…eight teams VOLUNTEERED to participate. Now, if that’s just not all kinds of stupid. So glad my team opted out!

  12. I see that Europe is already influencing NFL’s fashion world.

    What’s next Roger, 110 pound linebackers with no dental plan?

    Quit trying to ruin OUR game!

  13. Why do I get the feeling after these meetings the boardrooms at NFL headquarters look like a house rented by Johnny manziel?

  14. Just like voting in an election. Our choice/likes/dislikes mean nothing to the “decision makers”.

  15. Maybe they could put vertical stripes on one team and horizontal stripes on the other. That’s the only way I can think of to make those games even uglier and harder to watch..

  16. I’m color blind but I have a job so I wasn’t watching Thursday Night Football anyway

  17. Did i miss something, but how is all white on one team a color rush. White is the lack of color. The NFL tries so hard to do different things to draw interest. What they don’t seem to understand is that the product is great without the gimmicks and a the gimmicks just take away from the greatness. Leave the game alone Roger.

  18. All black v all white? That’s some rush of colors! At least I won’t have to watch that game with my sunglasses on. Lol.

  19. Many fans have a plan to avoid it too.
    If the league feels a need to differentiate Thursday with a uniform change (read sell more jerseys) just make it Throwback Thursday, outside of the bumblebee most throwbacks look pretty good and they certainly sell, see them all the time.

  20. You get off my lawn people are funny.. Don’t like color rush? Don’t watch the game and take the whining with you. Jeez it’s just a solid color uniform. I’m sure these are NBA fans posing as NFL fans or old af fans. The NFL makes money and find ways to make more whaaa..

  21. Question to Steeler Nation; which is worse? Color rush or bumble bee?
    I can’t speak for everyone but I actually like bumblebee jerseys mostly because they are a throwback from 1934. At least there’s some history and tradition involved. I don’t know what they color rush ones will look like but judging by the ones other teams have had, they will be disgusting.

  22. @chesswhileyouplaycheckers

    Omg dude awesome. I was thinking literally the exact same thing as I read down the page. Make it Throwback Thursdays and have the teams wear their vintage uni’s those days, instead of spacing it out randomly all year. Some of them are just as ugly as the color rush uniforms, so Goodell can enjoy the asshattery, and we can still not feel like our teams were made to wear some childish ridiculous garbage that has nothing to do with football. Win-win.

  23. “You get off my lawn people are funny.. Don’t like color rush? Don’t watch the game and take the whining with you. Jeez it’s just a solid color uniform”


    These aren’t people (including me) hate watching walking dead or something and making snarky comments, we like the product we don’t like the presentation and have every right to voice our opinion.

  24. So the solution to color rush is to wear…normal uniforms? WTF is the point?

    Take the Jets/Bills for example. The Bills already wear a blue/blue alternate at home during the season and the jets already have a white/white variation…so the teams are just wearing their normal alternate uniforms?

  25. It’s just a gimmick. Its the kind of crap marketing types come up with when left unsupervised. Next it will be special glasses you can buy to change the color to whatever you want.

  26. They need to have a Super Bowl in color rush uniforms and have Mexico host it, with advertisements on the uniforms from companies in China and have the Village People play the halftime concert.

  27. I’m hoping a bunch of rich guys get together and put the NFL out of business. According to my calculations, it’d take about $4-5 billion and competent leadership (the NFLs main weakness).

  28. One color and white or black is much better than having 2 of those hideous colors running around.

    Color rush uniforms are still ridicuclous and stupid

  29. Color Rush ranks among the silliest and most ill-conceived schemes the league has ever presented. And as bad an idea as it was….the implementation was even worse.

    Note the the NFL: Color Rush is an utter and complete abortion of common sensibility at every level. PLEASE give it up already.

  30. The game sounds the same on the radio, except when the announcers can’t keep from giggling at the human crayons.

  31. I like the color rush concept and like it or not, it’s the way the league is heading.

    The worst thing the NFL ever did was getting into bed with Nike. They should have stayed with Reebok.

  32. I would like to put a petition that no team shall be blamed for the horrendous rendition of “Color Rush” That Nike forces them into. While some teams all ready have unis that are one solid color like the Vikings Titans Broncos and Seahawks, may only be a small difference.

    Some teams will not pull it off the Steelers, Packers and 9ers are teams that will look weird no matter what. It should be left up to the teams.

  33. Throwback only works if both teams wear unis from the same year.
    1934 Steelers vs. 1965 Broncos just looks dumb…but not as bad as the color rush crap.

  34. chesswhileyouplaycheckers says:
    Apr 16, 2016 11:49 AM
    Many fans have a plan to avoid it too.
    If the league feels a need to differentiate Thursday with a uniform change (read sell more jerseys) just make it Throwback Thursday, outside of the bumblebee most throwbacks look pretty good and they certainly sell, see them all the time.

    Best comment I’ve read in weeks

  35. Yet another stupid gimmick by the Roger Goodell-led NFL.

    I swear, the NFL is turning into the World Wrestling Federation, it really is.
    It’s about glitz just like wrestling, and by the time they get done with all the rules changes, it’ll be as phony, too. They’ll be pretending to tackle one another, you wait and see.

  36. When you have a Thursday gsme every week it negates the uniqueness of the game and it’s not in the best interest of the players to not be able to recover with games seven days apart.

  37. The games sell themselves without all the stupid gimmicks they try to sell, all the coaches should have to wear these colors also, Love to see Big Red in all Green

  38. nice job NFL. The Jaguars are poised to be a playoff team perhaps and all people will remember them for is “oh remember when the Jags’ jerseys look like they peed on themselves?”

  39. What’s the point of having a ‘uniform’ (which by definition means consistently the same) if you’re going to change it every single week? Stop with the money grab merchandisers, we don’t want no stinking ketchup and mustard jerseys.

  40. They should just go back to both teams wearing colored jerseys unless there’s a severe clash. The only reason teams started wearing white was because, without color TV, there would be confusion as to which team was which.

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