After being turned into free agent market, Josh Norman hires new agent


Josh Norman’s last team wouldn’t give him the deal he wanted, so he’s hoping a new agent can help him find one.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, Norman has hired Ryan Williams of Athletes First to negotiate his new contract, after the Panthers rescinded the franchise tag yesterday afternoon.

Previous agent Michael George will remain as a co-representative. Agent changes generally require a five-day waiting period. However, because leaving George continues to represent Norman, the cooling-off period does not apply; Norman can sign a new contract with a new team right away.

The Panthers effectively gave up trying to talk Norman into a long-term deal, after realizing that a guy who thought he was one of the top five cornerbacks of all time wanted to be paid like one.

They valued him much differently, with General Manager Dave Gettleman placing a higher premium on linemen than corners. Norman was looking for $16 million a year, while the Panthers offer is believed to have topped out in the $10-11 million range, which explains Gettleman’s decision to not pay Norman $14 million for a one-year rental.

Whether a new representative will bring the desired result for Norman remains to be seen, particularly since he’s entering the market at a time when the people inclined to spend big money on a cornerback have already done so.

42 responses to “After being turned into free agent market, Josh Norman hires new agent

  1. One good season, on an overall very good defense, does not make you worth $16 million a year. This is what happens when you try to base a long term contract on franchise tag numbers.

  2. Thomas Davis is making $7.5mil and Luke Kuechly is making $6mil in 2016. No player along their dominant defensive line is making more than $3mil. So yes, that $14mil that they were ok with paying Norman for one season until he diva’d his way out of it will surely be much better spent on the true team players that made him so successful.

  3. .
    ” General Manager Dave Gettleman placing a higher premium on linemen than corners. ”

    That philosophy is similar to the Patriots. An offensive tackle is involved in every offensive play . A cornerback may go a whole game with 3 balls thrown his way and a handful of running plays to his side.

  4. it’s not just the agents fault, it’s the fact you are asking for to much. Teams have learned they can draft young players for alot less than what veterans are wanting to get paid and it takes a complete team to win..not 1 player.

  5. Hats off to Gettleman for not getting caught up in the demands of a single player. Truth is, it’s virtually impossible to justify $16m for any player that’s not a very good QB.

  6. I guess Revis might be the only and last CB reach max 16 mil a year unless Norman can prove me wrong. I doubt it.

    I’m little pissed off that Revis got huge contract, because it always have hurt our caps, but he is still really good, despite other people says… He was hurt last year, and hoping this year he will be back himself. If not, then we can move him to FS, and I can’t phantom how better if he play at FS.

    Instead of calling Revis Island, he gonna be Revis Stare Down, to all QBs’ eyes, so he can make plays.

  7. Luke Kuechly received 6-year 64mill, I doubt that Dave is willing pay more than 11mill a year for a 28 year-old cover 2 corner that blossomed from the front 7 and safety

  8. Panther got my new respect to them after Black Bat fiasco;
    They should still leave the door bit open in case Norman want to return at Panther price, not Norman.

    Look what happen with Revis and Jets; I have a feeling Norman might go same phase as Revis did.

  9. One good season???
    That was one of the top 5 seasons by a CB of all time!

    Alright, I made that up, but it seemed funny at the time.

  10. His last agent might have gotten him into this mess, I doubt this newly hired will be able to get him the contract he wants at this stage of free agency.

  11. The Steelers don’t have the cap space for him. You can’t afford a shutdown corner AND an elite, Hall-of-Famer, franchise quarterback who can score 15 points in a playoff game.

  12. Well we all know the Patriots won’t being paying him. So step right up and get your clocks cleaned by another ego driven high school mentality star. He is worth it if you go by what the Jets are paying Revis.

  13. 3 time DPOY JJ Watt will make less money this year than what Josh is asking for..

    I want him to stay, but not at some unrealistic expectation to be paid like the best corner to ever play the game… you just made your first pro bowl son, calm yourself

  14. Would be interesting if the Giants picked him up. Norman and Odell can go after it every day in practice.

  15. Good luck Josh … I doubt any team has the cap space to sign you for what your looking for and if a team did I don’t think they are going to use it on just one player …

  16. I would pay anyone $5 to tell me what I want to hear — I pay trained professionals to tell me what I need to hear.

    Does he think his previous agent just sat there leaving easy money on the table?

  17. He’s “old” for a CB and he’s the beneficiary of the Panthers’ defense. He was beaten by WRs last year but QBs couldn’t get the ball to them because of the Panthers’ defense.

    He’s not anywhere near as good as Revis when it was Revis Island.

    He should have taken what the Panthers offered him.

    Greedy fool will now pay for not taking the pay offered.

  18. He obviously wanted to continue playing in Carolina and his agent “strong arming” the negotiations cost him that opportunity.

    I would fire him too.

  19. Josh Norman is going to become a very rich man!

    Norman had a really good 2014 season, he held QBs to a 53 QB rating when throwing at him, in 2015 he held opposing QBs to a rating of 68.

    NFL analytic sites have ranked him as a top 5 corner two seAsons in a row.

    Norman has improved every year as a pro to become an elite CB1 and has earned a long term contract for market value based off his production.

    Congrats Josh!!

  20. he will go to a team willing to fork out the money he is asking and not come close to a super bowl again. panthers will be back sooner than later without him.

  21. He obviously received bad advice and over-played his hand…but I don’t understand why so many are holding his pursuit of the best offer he can get against him.

    One-year wonder or not, this is his one and only opportunity to lock-up his future. If he loses out on 14 million this year, but still gets a long-term deal of 11 million per year, at least he’ll know he maximized his market value and he’ll be better off in the long run.

  22. He thrived in an off zone which makes him a perfect fir for the Jaguars who still have plenty of money to fit him in. Have heard Miami is in the running but he’s not a scheme fit. Dolphins are likely being used as a bargaining tool.

  23. I would NOT play poker with Dave Gettleman. I might as well just hand him my chips and sit back and drink.

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