Drew Rosenhaus officially terminates Johnny Manziel

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When agent Drew Rosenhaus joined Friday’s PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio, Rosenhaus didn’t believe Manziel would do what he needed to do to persuade Rosenhaus to reverse his decision to terminate the representation agreement with Manziel. The five-day waiting period has come and gone without Manziel complying with the terms set forth by Rosenhaus.

Via Adam Schefter of ESPN.com, the parting is now official. Manziel has no agent.

Earlier this year, Erik Burkhardt parted ways with Manziel, following an incident involving his ex-girlfriend in Dallas. Rosenhaus began representing Manziel on March 20.

On Friday, Rosenhaus explained that he had never before fired a client in his 27 years of representing players. His exasperation with Manziel was obvious, and Rosenhaus hoped that the termination would be the wake-up call Manziel needs.

The phone has been ringing for Manziel for months now, but either he doesn’t hear it or he doesn’t care. Without a representative to guide his career and persuade a team to give him a chance, Manziel has no shot at getting back into the NFL.

The bigger question is whether Manziel even wants to be in the NFL. Maybe a deep-down lack of interest in playing pro football is the only rational explanation for his behavior.

85 responses to “Drew Rosenhaus officially terminates Johnny Manziel

  1. Ryan Leaf 2.0. In ten years we will hear about him being sent to jail for breaking into people’s houses looking for drugs. People will be like “Johnny Manziel, Johnny Manziel… Oh yeah! I kind of remember that guy now! Didn’t he used play for the Browns or Bengals or somebody?”

    By then he will just be another pathetic, anonymous, drunk.

  2. For a second there I thought the headline read: “Via Adam Schefter of ESPN.com, the partYing is now official.”

    It would have been equally likely.

  3. College was nothing but a party for him, and he has never worked a day in his life. The NFL is a job, and he doesn’t really want a job.

  4. Well, Johnny Foot Tall did accomplish something that no one else has ever done. That is, he got fired from his team and two agents in a matter of months. I’m betting he snorted a couple of lines and chugged a 40 while delighting in that honor.

  5. If it wasn’t official it now is…..You are a VL…..That is Varsity Loser….of epic proportions….practice this line…Welcome to K-Mart….I was turned down by Walmart.

  6. The rational explanation is that he is and out of control alcoholic and is “powerless over alcohol—that his life has become unmanageable.”

  7. So can we quit talking about him in the sports pages now? We can go to TMZ if we need to catch up on his latest embarrassment…

  8. I legitimately feel sorry for the Browns. I would like to see them win a Super Bowl for all the fans who have stuck through this crap. And this is coming from a Raiders fan who feels like he hasn’t had it nearly as bad as a Browns fan.

  9. Oh puhlease.

    Rosenhaus only took on Manziel to get his name more out there.

    If anything Billy Manziel has been “quiet” in the last month anyway. Only one or two incidents compared with daily issues before.

    Progress. Baby steps.

  10. Maybe a deep-down lack of interest in playing pro football is the only rational explanation for his behavior.


    Even though you have what I am sure is the right conclusion, you should know better than to try to apply rationale to the inherently irrational. Johnny has made his choices and only rock bottom will potentially wake him to reality.

  11. Given all the shows he was on, I’m amazed he actually had the time to do this.

  12. “let wreck this league…”

    well he wrecked an organization and a number of staff lost their jobs as a result. he doesnt deserve a second chance because he’s blown a ton already with a complete disregard for anyone else

    if he has any sense he’ll go back and finish his degree, he’ll need it. no doubt he’ll enjoy life on campus again

  13. This looks to me like the classic parent to child scene: I’m going to count to 3!

    1…….2………2 and 1/2………2 and 3/4…….2 and 7/8……….3!

  14. Johnny Coachella!

    This guy is the epitome of the millennial generation – a bit self absorbed, doesn’t take criticism at all, knows more than you or I and looks to Bernie Sanders to take care of them rather than looking out for themselves.

    Major flameout on the horizon!

  15. train wreck isn’t the word for this guy
    but a rich self absorbed
    man-brat are words too describe him
    he never cared about the NFL its just something he can tell folks at the bar “i was an nfl QB, for the browns and i left them or whatever”

  16. What an interesting study for a psychologist. Manziel’s actions are so peculiar it’s almost humerus. As a retired high school teacher, athletic director, and coach of 32 years I have seen them all. I have taught a murder, several rapists and more. I have been threatened several times. But Manziel, I have not ever encountered anybody quite like him. It’s as if he wants to destroy himself. I am convinced he will end up in jail for a long time. He will never play in the NFL again. He takes nothing seriously. He’s like Ethan Couch, the Affluenza kid.

  17. Played high-school football with a guy who was phenomenal. Best guy on the team. Everybody liked him. Had a terrific work ethic. Had multiple scholarship offers. But it’s wasn’t his dream. It was everybody else’s dream. His parents. His coaches. His friends Teammates. But in his case, it was especially his father’s dream. Pushed the heck out of him. Until he snapped in his junior year. Went off the deep end. Was homeless within a year all drugged out.
    Only heard from him at 20th High School reunion. He was drug free, successful at what he wanted to do (grade school teacher), engaging, the guy we all liked as a classmate.
    His story was simple. He couldn’t deal with other people’s expectation of him and he grew to hate football and life. So he checked out. Told us of the path he was on until one day he realized even the depraved life he was living was being forced on him. So he decided to live the rest of his life on his terms. Moved somewhere where no one knew him. Went back to school, got a job etc. Thankfully it all worked out for him. Another 25 years have passed and I have only heard from him a couple of times. But he is still living his life his way.
    I don’t know about Manziel. I hope he has a similar epiphany and he gets his life back on track. But not everyone does.

  18. Look up the Be Good Johnny (by Men At Work in 1982) lyrics. Very fitting. The lyrics tell him to be good, not be a fool, and even ask him if he is going to play football.

  19. Johnies problem isn’t Affulenza & it isn’t addiction.

    J Fooseball is most like Bipolar with Narcissist Personality Disorder. Look it up…..when someone has these 2 disorders & they refuse to seek help it’s pretty much a show stopper. They can survive up to a point which is what J Fooseball did, but when they need to work in a professional setting everything falls apart.

    J Fooseball needs some serious psychiatric help.

  20. When is his holiness rosenhaus going to terminate Greg Hardy? Jonny equals no commision. Easy to take a stand on that one. Next question

  21. It is hard to watch someone throw away their life and gifts like this. He won’t/can’t learn until he bottoms out. I suspect he has a lot of money to burn through before he is anywhere near hitting his personal low. So he is out of the NFL picture but the show must go on. Good Luck Johnny you are on your own.

  22. He comes from money, got paid a LOT of money for what little he accomplished and is content with his afflu-holic, semi-celebrity status…until he’s not.

  23. Manziel is a a rich kid dropout… he got his payday and it’s over… not the least bit surprising

  24. Kids dream of being in his place all their lives. Grown men who wanted a shot at the NFL will live their lives with that wanting. There is so much that people of all ages would be willing to give up to have one game under the lights of a professional football stadium.

    Manziel had that chance. Multiple chances! If he doesn’t want this anymore, then drop off and become lost in addiction and substance abuse. There are plenty of well deserving athletes who will take that spot.

    It was funny at first. Turned into concerning. Now it’s just unfortunate and sad. Get your life together, Johnny.

  25. When I read this story, a coworker walked by, and his cell phone rang. The ringer? The Looney Tunes sound track.

    I thought it was relevant and had to share.

  26. I can’t stand Johnny Manziel, but I hate to see anyone so addicted to booze and drugs flush their life down the toilet, especially at such a young age. I hope he hits bottom soon and that the bottom isn’t in a graveyard. Get help, Johnny!

  27. The Manziel pick may very well be the single worst first round pick in Cleveland Browns history. All the signs were there that ‘Johnny Football’ would be a phenomenal bust. Cleveland ignored them. It must be nice to be paid that much money to be a complete and utter disappointment to your family, your friends, your fans and an entire city.

  28. Like anyone is going to leave a ball pit just to get yelled at by Drew Rosenhaus.

  29. As thorough as teams are it’s seems insane for a team, even as bad as Cleveland is, would ever take this guy in the first round. I can’t think that a team would ever sign him again.

  30. Getoffmylawn! says:
    Apr 19, 2016 2:11 PM

    Coachella or training camp? I think Johnny is doing what most people his age are doing. Only they don’t have the potential to be an NFL QB.


    Either does Manziel.

    Also, most university grads his age are either getting a job or going back to school. They might go to Coachella, but only because they paid for the trip with their hard earned money.

  31. I understand that Manziel comes from a wealthy family. Maybe this is one reason why he doesn’t take the NFL job seriously because he doesn’t have to rely on it to for his spending habits.

  32. Great! Now that Johnny ‘No Football’ is no longer in the NFL nor has any representation, can we please stop seeing stories about him?

  33. mutantman87 says:
    Apr 19, 2016 2:01 PM
    Rosenhaus represented TO and probably loads of other difficult clients, but gave up on Manziel. Let that sink in for a moment.
    Rosenhaus is not a compassionate soul tyring to help Johnny with tough love. He is just a businessman that realizes there is no money to be made right now because nobody will sign JM in his current state. TO and the low character guys that Rosenhaus represented all WANTED to get a new contract. JM does not and that is the only way Drew makes money.

  34. He’s at Coachella drinking and drugging. He’s done. Some celeb was found passed out and they couldn’t revive him until he finally came to before they call for an ambulance. I wonder if it was him.

  35. Everyone’s comparing him to Ryan Leaf, but I think Todd Marinovich is a much more apt comparison. Played himself out of the league in 2 years, much like Manziel. Even Leaf lasted longer than that. And like Manziel, Marinovich never really had the desire and commitment needed to be an NFL QB. His addictions were more important to him.

  36. Rosenhaus is a complete fool. First off, Manziel PAYS him, not the other way around. Rosenhaus could essentially collect a check for doing absolutely nothing or he could simply make one phone call per day in order to fulfill contractual obligations. That’s easy money for Rosenhaus, he could at least donate it to domestic violence or alcohol victims.

  37. Manziel and I are competing for the same NFL spot. I think I have a solid lead. I’m old, out of shape and have no football talent. Yep, I have a solid lead to get that NFL job. At least I am the one that should still be alive this time next year……

  38. The guy has had to work/compete in the past when he beat out other QBs in HS and college. Unfortunately, he won’t get out of his own way. There were questions about whether he was NFL material, to begin with. Most of us were hoping that his ego or competitive nature would make want to prove naysayers wrong. But that never happened.

  39. When the NFL didnt come easy to him, he gave up. Simple as that. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, is it really any surprise.

  40. Nobody can do this to themselves unless he is not in a stable frame of mind. I have a son that was hooked on heroin for years and now still on methadone years later. He came from a proper upbring and good family. His friends had more influence on him than parents. With Johnny it’s has been all DejaVu. He could act normal at times and crazy as hell the next moment. Once you try, you are hooked. My opinion is that Johnny tried.

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