After Norman news, Patrick Peterson tweets, “Know your worth”

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Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson has never been a free agent. After three years playing under his rookie contract as the fifth overall pick in the 2011 NFL draft, Peterson and the Cardinals agreed to a five-year, $70 million extension.

But Peterson does have some advice for the highest-profile free agent in the NFL right now, cornerback Josh Norman. After the news broke that the Panthers had rescinded the franchise tag on Norman, making him a free agent, Peterson tweeted a simple statement that he thought Norman needed to hear: “Know your worth.”

However, Peterson later thought better of that tweet, deleted it, and said that he wished he hadn’t written it. When a follower asked Peterson why he deleted the tweet, Peterson answered, “Not my style. So decided to delete. Positive Vibes only. #DontPressSend.”

Peterson seems to think Norman botched his free agency by failing to come to the kind of long-term agreement with the Panthers that Peterson reached with the Cardinals. But it’s entirely possible that Norman does know his worth, and that’s why he didn’t sign the franchise tender. Perhaps we’ll learn in the coming days that there’s a team willing to pay Norman more than the $14 million a year that currently defines the ceiling for NFL cornerbacks. If Norman gets a deal better than Peterson’s, it will be a strong indication that Norman does, in fact, know his worth.

37 responses to “After Norman news, Patrick Peterson tweets, “Know your worth”

  1. At first quick glance I thought that headline tweet was “know your mouth”, which would probably also be good advice.

  2. Norman will never make more than 14 million dollars per year. Don’t get me wrong; Norman is very talented. But, that kind of money for a cornerback is just crazy talk. Revis, Peterson, Sherman, and Trumaine Johnson are all overpaid.

  3. Niners if for nothing but the sake of giving SOMETHING for us fans to be happy about, make the signing please.

  4. Patrick Peterson is soft and overrated. Was exposed in the last playoff game for a big soft fraud.

    The best Cornerback in Football has his own island, Breeland Island. Mr. Bashaud Breeland, #26 for the Washington Redskins.

    Ask Dez Bryant about Breeland Island.

  5. If Norman gets what he wants, it will be to the detriment of the team. Josh probably deserves top 5 CB money in 2016. The problem is, Norman is at his peak now. If you sign him for 4 years, chances are the last couple of them will see a decline.

  6. norman may indeed get more money than his tender but that team wont be contending for a super bowl

  7. If Norman was asking for 11-14 mill per year you have no leverage so I don’t consider that stupid of Norman. If Norman had been a free agent at the start I bet janoris Jenkins doesn’t get half as much as he did and we would see Norman and Beckmann on the Same team. Carolina doesn’t want to make Norman the next highest paid corner which is what he has leverage for since the franchise tag starts at 14 however his value has fallen tremendously now that he doesn’t have the tag sitting in his back pocket and can’t use that as the start of the salary. He is in the same position as Von Miller and while If I’m Norman I go too somewhere I can look like a stud like a New England or The raiders where they already have another corner and a solid defenseand then next year go break the bank.

  8. Is it crazy that I didn’t interpret “Know your worth” as necessarily negative? I’m sure Josh Norman feels that he “knows” he’s worth more than what the Panthers have offered.

    Whether he’s right or not remains to be seen.

  9. Peterson gets torched by every top tier WR he faces. If you don’t know this you’re either a homer or you don’t watch the Cards games. Unfortunately, I live in the Phoenix market and see a lot of his games. He’s constantly out of position and relies on athletism to catch up to his man. He has little technical side to his game at all. The Cards gave him a big contract to sell jerseys, but he’s not even a top ten CB. That’s the truth.

  10. After only performng in his contract year, I question the long term prospect of signing a player with his mentality. Anyone remember former MVP Sean Alexander? I’m sure the Seahawk fans do. But that being said, I can’t blame any player in todays NFL for trying to get the most $$$ as possible as a players shelf life is shorter than a gnats.

  11. With most of the free agent money has been spent already I will take a guess that his next contact is closer to $10 million a year.

  12. what team is dumb enough to pay this dude millions of dollars over what he was scheduled to make this year with the franchise, let alone do it for multi years?

    great player, but he’s like 28 years old, had 1 good year prior to riding the bench

    his desired contract will be all sorts of no bueno

  13. Only a handful of teams can pay that much.
    Players can believe they are worth whatever.. .but it is all decided by the salary cap.

  14. Norman has the skills to be one of the best, but he isn’t there yet. He is not a shut down guy and the Panthers defensive system made him look great. If he ends up somewhere else and the defense doesn’t have the capabilities to play to his strengths, we might be talking about “Remember Josh Norman? What ever happened to him?”. It happens a lot.

  15. Value does = what the highest buyer will pay. But all too frequently the player’s skills fall short of the expected return on investment. That’s going to be the case with Norman, who’s value is hugely elevated as a result of playing on a team that had exceptional tallent at several other key positions that positively reflected on his stats. He should take full advantage, but the team that pays for & acquires him at the price range is going to scratching their heads in about 16 months wondering why they have that much money tied up in a guy who hasn’t really changed the teams W/L results.

  16. I hope Norman does because Carolina’s scheme could cause him to overplay his hand. Frankly, I think he may have and should keep in touch with Gettleman to return.

    He should only return if the Panthers can match the contract.

    Then again, signing for one year $14+ million is always better when teams can cut you after one year; even if you have an $1 million more.

  17. Norman should ask Dexter Fowler how he made out with his contract. Exact same situation.

    Fowler rejected a $15.8MM 1yr offer from the Cubs, then rejected a 3yr $35MM deal from the Orioles and took a 1yr $8MM deal ultimately back with the Cubs.

    Know your worth indeed.

  18. A unnamed team employee for the Cardinals told my best friends coworkers cousin that Larry Fitzgerald had a talk with Mr Peterson about commenting on other players contract situation !

  19. I think the 11-12 that was being offered long term by the Panthers was too low. At his age, I can see why Norman wanted something more than a one year salary guarantee. If he gets a multiyear offer with more than 14M guaranteed he will have come out ahead on this.

  20. I guess Carolina is going to get the last laugh, as there are only a handful of teams who can afford $10M+ right now. Most of those teams will struggle to make the playoffs in 2016, while Carolina will be almost a shoe in.

    Josh’s trying to take a page out of Revis’s book, good luck with that … why don’t you ask the Jets how it feels to be tied to Revis now.

  21. Norman had a good year… YEAR… that’s it…

    and people forget…

    He’s already 28 years old.

    He should have signed that Tender.

  22. Considering I’ve never heard of Josh Norman (can’t believe he’s 29) until last year he probably isn’t worth $14 million/year.

  23. Josh Norman believes he is the 5th best corner of all time. He is also an open Bigot. I think he is very mentally ill, and should take being released as a wake up call. But really who cares what he thinks. He seems like a very volatile investment. There are a lot of teams who will just opt to draft a corner early than deal with literally an escaped mental patient.

  24. With Norman out of the picture should Camera ask for more money? After all, he is GOAT. He told me so.

  25. theuglitruth says:
    Apr 21, 2016 4:44 PM

    Revis>Patrick Peterson>Richard Sherman…then 4-5 guys…then Josh Norman.

    Harris>Revis>Sherman>Peterson>Trufant then who ever else.

  26. “Norman will never make more than 14 million dollars per year.”


    Awful lot of quiet in here since Norman signed his new deal!

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