Tony Romo is ready for the offseason program


Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo had surgery on his collarbone relatively late in the offseason. But he’s still ready for the launch of the offseason program.

I can throw fully,” Romo said Saturday at an All Pro Dad event, via the team’s official website. “I’ve been throwing fully here for a good week and a half, two weeks. It’s been good.”

Romo said he has been throwing to receiver Dez Bryant, who along with plenty of others have been engaged in player-organized workouts in advance of the offseason program.

“We’ve had a great turnout,” Romo said. “A lot of guys are wanting to get in and get after it, and I think that’s a great sign. I’m all for seeing all the guys in there every day.”

Romo had surgery to strengthen the collarbone, in order to protect it against what would be a fourth fracture of it. He missed 12 games last year due to breaking the bone twice.

14 responses to “Tony Romo is ready for the offseason program

  1. You can throw but when the time comes will you be able to take a hit and land on your collarbone without it breaking again? I doubt it …

  2. Please retire already Tony before the next injury does you in for good. You never succeed in the playoffs anyway so what’s the point? However best wishes from a Cowboys fan. 🙂

  3. Lifelong eagles fan here,say what you want about Romo, he is one tough dude and a healthy romo is a very very good qb,i wont miss him when he hangs them up

  4. You gotta love these player “organized” workouts. Almost every team does it, though the NFLPA managed to think that reducing the offseason program was safer for players.

    Wouldn’t it safer for players if these workouts were at the team’s facilities – with trainers and doctors? And wouldn’t it better for the quality of the game if coaches actually watched/coached?

  5. 2016StockMarketCrash – did your parents have any kids with an IQ in double digits?

    ahsinnyc: agree completely. I’m waiting for the first season ending injury @ a ‘player organized’ workout.
    These NFLPA ‘benefits’ for the players have really affected QB play because Coaches can’t work with them during the off season when most of their growth used to occur.

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