Cowboys might have some interest in Brian Hoyer “at the right price”


At the moment, Brian Hoyer seems to be either an option for the Jets, or leverage in the Ryan Fitzpatrick contract talks.

But after being released by the Texans, the journeyman quarterback might have some other options of his own.

According to Charean Williams of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the Cowboys might be interested in Hoyer “at the right price.”

They clearly need a backup option for Tony Romo, and at the moment, the only other quarterbacks on the roster are Kellen Moore and Jameill Showers.

They sniffed around Chase Daniel and Colt McCoy, but didn’t want to pay market rates for top-level backups. Matt Moore also visited Dallas early in free agency before returning to the Dolphins.

Of course, the bigger question for the Cowboys is whether to tread water with a veteran backup, or spend the draft currency for a guy to groom as Romo’s eventual replacement. If they use the fourth pick on a quarterback, they obviously wouldn’t need Hoyer or anyone of his ilk.

11 responses to “Cowboys might have some interest in Brian Hoyer “at the right price”

  1. Remember last year when the cowgirls tried starting Kellen Moore for a couple games? People (most likely Boise State alums) got so mad at me for stating the obvious. He’s small and has a week arm and he’ll never be anything but a third stringer in the NFL. I was, of course, speaking with actual knowledge having watched him play in multiple preseason games for Detroit whereas you were speaking emotionally as Boise State fans. Now that I’ve been proven right, and considering that I don’t think anyone has any idea who Jameill Showers even is, it’s probably time for you guys to find a serviceable backup. Romo’s season will probably be over by week four or five so you better find someone decent

  2. A GM with any sense at all would know Romo is problematic for making it through an entire season at this point in his career and would make it a priority to get a QB for the future.

    Of course, the Dallas GM doesn’t have any sense, so bringing in Hoyer is no doubt another one of his great ideas currently on the table.

  3. hoyer isn’t going to come to dallas for what “he should be offered”. no need overpaying him. if he’s the option I’d rather just take our lumps again if room goes out as opposed to paying him more than he’s worth to have the same mediocrity

  4. First… Williams is a flack of a reporter and couldn’t tie his shoelaces if someone didn’t help him. Second…Dallas would have no need for another 3rd tier quarterback. One thing Will McClay has shown since he got elevated to running player personnel is that he can find talent. And he’s shown a willingness to get Garrett and Stephen Jones behind him to keep Jerry from grabbing players he’s enamored with. No way this happens.

  5. This is just sounds like speculation anyway. Is the “source” of this story getting anything from the Cowboys themselves or is he just stating the obvious that Dallas needs a back-up and this guy just became available?

  6. The Dallas Rump Riders are one hit away from a winless season. I can’t believe how incompetently this team is managed. They should have drafted a QB three or so years ago to have him groomed for this moment. And the Romo era will end sooner than a visit to a Hardee’s drive thru.

  7. Hoyer is good in spurts as a backup for short periods of time. Make him the starter and allow teams time to plan for him…see Chiefs vs Texans twice last year.

  8. Did the Cowboys see Hoyer play last season ? The guy is not an NFL quarterback . Draft a QB for the future and stop playing with a part-time QB ( Romo ) and get a player for the next few seasons .

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