Browns now have 12 picks, but they’ve had picks before


The Browns have a lot of picks now.

But they’ve had a lot of picks after a bold trade down before, and none of them are still Browns.

Wednesday’s deal that sent the second pick in the 2016 NFL Draft to the Eagles for a package of picks that includes Philadelphia’s 2017 first-rounder and 2018 second-rounder gives Cleveland a total of 12 picks this year.

It’s reminiscent of the 2011 deal with the Falcons, who were as desperate for wide receiver Julio Jones as the Eagles were for a quarterback.

The Browns got Atlanta’s first, second and fourth-rounders in 2011, plus their first and fourth in 2012 in that deal.

They turned those picks into (hold your breath, or your nose) nose tackle Phil Taylor, wide receiver Greg Little, running back Owen Marecic, quarterback Brandon Weeden and then they used the fourth to move up in 2012 for running back Trent Richardson.

So before we congratulate Sashi Brown and Paul DePodesta and Hue Jackson for swindling the quarterback-mongering Eagles, let’s make sure they actually pick guys who can play football first.

They’ll certainly have the opportunity, as the Browns now own six of the top 100 picks.

They have their new first (eighth), second (32nd), two thirds (65th and 77th), three fourths (99th, 100th, 138th), three fifths (141st, 172nd, 173rd), a sixth (176th) and a seventh (223rd).

That’s a lot of lottery tickets. But the Browns have squandered money on lottery tickets before, and are still looking for a quarterback.

63 responses to “Browns now have 12 picks, but they’ve had picks before

  1. This is RGIIIs moment. Now he has a Hc who wont stab him in the back for racial reasons and a glut of picks to have a team built around him. The Cleveland Browns will win a Superbowl within the next 3 years. I’m so jealous.

  2. We already know the browns will mess this up, what we didn’t fully know was that the Eagles are just as incompetent

  3. Can’t help but think that Cleveland made out really well here. With so many picks, some of them have to hit.

  4. Makes sense for Browns. They will be awful in 2016, but the Bengals and Steelers are pretty loaded with talent.

    I think Hue and company are building it in a smart way.

  5. You could give the Browns every pick in the draft and all the players would still be gone in 3 years.

  6. This was my thought too when I heard the news of the trade. The Browns have a near-legendary history of screwing up draft picks – so how will a few more help?

  7. One thing is much more certain — the team that gives up the crapload of picks usually regrets it down the road.

  8. There are going to be so many new faces it’s like they are a first year expansion team.

  9. In fairness to Cleveland the top 2 QBs this year are not very impressive, I think they’re just tanking this year again to get the top pick again next year. Think of it as if they’re the 76ers of the NFL.

  10. If they had two 1st and two 2nd and a few 3rds I would applaud. But only one first and one second, I am sorry but this is a NORMAL draft amount. After that, statistically difficult to make the team when you look 2 years post draft.

  11. The more lottery tickets you buy, the better chance you have of winning. For a team that needs almost everything, the Browns may have made the right move.

  12. And if they trade out of the first pick of the second round, they might be in the position to draft 10 players between rounds three and five.

  13. The Cleveland Dog Piles will remain the Dog Piles.

    Now they’ll just be fresh dog piles.

    Oh, the aroma of that deal!

  14. The one thing to remember when comparing the Browns is that just about everyone short of Joe Thomas and the radio play-by-play guys weren’t here back in 2010. That includes the owner. In many cases, the GM and head coach have been replaced three times at least.

  15. This is moneyball. Get RGIII to fill the hole at QB – as of now just another guy. Accumulate picks. If Griffin doesn’t work out use 1 of 2 first round picks next year on QB of the future.

    They have all new guys making the picks – time will tell if they get the picks right. But they at least have set themselves up very well.

    These may not be the same old Browns anymore.

  16. Moving down 6 spots in a draft that doesn’t have a can’t miss prototype QB and then getting FOUR more picks all in the top 100 of the draft doesn’t sound bad to me.

    Pick up a Cook, Hogan or take a flyer on Cardale Jones (no earlier than 5th Round, please) if you want to give a QB from this class a chance.

    Cleveland isn’t done making moves yet, I bet they either move up or down from #8.

  17. Six picks in the top 100, huh? Based on the Browns’ expertise of the past 15 years, there’s a chance that 1 of the 6 will actually be able to play. If the Browns are luckier than usual, that is.

  18. This makes perfect sense. The Browns traded down, because they knew they could get the guy they want with a lower pick. Nobody is going to foresee them drafting Manziel this time!

  19. You can’t always use past performance to predict future results. The fact of the matter is that they have a new staff in place to make these picks. It’s not the same group that blew previous drafts. So let’s not immediately say that the Browns are going to screw this up because they have done so many times before.

    Look at the Redskins, who’ve had many terrible drafts in the past with Vinny Cerrato. Now that Scott McCloughan has taken over, things have improved under new managment.

    So again, let’s not rush into saying, “Browns gonna Brown” just yet.

    …and after typing this up I saw a bunch of other people saying the same thing. So basically, I agree with you guys.

  20. smart people know what they don’t know. sachi and paul will be relying on Huge Action’s gut instincts in regards to players.

  21. Want more picks? Swap that 8th first rounder back along with the higher third for any of picks 5-7 round Fins have.

  22. In all fairness, draft picks don’t mean there is going to be an NFL quality QB there at all let alone when the Brown’s get their turn to pick. More than half the league is looking for a franchise QB and in many drafts there are none. So it isn’t really fair to expect them to find a long term answer to the QB question. But they should find 2 or 3 starters and some quality depth. Let’s set the bar there and expect them to clear it.

  23. I assume the Browns will either take Lynch at #8 or have their eyes on someone in Round 2. They have almost nothing at QB right now.

  24. Have you no faith in the Browns Analytics Machine? Personally, I think their “Analytics Machine” is that baseball guy they hired in a white wig and beard hiding behind a curtain.

  25. Picks and $1 get you a cheap cup of coffee.

    You need players. Past FOs of Cleveland have proven to be abysmal failures at turning picks into players. Here’s the one thing: this regime hasn’t failed yet.

    They also haven’t succeeded yet, so this will be a great opporunity to prove their mettle.

  26. .
    The Browns will be under tremendous pressure to take Ohio State RB Elliott with pick #8. I’m not sure if this is their main position of need.

    On the plus side, San Diego just had top OT Tunsil fall into their laps while Dallas, Jacksonville and Baltimore can scrap over Ramsey, Jack, and Bosa. Those teams were never in the QB derby, so essentially they’re picking 1,2,3, 4 for position players.

  27. Sign Hoyer or Fitzpatrick to a two or three year deal and beef up your O-line and defense. It would probably be worth it to trade Thomas for more picks and really rebuild.

    Consider developing a QB for a few years and allow an actual build to take place.

  28. With news that the Vikings are looking to trade DOWN from #23,
    Maybe the Browns will want a player late in the first round, trade back up & gave MN the #32 plus a 3rd & 4th

  29. I am not any kind of expert on Analytics and Moneyball … just saw the movie … but this was exactly what I would have said the model/approach pushed them to, don’t try and get some big score guy, go after a lot of undervalued talent that plugs into your specific situation.

    I am not sold on the model, but I am sold on the idea that the Brown’s are giving it an honest shot.

  30. It could be worse, you could be the Rams, actually draft some decent players with your extra picks, and STILL not make the playoffs.

  31. In a relatively deep draft with no sure fire star QBs, this is exactly what a team with lots of holes should do. Kudos to the Browns.

  32. The Browns are loading up. They will probably deal McCown on draft day, and possibly Joe Thomas as well. The value of this trade will be better next year, when the Browns have a real chance of having two picks in the top 5. Hopefully they don’t blow them like in years past. Stop trying to outsmart everyone. Just grab a couple of draft guides off the shelf, follow them, and you’ll do better then past regimes.

  33. They will draft Jake Coker from Bama and Hue Jackson will develop him like he did AJ McCaron.

  34. All the Eagles had to give up this year was a 3rd round and a 4th round pick and swapping the Browns #2 pick for the Eagles #8 pick.

    The future picks will be “unknown” picks in round 1 in 2017 and a 2nd round pick in 2018.

    Talk about extending credit to the Eagles and not getting next to nothing in return this year…the Browns were very generous to the Eagles.

  35. I don’t know who the Browns will get but I have confidence that Hue Jackson will do it right. Hue has been an integral part of the Bengals war room the past several years. He knows what he’s doing and he’s proven it. As a Bengal fan I applaud this trade and wish the Browns well….. except when they play Cincinnati 🙂

  36. This makes perfect sense. The Browns traded down, because they knew they could get the guy they want with a lower pick. Nobody is going to foresee them drafting Manziel this time!

    maybe not manziel but they still run the risk of drafting more Justin Gilbert’s. Hes not talked about too much but hes still a big bag of garbage…

    and lets be honest, having 12 picks in a 7 round draft sound far more impressive than it really is. you are not keeping all of them unless you plan on turning over 20% percent of your roster and Philly absolutely killed themselves here, but lets wait 2-3 years before we can say cleveland didnt.

    And to think everybody dogged the Bills for their deal to get Watkins. At least they got a damn good player.

  37. mrbiggstuff says:
    Apr 20, 2016 2:46 PM
    LOL at anyone who thinks the Browns will actually do something productive with those picks. They are still the Browns!
    They are not acting like the Old Browns that I know. Depodesta is doing the right thing by trading down. I would love to say that the Browns are still the factory of sadness I love so much but unfortunately, they are acting like a competent front office.

  38. When was the last time QBs went 1, 2 in the draft and they BOTH worked out?

    From Manning/Leaf (big bust) to Bledsoe/Mier (bust) to Couch (bust)/McNabb to Luck/Griffin III (bust) – one of the two is ALWAYS a bust. The ultimate proof that the draft is 50/50 proposition AT BEST.

    NEVER has it worked out…. good luck with that Rams & Eagles fans.

  39. Isn’t this deal pretty much how it happened in the Kevin Costner movie? They patted themselves on the back for “swindling” the other team and then the movie ended. They should show the sequel where all of Costner’s picks became busts or were suspended and he was subsequently fired.

  40. You could say the same thing about a lot of teams where 50% to 75% of their draft picks are busts. I think the Baltimore Ravens in particular have been pretty bad the last few years with their drafts. I think this new regime has a plan and they will pull it off to confound all the oldboy NFL types who are scoffing and jeering right now. Will the Browns be any good next year with all their young players? Not likely but the same thing happened to Jimmie Johnston in his first season in Dallas at 1-15 and then got the better of everyone in the end.

  41. no one in the browns front office had anything to do with those other draft failures.
    im not saying they draft 12 starters but hue jackson is an NFL lifer and knows talent, hell he went 8-8 at oakland.
    im thinking things are turning a bit up for cleveland this year and more so next.
    they probably just wait and take a qb at the 8th pick and develop him for a year or so while rg3 keeps his seat warm

  42. It’s really a shame that the Browns traded out of the second pick because they would have had a chance at either Carson Wentz or Jared Goff, two quarterbacks who the experts suggest are surefire bonafide bluechip can’t-miss once-in-a-generation type talents. Bros need to chill, enjoy this marvellous 4/20 day and take into consideration that both Wentz and Goff weren’t even consensus surefire NFL quarterbacks. At this point of time, Wentz could just as easily be a CFL quarterback someday as he could be an NFL starter. Smoke ’em if ya got ’em.

  43. Stop bashing the Browns and wait to see how this plays out. This front office did not make the previous draft choices that failed so miserbably.

  44. Totally serious here. The Browns should do whatever is necessary to steal a copy of a competent GM’s draft board and then throw darts or let a pigeon make the picks.

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