Snead says Rams “obviously” have a clubhouse leader


Four days removed from the announcement that the Rams had traded up from No. 15 to No. 1, the Rams are still selling the idea that they don’t know who they will take.

Or at least they’re trying.

In an appearance on Monday’s Dan Patrick Show, Rams G.M. Les Snead admitted that “we have a leader in the clubhouse obviously.”

Before that, this exchange shed plenty of light on the question of whether the uncertainty is more about the steak, or more about the sizzle.

“So I’m supposed to believe that you guys went all in but you don’t know who the No. 1 overall pick is yet, right?” Patrick asked.

“I think that’s what you’re supposed to believe,” Snead said.

“But I don’t,” Patrick replied.

“That is probably rational thinking,” Snead added.

It’s also rational for the Rams to wait as long as they can. As Snead said, “a few things can happen” between now and the draft, including (and we’ll be blamed for issuing a jinx if this occurs) an injury to either Carson Wentz or Jared Goff. Moreover, and as PFT pointed out over the weekend, there’s still a way to leverage the uncertainty into moving down a spot, getting the guy they want, and replenish some of the picks they surrendered to the Titans in order to spring up 15 spots.

Meanwhile, here’s Jeff Fisher from Monday’s PFT Live, keeping his cards a lot closer to the vest than Snead did.

5 responses to “Snead says Rams “obviously” have a clubhouse leader

  1. Wow. I really interpreted that headline wrong. I was like “Robert Quinn, Aaron Donald, Roger Saffold?”

  2. This is a bold move for the Rams who were very disheartened when Brock O went to the Texans. They felt he was the best available QB, draft or otherwise. Wow!

  3. It’s Wentz. If it’s not Wentz, they are doom ING themselves. He’s got the arm, the size, the experience under center, and he’s smart, interviewed excellent. If Rams were going to run a extensive passing offense I’d say take Goff. Goffstown two years younger too. But Rams are a Run to set up pass offense, which is exactly what North Dakota is. Wentz lines out perfect for Rams needs, plus he doesn’t have tiny hands.

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