Wentz meeting with Rams; Goff visits later this week


The Rams expect quarterback Carson Wentz to arrive at the team facility for meetings later Monday evening, NFL Network’s Steve Wyche reported.

Wyche said quarterback Jared Goff will visit the Rams later in the week, as was previously reported. Goff was in Northern California Monday visiting with the 49ers.

Though general manager Les Snead has said the Rams “obviously” have an idea which player they’ll select with the No. 1 overall pick in next week’s draft, the team is keeping the Wentz-Goff decision under wraps. Both players will visit with team officials this week, though it seems unlikely that anything could happen to change the minds of the team’s decision makers after they agreed to give up a boatload of picks to the Titans in a trade for the No. 1 pick last week.

Rams Coach Jeff Fisher said he doesn’t envision a scenario under which the Rams will reveal their intentions before the April 28 start of the draft. That both are coming for visits indicates the Rams are enjoying the game and the attention, too.

18 responses to “Wentz meeting with Rams; Goff visits later this week

  1. The Rams drafted Bradford at number one, a guy who is very talented, and precede to never put any quality players around him. His best receivers were castoffs and his line always sucked. The Rams now decide to trade a bounty for a young very talent QB. The only problem is their WRs and TEs are among the leagues worst and their line still sucks. At least they have Gurley now. There is a reason why the Rams haven’t had a winning season since 2003 and it isn’t the city they play in. They will be the same Rams in LA as they were in St Louis. Poor decision making.

  2. Bradford wasn’t successful because he was on IR more often than not.

    Running game and defense paired with a talented QB usually translates to wins, and the Rams are trying for all three.

  3. I agree that the Rams need more help at WR. Hopefully this is taken care of in the draft. The defense and running game is a good foundation.

    If the Rams go QB with the #1 overall pick, I give the slight edge to Goff. He played a higher level of competition.

  4. One is going to be Alex Smith. The other will be Rodgers. And the niners can’t get either!

  5. doesnt the fact that they’re bringing in Wentz first then finish with Goff show they’re leaning towards Goff? Goff will be the last qb they speak with prior to the draft. maybe its just me but the order that they’re bringing them in means something.

  6. Or it could mean both men had previous commitments and those days/times are when they could meet with the team.

  7. It is the Rams so they may still take a D End or something. I do believe they know those calls that used to go against them will start going for them since the NFL badly wants them to succeed in LA. Not that it’s fixed or anything like that.

  8. I don’t care which QB they pick but please invest in an O-line before the poor guy gets killed. Teams that are successful in the NFL all have accomplished O-lines that give the QB a chance. I know this, the Rams know this – it’s not rocket science. Take some cap room and buy an O-line for the love of all that is good in the world

  9. @fearsome4, Greg Robinson is your LT, he has sucked. Saffold is always injured and wasn’t good last year. The other OG is coming off a season ending injury and wasn’t that good. Havenstien was solid. Tim Barnes isn’t starting caliber at C. The line isn’t good. Yeah they didn’t give up many sacks, but they rarely threw the ball and when they did they were short passes. Gurley made the run game, none of the other RBs had good production and Mason and Cunningham are talented runners. You are repeating the Bradford mistake by putting a rookie QB with limited skill around him and you have zero premium picks to add talent. The team also has no FS and needs to upgrade the LDE spot. How are you going to fill those holes?

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