Report: Browns “initiating calls,” shopping No. 2 pick


The No. 1 pick in the NFL Draft was traded last week, and now the No. 2 pick is on the auction block as well.

NFL Network’s Jeff Darlington reported Tuesday that Browns executive vice president of football operations Sashi Brown has “initiated calls” to gauge interest in the No. 2 pick. Darlington said that “nothing is imminent,” but it’s clear that the Browns are shopping the pick and keeping their options open.

The Rams aren’t saying which player they’ll select at No. 1 and will meet with quarterbacks Carson Wentz and Jared Goff in Los Angeles this week. The Rams are picking one of those two, and if they pick the one the Browns thought they’d get when the Titans owned the top pick, a trade down makes sense.

The Browns open the extra minicamp they get because they have a new head coach on Tuesday. Robert Griffin III is the team’s starting quarterback until further notice.

For reasons beyond the Browns giving Griffin a chance to revive his career, the team might have been looking at positions besides quarterback and/or a trade down even before the Rams-Titans swap. The Browns have a new coach and a new front office again, and adding picks via a trade down could make sense because the roster has significant holes.

As for which teams might be anxious to take Brown’s calls, the Eagles have done too much homework on the quarterback class to not have at least some level of interest, while the Cowboys worked out Goff last weekend. A significant roadblock to a potential Browns-Eagles deal would be that the Eagles don’t have a second-round pick.

67 responses to “Report: Browns “initiating calls,” shopping No. 2 pick

  1. After what the Titans got from a move up from #15? The price is going to be exorbitant, and you won’t even know which QB you’re going to get.

  2. Good idea, but C’mon, we all know you whatever slot you draft out of, you will sniff out the 2016 equivalent of Ryan Leaf. You’re the Browns, its kinda your thing.

  3. WOW. Apparently, neither the Rams or Browns think Goff is worth their top pick. Either that, or we’re reading this all wrong, and it’s Wentz that both teams are comfortable passing on. … It could be that the Browns are really sold on Paxton Lynch and know they can drop back into the teens of the 1st Round and still get him.

  4. As usual the Browns timing is laughable. They have a team that would likely trade up, but not the resources to do so.

    They create their own messes with their awful drafting and decisions.

    And RG3 was a horrible signing. He cant play. McCown is better than he is

  5. I expected this, especially after the Rams have the #2 pick. I don’t know why there’s so much demand for these QBs, but okay, why not milk it?

  6. Id rather have the picks and build a team up first. Cleveland wouldn’t have a great offensive team to help a rookie qb right now. Just look how they attempted plugging in quarterback after quarterback and have yet to win. Build the defense first

  7. I think that any team not open to trading any pick is missing an opportunity. What is the harm in shopping picks? If the compensation for it is not there, you can always walk away.

  8. If the Rams truly like both QBs, maybe it would be better to move up and get the QB you wanted.

  9. For the first time in a loooong time I actually like what the Browns are doing….I never bought into the outrage of many because they weren’t resigning their top guys. Their team has been really bad, blow the whole thing up (ala Jimmy Johnson) and get as many draft picks as you can for the next few years.

  10. Gotta feel for the Browns’ fan base, to annually be in this situation. As a long-time Packers fan and season ticket holder … they don’t win the Super Bowl every year, but in terms of upper management and organizational philosophy, I have no problems with how they do things. Same can be said for other teams, such as the Pats, Steelers, etc. Stability is critical and it all starts at the top.

  11. As Browns fan I want more picks but be honest am I ok with injury prone RG3 and mccown umm no
    I’m hoping we get wentz or Paxton lynch
    Please no Conner cook or cardale jones
    Sashi brown please dontt blow this like the other guys if u do your be out of town In 1-2 years book it

  12. @ Steve11blog, C’mon dude you would be lucky to get a 6th rd. Pick for Tannehill.

  13. If a trade out of the #2 spot happens it won’t happen until draft day: more specifically not until the first pick is announced. Teams will want to know with certainty who is available before surrending their set strategy.

  14. smart move for once cleveland…the more picks you have the better!!! literally anyone picked by the browns in the first 3 rounds becomes a day one starter. least talented roster in the nfl!

  15. The most Browns thing that they could do would be to trade that pick now. Then on Draft Day find out that the Rams are picking the QB they didn’t want and miss out completely. As a fan of teams not doing stupid things, I hope they’re just gathering a trade partner with the understanding that the trade only happens after the Rams pick their QB.

  16. browns pick: Howie vs chip II

    if this is true, interesting the browns are content with rg3 for awhile. guess they concluded they have too many other non-qb issues and holes on their roster.

  17. Smart move, trade back, get a few more pics in the first, 2nd rounds, hence Ezekiel Elliot and Treadwell….RGIII isn’t washed up in any shape or form he just needs the right system and this will help.

  18. No QB in this draft is worth 1 or 2. The Browns would be wise to do this, grab more picks, and help get some more players to contribute. I’m hesitant because it seems that cleaning house, and not reaching for players makes too much sense. The Browns haven’t made too much sense in the past. I think they actually have competent people in their finally. Good luck Brownies!

  19. I find it hard to believe that a team wanting to draft a QB would be foolish enough to trade up to 2 and hope that the Rams don’t pick the guy they covet.

  20. The Browns always have good luck trading down in drafts! They passed on Julio Jones and got Weeden! They passed on Watkins/Beckham and got Gilbert/Manziel!! Surely they will make the right choice again!

  21. Cleveland Dog Pile fans should be having nightmares about having the Great Gimmick as their starting QB. He is a one hit wonder – fragile – uncoachable – unwilling to improve – and he knows he is the best QB in the NFL – and he is a sack magnet.

    He has always been given the starting job and has never once earned it by outplaying other QB’s on that team.

    The only question in Cleveland will be how long will the Great Gimmick last before he is injured. That is the only constant in his career – he is fragile. And he still hasn’t learned how to slide or to read a defense.

  22. The best thing that can happen to the Browns is for another team to make the decision about which quarterback they get to pick. I mean, come on. These guys are masters at finding the cubic zirconium amid when surrounded by real diamonds.

  23. “therealraider says:
    Apr 19, 2016 9:45 AM

    Thats probably because Jared Goff is Jay Cutler but with a weaker arm.”

    Other than both playing QB and being white, Goff and Cutler couldn’t be further apart. Have you ever watched Goff play at all?

  24. when you have as many problems as the browns you should go for as many picks as you can get, build through the draft, but that also assumes your personnel department knows what there doing

  25. Too many people read too many mock drafts. A real sleeper. The PSU quarterback in the second round.

  26. If RG3 does succeed, it won’t be the first time a player has produced a decent career on a second team. Any of you old enough to remember a fellow called Chris Carter? I am a Skins fan who is still smarting from the draft choices we lost acquiring Mr. Griffin. None the less I wish him well.

  27. “The Browns open the extra minicamp they get because they have a new head coach on Tuesday. ”

    The Browns have a new Head Coach on Tuesday?? LOL

  28. Lets get more picks in a weak draft, instead of taking one of the best players at the top. RGIII is our savior. He did it for the Redskins, he can do it for us. All we have to do is #believe.

  29. Sashi and is analytics crew are looking to trade down for as many picks as they can…just to show everyone how smart they are. That’s the bottom line.

    NOT taking one of the two quarterbacks at #2, is not smart, Sashi, unless your ego outweighs your brain.

  30. Might as well go for the full drama.If the Browns don’t want to stay at #2 and they can’t line up suitable compensation they should hold Goff or Wentz hostage like the Chargers did Eli.

  31. Jake Coker from Bama on lower rounds will be a good fit. Hue Jackson has experience working with McCaron another Bama QB. Jake Coker has a higher ceiling than McCaron.

  32. eagles have fletcher cox ,that should make up for 2nd round pick ,i say eagles 1st this year ,next year ,3rd round pick this year and fletcher cox …

  33. Of course people want to trade down, but the Browns still need a QB. Maybe the #2 QB won’t pan out, but he’s got a better shot then RGIII to work out.

    RGIII has never played on a team as devoid of talent as he is about to. Seriously.

    If they had RGIII and Wentz/Goff, Browns fans should feel better about the future. Even if the present is going to suck.

    Instead it seems they are putting all their eggs in the broken RGIII basket and that’s just not smart. Not when you have a bite at the franchise QB roulette. You take that bite when you need a QB.

    They want to move down, ok, bad move, but ok let’s think about it.

    If you want to move down, it’s all about who wants to move up. No one is going to give what the Rams just paid for the 2nd QB in the draft.

    The fact everyone knows the Browns are shopping it, reduces the Browns leverage, and now they’ll get even less.

    Everyone knows their strategy is to ‘move down’, and they are ‘shopping’ the pick. Meanwhile the biggest bidder already made a deal. The initiator of the deal tends to gets the bad end. That’s why teams are reluctant to do so.

    The other problem is that since the Browns don’t want to get a QB, the teams that want a QB can cross the Browns off the list of teams to pass in order to secure one.

    Their admission kind of screws everything up.

    With their admission, unless a dark horse team comes in, the 49ers and Eagles will have access to one of the top three QB’s. They can stand pat and be assured of one.

    If teams are sitting there saying there are then 2 QB’s and 3 teams including themselves that might take one, then they are more likely to make a deal.

    But now they know the Browns aren’t taking one, so any reason to trade to assure themselves of one, really isn’t necessary.

    They are playing this all wrong.

    So once again their methodology is very questionable. They want to force their plan so badly, they are screwing everything up and suboptimal it definitely is.

    You’re supposed to let it come to you and take advantage, not force a situation and take less.

    They probably will make a trade, but how far will they move back, what will they lose out on (like a chance at a potential franchise QB at least), and what will they gain out of it? Whatever it is, I doubt they get 1/3rd as much as the Rams just got.

    Is losing out on a potential franchise QB, or top flight shut down corner, or a stud lb who literally can play both ways really worth say a 2nd and a 5th?

    As it stands now without trade it looks like QB’s are going to go 1, 7, 8. The 49ers and Eagles don’t need to move up to get one, and they have the Browns to thank for letting them know that..

  34. Please sell the team, Jimmy. I can’t take anymore of this nonsense. You gave it an honest effort but it just hasn’t worked. You’re killing us “lifer fans”. Please sell

  35. Maybe I am just alone on this, and I am admittedly not a scout, but I don’t like any of the QBs from this draft class. I think this is a very deep draft at every other position.

  36. 3yrs ago RGIII was one of the top coveted QB’s in the draft. Now he’s with the Browns. It goes to show that even though you’re a top QB draft prospect, it doesn’t always mean success. If RGIII is showing any ability in the camps they’ve been having, then the Browns can afford to trade down. It’s just as much of a crap shoot as taking a QB at #2 this year.

  37. The Browns need more (much more) than a 2nd pick QB. The key is cashing in on those extra picks!

  38. I noticed a couple of people mention hesitating on trading up to 2nd spot because their desired QB they would pick at 2 would be taken by the Rams at 1. Nobody said this hypothetical trade has to happen before the draft like the #1 pick did. It could easily happen after Rams make their selection and the Browns are on the clock leaving no question as to who’s left. Maybe those same people who said that were unaware of how the draft and pick trading normally works…

  39. This speculation and palace intrigue is why I love the draft. Some of the Head Coaches,assistants C’s,G.M.’s are down to their last bullet. This always adds a wild card to this,the mother of all poker games and don’t forget the owners that are directly involved in drafting or directly involved in firing you if it doesn’t pan out.. Reality TV doesn’t get any better but I wish there were like three drafts a year instead of just one.

  40. The Browns are making the right move but doing it too late. They should have traded out BEFORE the number 1 pick was traded. The pick was worth more prior to that move. Not as many teams are interested in paying a premium for either a lineman or the consolation prize second best QB in the draft.

  41. Drop down and draft Paxton. Paxton has a skillset that is possibly better than Wentz and Goff.

  42. Remember, everyone, this is silly season. There’s no reason to believe anything you hear.
    That being said, there’s certainly no reason not to ask around. 1) It confuses everyone else. 2) If they stay at 2 and don’t take a QB, they’re taking someone else’s pick. Someone may want that guy enough to move up. 3) They have a new and inexperienced front office, so why not get a bit of a handle on what might be available? It just makes it easier to decide in the 15 minutes they’ll have.
    The draft never goes the way anyone thinks it will.

  43. Unitas – 9th round, cut without a chance from the Steelers, played sandlot ball for a season, Brady – 6th round, Montana 3rd round.

    Manning – overall 1st. Leaf – right after Manning, Russell – worst #1 in league history, etc.

    It’s a crapshoot.

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