Keenan Allen: “Unfinished business” after 2015 injury

Getty Images

Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen caught 67 passes from Philip Rivers in the first eight games of last season, putting him on the path to “an epic season” before things took a negative turn.

Allen injured his kidney during Week Eight and didn’t play again, leaving his blazing start to fade into the mists as the Chargers played out the string in a dismal season. Allen is healthy now and will be part of the Chargers’ offseason workouts, which Allen calls the first steps toward taking care of what was left unfinished last year.

“It’s cool to see I had the third most catches [through Week 8], but there are 16 games in season, not eight,” Allen said, via the team’s website. “So my goal is to double it and see what happens.  That’s in the past. I’m looking forward to this season.  I can’t wait for Monday.  I’m excited to get going again. I’m excited to get back with Philip and pick up where we left off. We have unfinished business.”

Allen said he plans to move into a leadership role among the team’s wide receivers with Malcom Floyd retired. That group now includes Travis Benjamin, who was signed in hopes of giving Allen the kind of running mate in the passing game that keeps the Chargers from scraping the bottom of the barrel again this season. Having Allen for 16 games would be a big help on that front as well.