Eric Decker, Brandon Marshall reach out to Ryan Fitzpatrick


The Jets’ top two receivers want their quarterback back.

Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall sent Ryan Fitzpatrick a video on the first day of the team’s offseason program Monday, showing him what they’re working on and telling him they want him to get a deal done with the team.

I love Fitzpatrick,” Decker said, via the Wall Street Journal. “Would love to get to work with him if he is going to be the quarterback of this team.”

Fitzpatrick had a good season last year, so it’s no surprise that Decker and Marshall want him back again this year. But from all indications, the Jets and Fitzpatrick remain far apart in contract negotiations, and Fitzpatrick isn’t eager to sign for the kind of money the Jets are offering.

If Decker and Marshall have their hearts set on playing with Fitzpatrick, they may be disappointed.

44 responses to “Eric Decker, Brandon Marshall reach out to Ryan Fitzpatrick

  1. I heard the Lions are interested in Fitzpatrick to go with Kerley and Ridley additions………. Tee hee.

  2. get the deal done. Even if you wanted to draft a QB you need one this year and there is a lot to be said for continuity.

  3. Don’t blame Fitzpatrick. He’s smart and has to know this is probably the last decent contract he will sign. Don’t blame the Jets either. Buffalo made the mistake of throwing a lot of money at Fitz after a decent year.

    Don’t blame Decker or Marshall. I bet the thought of Geno throwing ducks 15 feet over their heads makes them lose sleep.

  4. Those were the best 2 receivers Fitz has played with in his career, and it showed. Marshall is money. I think the Jets are the best fit for Fitz, and Fitz is the best fit for Fitz. Marshall isn’t going to be happy if Fitz leaves.

  5. We see it all the time. A player gets offered a decent contract (10 mil in this case is decent) refuses to take it, gets cut, and then resigns for half as much in a much less favorable situation. The guy needs to sign. Nobody else wants him until someone gets injured during the season.

  6. Fitzpatrick is going to pull a Costanza and hold out for less money – perhaps as a backup somewhere.

    I hope he’s willing to compromise because he’s not worth as much as his agent thinks he is and I enjoy watching him play.

  7. “Brian Hoyer visiting Jets” next headline “Eric Decker, Brandon Marshall reach out to Ryan Fitzpatrick”. What a way to make Hoyer feel welcome. lol

  8. I’m a Pats fan.

    One thing Jets fans may not appreciate about Fitzpatrick: he’s a really smart, well-educated guy who could be an arrogant jerk. I think “arrogant jerk” could be applied to many Harvard grads.

    But based on the way Fitzpatrick’s teammates talk about him, it seems like he is well-liked.

    That’s leadership, and while it doesn’t make up for the fact that he doesn’t have a major-league fastball, it’s still a huge value to the team.

  9. Reach out and tell him what?

    “Hey Fitz. You know how you’re a really limited quarterback skills-wise but you’re tenacious enough to make it work in the short term, and this is definitely your last chance to make a whole bunch of money? Well take less. The franchise spent an obscene amount of money on a small handfull of guys and you need to be the one to pay for it.”

    People talk about Belichick’s hold on his players, but Woody Johnson gets his players to say and do ridiculously transparent things to toe the company line. I cite this, and Darrell Revis’ miraculous public concern for the league’s wellbeing during Deflategate last summer.

  10. you think bringing in brian hoyer is gonna scare fitzy into signing what the jets are offering him..if anything hoyer showing up might force the jets hand to ante up and pay fitz more competitively.

  11. Jets sign Hoyer because is such a Jets thing to do.

    Fitz takes less money from Denver than the Jets are offering him and the Broncos win another SB.

    Just watch.

  12. The Jets want to pay Fitz high end back up money. Fitz just saw Houston sign a guy who had like 5 starts to a deal worth around $18 million a year. He’s looking at Philly and he saw what Bradford got. He’said saying I had a way better season than both those guys. I should at least be getting paid in the same zip code as them. I don’t blame him either. He had the best season a Jets QB has had since Chad Pennington’s heyday. I’m sure a 2 or 3 year deal at starter level QB money would get him signed. It can even be structured so the team can move on after this season.

  13. Fitz is protecting himself, he knows he’s not going to have another chance to make good money, so he needs to capitalize on it now. The Jets remember the contract he got in buffalo, and want to avoid that. It’ll get done eventually, neither of them have a better option, just a matter of who blinks first.

  14. Both sides are playing this smart – Jets too often in the past with other GM’s caved and paid top dollars when they should have walked away. Mike Mc is NOT going to do that and he is smart for it. He has a value in his head and wont go much over that – Fitz wants that last pay day that he earned and has the right to do so.

    Problem is, Fitz has ZERO leverage in this as no team has shown much interest in him. The Jets have the most leverage – they have his former HC and current OC who worked wonders with him, a top WR duo and the fact that no teams are really showing interest.

    I would love for Fitz to return, but I love how the Jets are playing this. Great organizations done fold and pay players what they want. Jets are doing the same thing with Mo

  15. Also, to the ones making fun of the Jets for looking at Hoyer – do you forget that last year they offered Hoyer a deal and he turned it down for Houston? It is no secret/surprise that the Jets like him so why are you acting that way?

  16. Fitz thinks he has the leverage, but he doesn’t. No one will pay him near what the Jets will. They’ve got a warm and fuzzy feeling with him because last year was decent, but look at his body of work. Journeymen for a reason. If he was really so great he’d have been signed weeks ago by another team.

  17. Fitz will get paid, when the Jets are 0-4 and putting up single digit points per game, lol. Fitz is nothing special but Geno and Hoyer are awful!

  18. The Jets are idiots. Fitz works for them. They’ve tried everything else and they sink every time. Fitz isn’t great. But the Jets should relish having competence at this time while they build around him.

    I can’t wait until the Jets do what they do and turn their backs on a solution and find that mediocrity is who they married.

  19. Wait until a Starter(s) goes down in training camp, then watch the offers come in. I bet Fitz has plenty of money, and is in no hurry to grind out in camp for less pay than the average starter makes. Hold out, they’ll find you…

  20. Fitz-Fizzle needs to Help A Team Win and get to the playoffs before expecting to get paid just because Brandon Marshall helped him achieve 31 TDs last season lol And talk about disloyalty, I thought Marshall would be rooting for m’boy Geno to get back on track, having spent all that time with his during the 2015 off-season. My advice to Gangrene (at this point) is do not pay Fitz-Fizzle a penny more than scale, but certainly a bit more than his initial pay with the team, until he aids the team in acquiring a post-season berth; else you’re going to look like chumps when Fitz-fizzle does his “magic trick” again, and throws one or more INTs that will ensure that you don’t make post-season (rolling eyes)

  21. If Fitzpatrick is so unhappy, then he should get a job in his major field of study while at Harvard. Put your major to work, Ryan!!!

    And see how good you have it in the NFL.

  22. BRANDON and ERIC, “Hey Ryan, we need you this year, we are so close and could make a run this year.” RYAN, ” I want to be there, but I don’t have many years left, and this is my last chance to set myself and family up for life.” BRANDON and ERIC, “We understand, that’s why we have agreed to take a pay cut to help get you close to your value.” “Revis has also agreed to take a pay cut, because he knows what it’s like not to get paid what you are worth.” “He also understands, he has put us in this situation and wants to do right and the best for the team.” RYAN “Really, I don’t know what to say.” “I really appreciate that and you guys are my besties.”

    The End.

  23. Hilarious watching Denver actually trade for Mark Sanchez and now the Jets have Geno Bust as their QB, with players openly and subtly bashing Geno Bust as the current, defacto QB.

    Good thing they’re overpaying Revis, David Harris and Brandon Marshall, though. It’;s really important to wildly over-pay a fading player past his prime into his 30s.

    It’s the Jets way in a constant cap hell.

  24. Fitz will be fine…he can wait out Cleveland and LA, and sign one of those places as starter for this year, mentor to Goff/Wentz. Or wait for QB to get maimed in training camp/pre-season then sign as starter there. He’s overvaluing himself – but I get it.

  25. @KissmySandwich

    Fitz absolutely has the leverage:

    1. Jets know he’s their best bet, so he knows this too.
    2. QBs can get hurt in camp or have setbacks, and that’s before summer camp/preseason games.

  26. Complain about Hoyer, fine, but at least his teammates didn’t punch him in the face and break his jaw. I haven’t heard of Hoyer holding a team over the barrel for more money; the guy just wants to play.

    Hoyer hasn’t had the benefit of a good team around him since he left the Pats. Can’t blame a guy for working hard to try to extend his NFL career. Good luck to Fitz and Hoyer, living the dream most of us would love to have.

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