Rams could still get their man, and get some picks back

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The Rams currently hold the No. 1 pick in the draft, becoming the first team to trade up to the top of the stack since the Falcons made the move 15 years ago to get Mike Vick. The Rams say they haven’t decided who they plan to select, but the signs are pointing squarely at the two top quarterbacks: Carson Wentz and Jared Goff.

There are conflicting reports regarding the team’s plans, and diverging opinions as to which guy should be the pick. So if/when the Rams settle on one of the two, the Rams could engineer a way to get the guy they want without using the first overall pick and, in turn, getting back some picks in the process.

If, for example, the Rams decide they want Wentz but another team in striking distance to the top of the draft decides it wants Goff, that team, the Rams, and the Browns (who hold the No. 2 pick) could do a three-way deal that puts the Rams at No. 2, the Browns later in round one, and the third team at No. 1.

A potentially more viable deal could happen if the Rams decide they want Goff, since this would open the door for the Eagles (who reportedly covet Wentz and who reportedly were talking to the Titans about a move to No. 1) to engineer a deal that would allow them to take Wentz at No. 1, the Rams to take Goff at No. 2, and the Browns to stockpile more of the much-needed scratch-off lottery tickets that may or may not become quality NFL players.

Although it currently seems that the Rams are hiding their intentions due more to showmanship than strategy, the possibility (slim as it may be) of getting their man and getting some picks back becomes the best reason for keeping a close lid on what they plan to do.

To close a three-way trade that would let the Rams move down to No. 2 and secure their preferred option at quarterback, the Rams will have to continue to create the perception that they could take either guy — and that they’d genuinely be happy with either guy. If they ever let it be clearly known that they want Wentz or Goff, a team who wants the other guy would simply do a deal directly with Cleveland at No. 2.

So the sales pitch would go something like this: “We love either guy. If you definitely want one of the two, there’s only one way to make it happen. Trade up to No. 1.” If there’s a team sufficiently desperate to get a franchise quarterback and sufficiently convinced that one guy is better than the other, the Rams just might pull it off.

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  1. No point in screwing around now. Rams control their own destiny, they did what they had to do to ensure getting their guy.

    If the Rams trade away the no 1 pick that team could draft who the Rams want, even if they say they’re not going to. Or they could trade to someone else who will.

  2. I realize you’re a smart guy and all, but no one trades up for the first pick in the draft unless you are *certain* of the guy you want. Not even Cleveland would pay just to be first in line.

  3. This idea wouldn’t provide enough picks for the Browns to move down. So, I agree this will never happen.

  4. In Formula One they call the period when manufacturers choose a driver the “Silly Season”. In football we call it the lead up to the draft replete with mock drafts by people with no knowledge of the inner thoughts of the teams, lies by virtually everyone and guesses on how young men will develop as people and competitors after they are awash in money and adoration. I think we should adopt the Formula One name – the Silly Season. If they had wanted to do a three way trade they could have done it already.

  5. It’s a bit like prisoner’s dilemma. The problem here is…. The team trading up has to reveal to the Rams who they covet so that the Rams won’t risk losing their guy. As soon as the Rams agree to the deal their pick is revealed by deduction (most probable assumption being that it’s one of the two QBs). Said team, with the Rams pick now known, call off the deal and just negotiate a cheaper deal directly with the Browns.

  6. None of these guys are worth any of these maneuvers. They just aren’t.
    It is like doing all of this for Blaine Gabbert. Looking back on things, would any team give up so much to jump up and get him?
    I didn’t think so.

  7. If a team want to move up, why would they involve the Rams? They’s just have a deal in place w/Cleveland, that if the Rams don’t take their guy, they trade w/Cleve for #2.

  8. “None of these guys are worth any of these maneuvers. They just aren’t.”

    You can’t predict your own future let alone anyone else’s.

  9. Sorry to offend the sensibility of the experts on these boards.

    Just can’t help wondering what happened to the “Scam Newton” people from 2011.

    The ones who laughed at the Rams for drafting a RB with an ACL tear.

    Or the Seahawks fans who cracked a bottle of champagne after hearing the Rams drafted another defensive lineman in the 2014 draft.

  10. Rams need a QB. Browns need a QB. Where are the Rams going to trade to, to get a top two QB? The only team trading up would be another team wanting one of those top 2 QBs. Silly post pft.

  11. Forgive me but why isn’t anyone mentioning that the Rams traded a ton to move into the top spot and now they aren’t sure who they want? If you’re going to mortgage the future, don’t you have to be somewhat confident that there’s “the” player teams covet; i.e. Andrew Luck?

  12. Eagles will deal directly with Cleveland and get their guy Goff. Unless of course, Santa Clara or the Jets beat them to the punch

  13. I can’t see a San Fran, Philly, Denver or even Ariz (future?) etc etc moving up for Goff/Wentz. It’s not good enough value from where they’re picking when similar talent is available at the [bottom of round 1/top of round 2].

    See: Paxton Lynch, Christian Hackenberg & and Connor Cook. It’s just smart value.

    Those teams can watch to see what Cleveland does, but they most likely won’t take a QB. They will entertain more realistic offers from teams just a little behind them in draft who covet one of the real blue chip players like: Jalen Ramsey, Laremy Tunsil, Myles Jack.

    Think of the trade Miami and Oakland did 3 years ago to move from 12-3. They gave up a 2nd round pick. Thats something closer to what the Browns will probably be offered than the ransom for a QB.

    If they take an offer like that then maybe as Goff/Wentz falls a team might jump up. More likely though I see someone like a Dallas, Denver, Arizona grab the other 3 QBs via some moving around at the bottom of 1.

  14. Amazing the crap speculation that is provided as “news” and insight.

    What genius thinks that there will be a 3-way trade and the Rams will move out of the 1st spot that they gave up too much for?

    The only spot in play now is #2 held by the Browns.

  15. @footsteps:

    Agree with the premise of your post, but experts agree now, as they did then, that the 2013 draft that you referenced was the worst draft class in 20+ years. Picks are worth what the market will bear, no more or less. The 2013 market was a buyer’s market, which is why Oakland only got a 2nd to move down from 3 to 12. The chart says they got fleeced. In 2012, the Rams got 3 1sts and a 2nd to move down from 2 to 6. Far greater bounty to move down less than half the distance the Raiders did….because that was the will of the market. My point is that using the 2013 draft as a benchmark for value of a pick is probably not reflective of this year’s draft.

  16. What? If what is written is half true, then the RAMS management from GM to Coach should be fired. A real NFL team (except Tampa, Cleveland and Buffalo) cannot make a trade for the top pick and give away those assets and not know who you’re going to pick.

    OMG…if any of the above is true, then they’re more incompetent than I could even imagine.

  17. The rams should know firsthand what happens you get the second best qb in the draft. They got (and promptly wasted) a whole bunch of picks for RG3.

    With the way fisher wastes draft picks on bad players you might as well trade them away every year.

  18. Trades of this type are speculation, as are all trades, but they could still happen. If the Browns had their sights set on one of these two quarterbacks, then they might trade their 1st and a 4th to the Rams for the 1st pick, which doesn’t change much. And there are lots of other possibilities when you put other teams in the mix. Maybe not probable, but possible.

  19. @thegeneral7694

    You are correct about the compensation, but that was not really the point of my post, only that it is more likely for a team to trade up with the browns for a blue chip player than the 2nd QB in kirk cousins-esque loaded draft.

    I believe the teams like denver or arizona would not likely move up that for a Goff, but rather target a hackenberg or cook or lynch.

    Teams like Dallas and Sanfran and Philly may try to move up from the 2nd round to the early first for one of those lvl QBs rather than pay the ransom to move up to Clevelands spot for Goff.

    If a team is to move up to the browns spot, I don’t think it would be from much further away…maybe like a baltimore looking to get Ramsey over San Diego as an example. That price would probably be much less than an RG3 value trade but yes, more than the dion jordan value. my point being, that trade would be worth while, trading up for goff i dont think would be vs trading up for cook/lynch/hackenberg.

  20. Won’t happen. Cleveland will pick whichever QB the Rams don’t take.

    More likely San Diego will trade out of #3 and drop down a little bit for an extra 3rd rounder or something.

  21. I saw a rumor a few days ago like this. But it was Bills/Browns/Broncos with Tyrod Taylor going to Broncos and many many picks going to Browns.

  22. Rams fall back and TEN gives them all their picks back, plus an extra one and a special teams player that is a great cap number.

  23. Nothing the Rams do surprises me anymore. But, as long as Jeff Fisher is the head coach, the Rams will never be more than a 9-7 team at best.

  24. privatecowboy says:
    Apr 16, 2016 1:42 PM
    What? If what is written is half true, then the RAMS management from GM to Coach should be fired. A real NFL team (except Tampa, Cleveland and Buffalo) cannot make a trade for the top pick and give away those assets and not know who you’re going to pick.

    OMG…if any of the above is true, then they’re more incompetent than I could even imagine.
    Rams are honoring a request by the NFL not to release the name that they will be picking.

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