Report: Don Barclay to re-sign with Packers

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The Packers turned to Don Barclay when injuries forced their starting tackles out of the lineup last season and he’ll reportedly be back with Green Bay for the 2016 season.

Barclay became an unrestricted free agent in early March, but no offer to entice him away from the Packers materialized. Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that he’ll re-sign with the team in time to join them at Monday’s start to the offseason program.

Barclay started five games last season, splitting time between both tackle spots and struggling on both sides of the offensive line. He was more effective in 14 starts during the 2013 season, but tore his ACL in 2014 and the effects of the injury may have impacted him last season.

He’ll bid to be veteran depth over the rest of the offseason. It remains up in the air wheter another veteran free agent, fullback John Kuhn, will rejoin him in Green Bay. Kuhn’s agent says there are ongoing talks with the Packers and other teams, but that no immediate decision on where he’ll sign is expected.

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  1. Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that he’ll re-sign with the team in time to join them at Monday’s start to the offseason program of cinnabons and jelly donuts for breakfast, Cluver’s bacon deluxe for lunch and dinner at the China Buffet.

  2. You forget the Packers have future HOFer Brett Hundley waiting in the wings. He looked good against former 4th stringers and current Burger King cashiers in the preseason so you know he’s the real deal.

  3. Wow, first four posts are all from trolls. Bottom line is, this guy has shown promise but has pretty much been a disappointment of late. He’s only meant to be there for depth, and not a starter. He’s still better than any of the o-linemen the Vikings signed in free agency.

  4. tjacks – he looked good against the pre-season competition.

    What does that say for QB’s who didn’t perform as well as he did – like say Bridgewater?

  5. With the fine coaching he receives in Green Bay and another year of the off season program he will only be better.

    Just because everyone else on the Packers line are great does not make Barclay a bad player, just the one defenses targeted with blitzes and pressure.

    This is an excellent signing by the Packers.

  6. ncisagent says:
    Apr 17, 2016 10:15 PM
    When you are so bad that even the Cleveland Browns won’t take a look at you, go to Green Bay. They’ll take you.

    Johnny Manziel, Trent Richardson, Josh Gordon, and Stephan Gilbert….

    Maybe he wasn’t bad enough for the Browns.

    I never thought signing a Tackle for depth could strike such fear into the Vikings as they are out by the dozens all ready on this post, and are certainly concerned.

    Zimmer says the want to groom young players and help develop to their style of play. Which sounds like something the Packers have been doing while making the playoffs for several seasons in a row.

  7. Well at least you’ve got…

    Heck I’ve got nothing to add here that others already haven’t.

    When you’re as bad as the packers who rely on 2 Hail Marys to bail you out from a terrible season to a whatever season then there is not much more mud you can sling.

    May the wind be at your back Don or whatever makes you feel better after signing with Green Bay.

  8. Barclay is just a fall back insurance signing. He only stays on the roster if they can’t find a better OL. There are going to a lot of options available over the next few months.

  9. Yes, making the playoffs 7 seasons in a row usually starts taking its toll on the talent level of your players. Especially teams that build primarily through the draft.

    This in the NFL is called parity. Thats why there is a draft order based on success and failure and a salary cap.

    The Vikings have picked in the top half of the draft for the better part of the last 10 years and they still havent won 1 playoff game in all that time making the playoffs only twice.

    Its only natural their fanbase is bitter.

  10. The path to Aaron Rodgers runs through Don Barclay.

  11. The Packers have 7 playoff wins since anyone else in the NFC North has won one.

    Once again, any talk of playoff record by Vikings fans is just pure jealousy.

  12. Nope, not purple, I bleed Green and Gold and nope, not happy with this signing. Regardless of how”good a guy” he is, I consider Donnie a liability when he is sent in to protect AR. I would’ve rather taken my chances with a mid-round draftee.

  13. You know I am making some observations reading the comments I am not really concerned with extending my own opinion i am more concerned with learning what is going on in this division! For example this article is about a free agent that got no offers and has resigned with his team, when reading the comments you realize that many Packer fans are not very happy about this lineman going to be back on the job! This is not a rare occurrence in this division every team has issues with the O line and it never seems to end for these 4 teams in the NFC north division! You can tell by how the QB’s are running for their lives when it comes to game time! So now a point of order please It would seam to me that if one of these teams actually had a proper functioning Offensive line that would probably be the first step toward success on Offense! These things are measured by performance and everyone knows what’s up with each others team! Now i will offer my opinion,this player i am not familiar with it seems he has had some experience playing on a pro line? What i do not understand is how do some offer their opinion like they actually think they know what they are talking about! When they are not even talking about the content of the article! This division is changing of how it operates because the teams are actually improving and the fact is tha at least one team has improve by a rate that should alarm some of these head coaches when they realize they have to actually figure out a way to deal with a very sneaky good team!

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