Brian Hoyer visiting Jets

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The Texans made Brian Hoyer a free agent on Sunday and it hasn’t taken long for him to get a look from another team.

PFT has learned, via a league source, that Hoyer has lined up a visit with the Jets and will arrive in New Jersey on Tuesday. The Jets pursued Hoyer as a free agent last year before he signed with Houston.

Hoyer took over as the starter in Houston, for the most part anyway, and the Texans traded previous starter Ryan Fitzpatrick to the Jets. Fitzpatrick turned in a strong season, but hasn’t come to agreement with the Jets on a new contract this offseason and the two sides remain far apart in their negotiations.

Hoyer’s visit could be part of those negotiations as the Jets try to push Fitzpatrick, whose market outside of East Rutherford hasn’t materialized, to take what they are offering. Their interest in Hoyer as a player may be genuine as they were interested in Hoyer last year, but last year’s results would seem to make staying the course offensively the first choice for the Jets if there’s a chance to make it happen.

Hoyer likely has other interest, but the Jets would offer him as good a chance at a starting job as any team outside of Denver so the right offer might bring his time as a free agent to a quick end.

21 responses to “Brian Hoyer visiting Jets

  1. Neither Fitz nor Hoyer is not a long-term solution. Save the money, trade for Colin Kaepernick and pay him that $10m he is asking for. Kaepernick is fixable.

  2. Sanchize to Geno to Fitz to Hoyer, the run of legendary signal callers continues in NYC

  3. All this Personal Conduct Policy is going to do is come back and bite the NFL in their collective azzes. Its going to be a league full of Brian Hoyer’s, nice guys, guys that follow the rules, but cant play a lick

  4. Mike Mac was just rated in the top half of GM’s however his stock will soon fade if he cant find us a 10 year quarterback. Fitz and Hoyer are at best “hold the fort” guys. Kudos for not overpaying Fitz (yet) if Mr T was here he would have backed up the brinks truck already and put us back into salary cap hell (Mr T was rated WORST GM in football on the same list).

  5. Fitzpatrick is overplaying his hand. Why wouldn’t the Jets sign Hoyer for $4-$5Mil/yr. when Fitz is insulted by $7Mil/yr.? Neither will be the starter in 2018, they’re just (hopefully) keeping the team competitive for a year or 2.

  6. I hope Fitz holds steady. The going rate for starting QBs has increased. Based off of last year’s performance and new deals for guys like Sam Bradford, Fitz is due, at minimum, $10- $12 million this season.

  7. Fitz isn’t that much better than Hoyer. His good year last year isn’t enough to forget his entire career to that point. As such, I think he may end up costing himself because there aren’t many teams in the market willing to pay $10 million plus for a below average QB.

  8. The game Hoyer played in the playoffs last year may have been the worst performance every by an NFL QB in the playoffs. Terrible. This has to be faux interest in the hope of getting Fitz back on a reasonable contract.

  9. jjb0811 says:
    Apr 19, 2016 7:35 AM
    Jets logic. Fitz or Hoyer????? But make sure to trade a 26 year old pro bowl DL.
    Mo wants a huge pay day that the Jets do not want to pay – they do not think he is worth what he is asking and they value Sheldon more (he can play more positions – which is what they like). They drafted Williams to replace Mo if he left – smart GM.

    Why keep Mo on, knowing they cant pay him when his value is at a high? Good think you are not the GM

  10. I’m ok with the signing of Hoyer. Macagnan doesn’t want to overpay Fitz. Hoyer is cheap and despite that terrible playoff game he did end up throwing for 19 tds and only 7 ints.

    No one is going to argue that either of these guys are franchise quarterbacks and the Jets may very well draft a QB in the first round, but Andrew Luck isn’t currently available and Macagnan has to work with what he’s got.

  11. you don’t get over that playoff game last year. ever. it was the single worst performance by a qb in the playoffs in the history of the league. im just glad another team in the afc is taking hoyer.

  12. To be honest, I don’t follow the Jets enough to really know for sure but isn’t Geno better than Hoyer? Wouldn’t he have to be?? Hoyer is horrible!

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