Browns giving strong consideration to bypassing QBs at No. 2


No team has had a harder time finding a quarterback for the last few decades than the Browns, but they may be willing to pass on a chance to take one of the top two available in the 2016 NFL Draft.

Via Peter King of, the Browns are giving serious consideration to not taking a quarterback in the first round, for a few reasons.

First, there’s a school of thought that Hue Jackson can fix Robert Griffin III, and drafting one before he has a chance to work at it might make it a waste of time (like so many other Browns quarterback attempts).

But Jackson might also think he can find his eventual starter at the top of the second round, with a player such as Connor Cook or another of the second-tier quarterbacks who should be available at 32.

It’s not a unique idea, as even some Browns players have endorsed it lately. But dropping a quarterback into the second spot has been the easiest button to push by the mock draft-indutrial complex for months, primarily because it makes so much sense.

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  1. There is no franchise saving QB in this draft. None. If the Browns pick a QB they are wasting a pick that can make them better. Weak teams chase for the mythical star QB, burning through picks while doing so, such as Weeden and Manziel. Strong teams build their entire team, knowing it takes 50+ players to make a contender, and wait for the right QB to come to them.

  2. If they are going for someone else they should go either…..
    1)Bosa- hometown hero
    2)Treadwell- who’s RG3 going to throw to?
    3)Cardale Jones in the 2nd or 3rd
    4)or the surprise pick….Ezekiel Elliott at#2.

  3. with franchise QBs being so rare and Brady going in round 6, Brees and Farve in round 2, Romo undrafted, it’s debatable passing up ANY QB in the draft, period.

    if a team is getting 6 icks, 3 should be QBs until they get one

  4. They need to take this approach if they want to trade down. If people assume they are going only after a QB, and someone really wants Ramsey or Tunsil or someone else, then they have to think they need to get into the #2 slot to get their guy. Actually pretty smart for a change from the Browns

  5. Not trying to insult Rob, really do wish him the best but I’m willing to bet on some of the things we will here about him this summer will be
    “Seems more comfortable in offense”
    ” looks really good”
    ” has become a better leader”
    ” strong arm, and accurate”
    “Had an amazing play in practice today”
    I say this because that’s all we ever heard. Good luck in Cleveland, hope it works out but Hue can’t be the only one wanting Rob to get better, Rob has to want it too. Really want it.

  6. This is all a smoke screen. Analytics say you must have a franchise QB to be successful. Goff or Wentz is the pick. Just seeing what might be available.

  7. Reaching for quarterbacks has worked so well in the past, right?

    Draft in the trenches and get something established.

  8. If they are not going to take a QB, then their smartest move is to trade the pick. As soon as the Rams announce their selection, QB hungry teams will be calling Sashi Brown. Of course look at 2 years ago when they had 2 first rounders and managed to blow them both. Maybe they should just do whatever Mel Kiper says they should. He can’t be more wrong than the folks that have been making the picks heretofore.

  9. Smoke screen.

    Unless they REALLY think they can turn around RG3.

    Maybe – Cleveland can turn RG3 into a Tier 2 QB, and trade the #2 for a lot of draft picks

    Maybe – the Browns can use all those draft picks and put together a credible team

    Maybe – I’ll win the lottery

  10. They could draft Ramsey with pick #2 and then trade up to pick #22 in the first round and take Paxton Lynch.

    That strategy has worked out so well for them in the past.

  11. Should read that Browns always were going to bypass mediocre
    QBs at #2 with so many holes to fill. It’s probably why the Titans took the deal that they did because I’m thinking the Browns were ready to do a similar deal with either the Eagles or Titans before they did it. The deal the Titans got was good, but it wasn’t in the realm of past deals for #1 pick, especially considering how far down they had to drop.

  12. Yeah, because they last 3 times they decided to take a QB with their second pick after using their top 10 pick on another position has worked out so well (2014: 1.8 Justin Gilbert, then 1.22 Johnny Manziel; 2012: 1.3 Trent Richardson, then 1.22 Brandon Weeden; 2007: 1.3 Joe Thomas, then 1.22 Brady Quinn). The only thing funnier is if they moved up from the 32nd overall pick to the 22nd overall pick to take Connor Cook, since they have been so successful taking QB’s at #22 in the past, obviously.

  13. When you are in full rebuild mode you trade down to acquire more picks. Someone will want the QB that the Rams don’t take. I’m guessing Philly will be calling if they already haven’t. There will be plenty of impact players left at 8.

  14. people have to remember the browns have only had a chance to take the top qb 1 time in the draft and that was 1999 whe they took tim couch. All the other season we have not even been close to getting the top qb on the boards. Were bad just not bad enough to get the #1 qb in drafts.

  15. Trade down, get another 1st rounder next year to leverage for your QB in a deeper QB draft. Use all the other extra picks to shore up all those other glaring holes and do what you can to make RG3 as successful as possible. Who knows, they might get lucky…. hehehehe… .

  16. The last thing the Browns ought to do now is try to be clever.

    Goff or Wentz. Whomever the Rams don’t take, take the other.

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