Trent Baalke calls report of friction with Chip Kelly “total B.S.”


Last week, NFL Network analyst Brian Baldinger said he’s hearing that there are problems already brewing between 49ers G.M. Trent Baalke and coach Chip Kelly. On Wednesday, Baalke addressed the report (or whatever it was) from Baldinger.

“I can tell you emphatically that is total B.S.,” Baalke said, via Matt Maiocco of “That’s all I can say. We’ve had absolutely a wonderful start to this relationship, and there’s really nothing else to say. He’s coaching ball, and we’re up there in draft room going to work. It couldn’t be better. Where Baldy got that from, what his angle was, it’s ridiculous. And you can quote me on that.”

On one hand, the denial is predictable and obvious. On the other hand, Baalke provided not a perfunctory refutation but a shout-from-the-rooftops rejection of the suggestion.

It doesn’t mean there won’t be problems down the road, given that Baalke and Jim Harbaugh had problems and that Kelly and Howie Roseman had problems. For now, though, it seems way too early for Baalke and Kelly to not be on the same page.

Inevitably, they might not be. If they currently aren’t, things could get ridiculously ugly come the bye week, when the 49ers could quite possibly be 2-5 or worse.

35 responses to “Trent Baalke calls report of friction with Chip Kelly “total B.S.”

  1. So what would the Philly press be saying if Kelly had made the trade Howie just made? Chip did well to get out of Philly.

  2. Kelly should be happy to be able to blame personnel issues on someone else. With that in mind Philly just traded 1 player for 5 over the next three years. When they have close to 20 million tied up in two QB’s and not a lot on O line???? Makes you wonder….

  3. He sounds borderline illiterate. Does he also eat with a fork that has a cork on the end of it?

  4. If the package they gave the Browns for the No. 2 spot is essentially what the Eagles offered the Titans last year, thank goodness we passed on it and got Mariota instead.

    – Titans Fan

  5. they probably disagreed on some players in the draft. no big deal…all coaches and GMs are going to disagree to some extent. doesn’t mean there’s significant work “friction” between the two.

    you know there’s a problem if on game day Chip deactivates a high draft pick or expensive free agent.

    until, then Baldy and the Eagles need to stop acting like some disgruntled ex-girlfriend….the kind that still has it out for you even after they broke up with you.

  6. Baalke is an incompetent, sycophantic liar.

    He said the same B.S regarding Harbaugh when rumors ‘mysteriously’ started to leak.

    it’s never been made clear that Harbaugh’s problems were with Baalke. All the rumor stuff has pointed at relationship problems between Harbaugh and Jed York.

  7. Baalke couldn’t even get along with a coach who was taking them to Super Bowls. Yet it’s unthinkable there might be friction with Chip “My Way or the Highway” Kelly.

  8. “TOTAL B.S.”

    Describes the Niners organizaton as a whole pretty accurately.

    Even more accurately, the integrity of the Patriots.

  9. Baalke didn’t get along with one of the most difficult people to get along with on the planet (Harbaugh). So now that must mean that he doesn’t get along with anybody, ever…. Disgruntled 49ers fans will continue to Witch Hunt, and the Philly media will keep acting like an angry ex girlfriend. Move along

  10. Baalke or Brian Baldinger? Who to believe.

    What a no-brainer…(pssst, it ain’t the head in a jar, Baalke)

  11. Lot of commentators don’t seem to believe anything Trent Baalke has to say. That’s really strange. I mean what could he have possibly done to earn the mistrust of so many. Hmm.

  12. potential for BS hasn’t stopped a reporter from reporting baseless rumors in 20 years.

    Of course “reports” were going to come out about it because the media made up it’s mind that Chip Kelley Is The Dude Nobody Gets Along With years ago

  13. ‘Hey, Chip. You wanted and got full control of roster decisions in Philly. Well, how about you come to San Fran and have zero control? Sound like fun for you? I have a lot of experience putting together a winner and will do all the work ‘upstairs’ while you just coach ball, deal? #superbowl #mypastspeaksforitself #timjomsula

  14. Baalke said that he could replace harbaugh with anyone and still be good. how can you trust anything that comes out of his mouth?

  15. I think york clearly defined the roles, baalke has his job and kelly has role. Kelly is a good coach just not at personnel, baalke isn’t a coach he is better at analyzing. Look at newsome and the results he gets. if baalke and kelly get somewhat of a good relationship going we will be back in glory, if not i don’t think York will have any problem pulling the ax out and cutting away what the problem is, he isn’t going to get egg on his face again.

  16. Sal Pal said the same thing Baldy did yesterday on Missanelli’s show. Check the podcast. Sal is also a “Philly” guy but I don’t think he has any motive to say this other than he has heard it.

  17. Baldinger has strong ties to the Eagles and is part of Philly media.

    The Eagles and Philly media are obsessively, and comically to be honest, angry at Kelly, still. (The comparisons to psycho ex-girlfriend are spot-on accurate).

    Therefore, do the math about where the b.s. is. Plus logic would tell you it’s not even possible to be having problems at this point, barely into the first minicamp.

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