Report: Chargers getting calls about third pick in draft

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Desperation to find a starting quarterback appears to be fueling trade talks at the top of the NFL Draft.

The Los Angeles Rams pulled off a massive trade last week with the Tennessee Titans to move up to No. 1 and get the quarterback of their choice in next week’s draft. Whether the Rams prefer Cal’s Jared Goff or North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz is still uncertain, but whichever quarterback isn’t selected by the Rams could prompt further pick swapping at the top of the draft.

The Cleveland Browns hold the No. 2 overall pick and don’t seem to be in love with the idea of staying there. They’re reportedly shopping the pick and may not take a quarterback even if they don’t move down.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the San Diego Chargers have been receiving calls about the No. 3 overall pick as well. If Goff or Wentz are still available when the Chargers go on the clock, it’s easy to envision the phones ringing from teams hoping to get their hands on a quarterback prospect to lead their team.

It’s unlikely a team looking for a quarterback would pull the trigger on a deal with San Diego until they know for certain that the guy they want is still on the board.

It’s extremely difficult to win in the NFL without a great quarterback. Whether Goff or Wentz can become great NFL quarterbacks remains unknown as well, but teams may be more willing to push their chips in with rookies than running through another season with a middling veteran stop-gap once again.

12 responses to “Report: Chargers getting calls about third pick in draft

  1. Rivers isn’t exactly young anymore. Wentz or Goff will not be on the board pass 4. If Browns pass on Qb (Which i don’t think they will) I would think the Chargers will pull the trigger to groom one under Rivers. Drafting Tunsil will also buy you a couple extra seasons of Rivers football. Either way Chargers will not trade the pick.

  2. Chargers getting calls about record breaking black outs this upcoming season. #LAChargers

  3. If the Chargers don’t take Tunsil, it will be another painfully glaring remind you pay a QB 100 million dollars to be the face of your franchise and continue to offer him little to no protection against the best rash rushing division in the NFL.

    The decision is so easy it’s stupid. The Chargers will screw it up because that’s the only thing the Spanos family knows how to do right.

  4. This makes zero sense. If Goff or Wentz is available at 3, whoever wants the next QB available would only have to compete with the 9ers at Pick 7… What idiot GM would overpay for the #3 pick when the guy will be there at #6?

  5. Don’t forget Baltimore completely sabotaging the QB market…

    Before you had to be Rodgers, Brady, Brees or Manning…. MVP caliber to make the 20+ mil mark…. Then came along Flacco and now the likes of Fitzpatrick and Cousins think they’re worth 20+ mil a year…

    Thanks Baltimore, you jerks!

  6. Adam Schefter is reporting that the Browns are trading the #2 pick plus 2-No.1s, 2-No.2s, and 3-No.3s for the #3 pick held by the Chargers. Allegedly

  7. Not saying that it will happen, but have the top three picks ever been traded in a draft before? This would be very telling of the talent in this draft.

  8. Has there ever been a draft where the 1st 3 picks in the draft have been traded away? I can’t remember. Hopefully if Jack is gone by 5, the Jags can trade back and gain more picks.

  9. Either the Browns should take Tunsil at #2, or take the deal the Eagles are reportedly offering and move down. They’re going to be terrible either way, but if Tunsil is as good as folks seem to think, he’d be a good building block for the team.

  10. Last season Peyton Manning was not a great QB, and the Broncos won anyway. Teams don’t need a great QB, they just need a semi-decent QB who doesn’t commit turnovers.

    The old saying still stands true. Offense sell tickets. Defense wins championships.

  11. I wonder where we are now after the Eagles slipped on their skirt. Would some one still trade up, or will we be stuck with our choice of the best three prospects in the draft. This is fun, and nary a word about Rexy Boy today.

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