J.J. Watt says he’s not a phony, won’t change his social media image

J.J. Watt
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Perhaps J.J. Watt overshares, and perhaps some of his social media postings come off as a little tone-deaf sometimes.

But the Texans defensive end defended his frequent use of the Internet, saying he didn’t plan to change a carefully crafted image because of criticisms there.

“We have social media and people want to see access, they want to know what you’re doing, they want day-to-day, what’s going on in his life?” Watt said, via Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle. “Then every single thing you do becomes a story, whether it’s a tweet, whether it’s an Instagram post, whether it’s a Snapchat, every single thing becomes a story so I think if people don’t want to see what I’m doing they should probably stop following me. That’s basically what it comes down to.

“One of the problems with all the social media we have nowadays is it becomes a cynical world. I think there’s a lot of people out there that want to believe that somebody’s being fake, they want to believe that somebody is doing things just for attention, when in reality there’s a whole lot of people out there doing good things for the world. If we could just believe in the good and we can actually spend our energy on being good people and doing good things as opposed to trying to rip other people down or trying to poke flaws in other people, I think then we can truly help make changes in the world.”

Watt was saying this the same day a number of Texans players were helping flooding victims in his city, so he has a point. But he also posted photos of the Texans weight room the day they canceled workouts because of that same flooding, which might not have been the appropriate tone to strike at that particular moment.

But whether it’s motivational slogans or workout videos or updates on his personal life, Watt has no intention to stop providing a glimpse into what it’s like being a rich, famous, three-time defensive player of the year.

59 responses to “J.J. Watt says he’s not a phony, won’t change his social media image

  1. Wait … Isn’t J.J. Watt the captain of the selfie police?

    Zach Mettenberger

  2. This is the same guy that publicly called out someone for taking selfies, yet he himself is more plugged in to social media and self-promotion than a teenage girl.

  3. very simple, don’t follow him if you don’t like to see it. The unfollow button works every time it is used.

  4. I don’t follow MeMe Watt on any social media, but his post are so self-serving and ridiculous that they become newsworthy, which is why I end up seeing it everywhere. And I’m not going to quit PFT.

  5. So he shouldn’t have been in weight room working out because parts of the city were flooding ??

  6. Very witty. After Watt complains about the Internet Whining Generation looking for political incorrectness and hidden agendas in simple innocuous words and pictures, provide an example of same, questioning the appropriateness of his dastardly deed of posting a picture of the Texans’ weight room the same day there was a flood. I’ll assume the humor was not unintentional.

  7. Honestly don’t care what he does on social media. What showed me he was a phony was the first episode of Hard Knocks. Made me want to puke. Yeah, I’m sure he’s out there at twilight after two a days working on moves with a tackling dummy under the lights all by himself. Great player, but he’s a phony when the cameras are on. We all know you work hard. You don’t have to show us every chance you get. OK, maybe he’s not a phony. Maybe he’s just a dbag. I dunno.

  8. He’s J.J. Watt. He’s hard to stop. If what J.J. Watt has posted has changed your life what so ever, then you should act accordingly. If not ….who cares what the guy post’s?

  9. No one outside of football knew what a J.J. Watt is until he started going out with Kate Hudson, or whatever that was. This of course started tongues wagging about J.J. and he’s upset about it because of the type of men Kate dates shadowed over him by association. You can take it from there. He’s now dressing this up as fan intrusion. Nobody cares dude. Keep the psychobabble to yourself.

  10. Most of us do not follow him on social media. The media does and we read the articles.

    JJ, bragging about your high pain threshold and whatever else doesn’t have anything to do with what you’re doing day to day.

  11. Meh. He has no chill. Prob a good reason he’s single. Def a goober cornball.

  12. I have to agree with Watt…

    Even when it comes to the radio or TV….. People say they are offended and complain constantly to try and force some kind of change when they could simply TURN IT OFF !!

  13. It’s not that we think you’re being fake, as in not working hard. What we hate is that you keep posting these “look at me working hard” pics. It’s annoying. We get it, you work hard. Now shut up about it.

  14. Would you call me a dummy if I started posting pics of myself “working hard” in my office. Like a half selfie in front of my computer screen saying “ain’t no flood gonna stop me from analyzing the market.”

  15. “they want to believe that somebody is doing things just for attention”

    not on the facebook, or the twitter, or anything, so I really don’t care BUT anytime someone post their own pic on social media isn’t that always “just for attention?” I mean isn’t the social media world is like a busy city sidewalk and a post is like some person jumping in front of you saying “look at me!”

    that the definition of wanting attention, right?

  16. He signed up for NFL mediocrity for the rest of his prime. Might as well enjoy life off the field.

  17. We don’t have to delve too deep on this issue. Great player, every team would love to have him, every fan would love him on their team. No doubt one day he gets a fancy jacket and gives a great speech.
    That said, he’s a jerk. He’s the guy we all went to school with right out of central casting that put smart kids in lockers then was deeply offended when asked about it.
    Not everyone has to be a nice guy and he certainly moans about his “first world problems” a lot but who cares.

  18. “badmoonrison says:
    Apr 21, 2016 10:26 AM

    Last time I checked it was a free country. If you don’t like it move to north korea.”

    What an absurd “argument” and a complete non-sequitor. Besides, the only people complaining are those whining about the country being too “PC” and soft. People, even JJ, are free to say what they want, but they’re not free from the consequences of what they say.

  19. Social media makes it easy for people to show the whole world how annoying they can be. Had it not been for some weasel and a twitter account framegate would not be in the news.

  20. I don’t know much about JJ watt and I don’t “follow”him on social media but i understand what he is saying and agree.ppl almost demand to know what the players are doing nowadays.its a shame a few fans and media types try and take the fun out of it by trying to insult and disecteverything a player post on social media.If i was JJ id just make my accounts private and be done with the haters and ppl that dissect everything.

  21. Phony Update – The guy has now been all over the news, along with his teammates, helping people who are impacted by all of the flooding. That self-absorbed SOB!!!!

  22. This is the same guy that publicly called out someone for taking selfies, yet he himself is more plugged in to social media and self-promotion than a teenage girl.

    the difference is this guy was and is always ready play… Mettenberg… not so much

  23. He’s got a lot of people including me following him on Facebook so he’s not wrong when he says people want to know.

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