Andrew Luck wants to get contract done, hopes to get as healthy as possible


The Colts would like to get quarterback Andrew Luck signed to a new contract before July 4. It sounds as if Luck would like to get it done even sooner than that.

“I’d absolutely love to be here, get it done and move forward,” Luck told reporters on the first day of the offseason program, via quotes distributed by the team. “That being said, I really don’t spend that much time thinking about it.”

But it’s clear that Luck spends enough time thinking about it.

“I have a great agent who’s also my uncle, so I probably talk to him too much,” Luck said with a laugh. “But I trust him to do a great job and we’ll see what happens.”

Owner Jim Irsay has said the final number will be shocking. Luck was asked whether he’d be shocked by the number.

“I don’t know,” Luck said. “I don’t know how to answer that.”

Here’s how he answered the question of whether he’s as healthy as he can be after shoulder, rib, and kidney injuries derailed most of his fourth NFL season.

“No, I still l have some work to do certainly,” Luck said. “That being said, you’re always working to get better. You’re always working to feel better. You’re always working to be in better shape, to be more physically fit, so that’s still a process. It’s been a process that we laid down basically that first week after the season ended with our trainers and PT’s, the coaches and myself. We said, ‘Alright, here’s the plan. Here’s the plan basically until training camp starts and let’s follow this plan.’ It’s been a great plan so far. I feel really, really good.”

He’ll feel even better, presumably, when he signs a new contract. But there’s still a chance that Luck understands his leverage, and that he’s willing to become the first franchise quarterback to play the year-to-year franchise tag game, pocketing more than $110 million from 2017 through 2019 and hitting the open market (and shoving the high-water mark for all contracts to new heights) in 2020.

32 responses to “Andrew Luck wants to get contract done, hopes to get as healthy as possible

  1. Unfortunately for him even if he runs the risk of playing it out via the annual tag he is years away from being able to leverage himself away from that sorry organization.

  2. AL would make any franchise owner proud who desires an un-Godly number of interceptions.

  3. I don’t know why they’re thinking of paying him elite QB money. Luck is nothing but a turnover machine.

  4. Understands his leverage? He’s trending downwards and turns the ball over too damn much. Break the bank for him Colts and you’ll handcuff your team for the next 5 years.

  5. Would you rather sign for $125M and have scrubs with you or sign for $100M and give the team the ability to sign other quality players?

  6. Wait until after the draft to see how committed Grigson is to building an offensive line that can actually protect him. If they use their first round pick to do anything other than drafting one of the four (allegedly) legitimate first-round tackles, he’s in trouble. Ribs, lacerated kidney, etc. People can say a lot about this kid but they can’t question his toughness.

  7. The owner apparently drives around with briefcases full of cash, so just carpool in with him every morning and take what you need.

  8. Time to pay the man. He deserves it. I don’t see why this is so hard. Jim Irsay connived his way so the Colts could get the top pick so he could draft Luck. Now it’s time to pay him.

  9. Luck is by far the most real deal QB to come out of the draft in the last 6 or so years and he is literally getting beaten to death by a lack of good personnel… notice I said “good” not “great”

    the guy will definitely be a franchise level guy unless Isray continues to not build a team around him….. the next 2 years will define his ownership of the Colts in the post Manning era… and it’s looking pretty bleak right now…

    he will probably go down as being the benefactor of 1 of the best QBs in NFL history and being the owner to blow one of the greatest potential upside QBs in NFL history also… crazy

  10. I really don’t get the acclaim he’s gotten. He’s good, not great. No need to pay him crazy $$$, not worth it.

  11. Let’s see…last year he had 15 TDs with 12 INTs. His passer rating was 74.9. He has never had a passer rating of 100. No trips to the Super Bowl. About the only reason that he keeps getting talked about so highly is that the media crowned him as the second coming and they don’t wan to admit they have been wrong. He has the stats of a good back-up QB.

    And for this, they are going to give him a “shocking” contract.

  12. Anyone else with his stats would be asked to sign a prove-it kind of deal. But no this is Andrew Luck… the most “Real Deal” quarterback to come out in the last 6 years. Lol…

    No, that would be Russell Wilson, and the funny thing is that nobody even knew it. I’m sure Pete and John who actually picked him didn’t even have a clue how good he was going to be. We do now though especially after last year when Marshawn and Rawls went down with injury for the year and Russell started throwing up historic numbers and took over the team putting it on his back.

  13. I’m sure fellow Stanford alum John Elway would love to have Luck. Every team would love to have Luck. Andrew Luck is a very bright young man with the option to walk away from the Colts and sign elsewhere. I think the Colts have one of the best run organizations in all of pro sports. Let’s see if Luck agrees.

  14. Well, they didn’t do anything for the OL in free agency, and rookies via the draft will have alearning curve, so as far as Luck staying healthy – Good Luck!!

  15. Andrew Luck wants to get contract done …

    But only if management makes good on their promise of hanging up another participation banner. If not, he’ll surely be looking to get out of there.

  16. He “wants to get as healthy as he can” is not “back to 100 percent” or “as strong and coordinated as before I got hurt” regarding many serious injuries.

    Combine it with “want to get signed (and fat bonus) asap” and he wants to lock in his new big contract before the team sees the extent of his new limitations.

  17. tonebones says:
    Apr 18, 2016 7:41 PM

    …….I think the Colts have one of the best run organizations in all of pro sports. Let’s see if Luck agrees.

    Surely you jest!? Not a colts fan, but I respect Andrew. Sure, his numbers are crap, but his protection is called, “run for your life.”
    Injuries finally got to him. The blows he took, and to see him jump up and congratulate the DL that pasted him is surreal. We’d all be in a body cast.
    He isn’t as quick as Russell, and hence, his inflated interception total. He has to stop taking one for the team, and protect himself. Speaking of which, the team’s management is something out of Lord of the Flies.

  18. Didn’t he sign an exorbitant contract for mega millions a few years ago? He can’t stay healthy and he’s a turnover machine. Just sayin’……..

  19. Well, he’ll never be Russell Wilson, but that’s okay. He can still be an excellent QB and possibly win the Super Bowl (if Irsay decides to move on from the overrated Grigson and the feel-good but not all that effective Pagano.)

    Let’s be real though, his career is 80% hype to this point. He’s played in a horrific division in which he’s feasted on, yet when he plays the better team in the league, his stats and W-L record plummet.

    For a guy with all the hype, I’m still waiting to see the consistent, excellent play he’s been labeled as having. Am I refuting his talent? Absolutely not. I’m refuting this idea that he’s responsible for all their success and not at all to blame for when they lose. He’s living off hype, which many players do. The public needs to recognize this.

  20. Very inconsistent and if his last name wasn’t “Luck” or was the #1 overall draft pick, he’s be another Joe. Colts will realize they won’t win a championship with him. Luckily Colts play a soft division vs Titans, Jags and Texans. Look at his record vs non-divisional foes…

  21. Luck has had mediocre coaching throughout his NFL career. The Colts should have kept Bruce Arians. Chuck Pagano will never beat Belichick on consistent basis. Pagano is a nice guy and but not a good head coach.

  22. Luck had a terrible year last year, probably due to injury.
    But he hasn’t fulfilled his promise yet.
    He’s not a great QB and makes some mistakes that hurt his overall performance.

    He’ll get paid, since Tier 2 QBs get paid a lot and Tier 3 QBs (Bradford, Osweiller until they put together an entire decent season) also make 18MM. Since Luck was a #1 pick, he’ll want at least 25MM, not that he’s put up the numbers to earn it, but because there aren’t enough QBs to go around.
    Teams like the Browns will pay a premium (27.5MM for Luck) since that would allow them to concentrate on drafting other players and stop blowing #1s on failed QB picks.

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