Jets, Broncos should call Eagles

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The Eagles claim that Sam Bradford is the team’s starting quarterback. Technically, he currently is. But a lot can change between April 21 and the launch of the regular season.

Change could be brought on by Bradford wanting out. Reportedly miffed that the Eagles traded up in their ongoing search for a franchise quarterback (a sentiment that surely was leaked by Bradford’s camp to send a message to the Eagles and the rest of the league), Bradford could make things very difficult for the team if he doesn’t want to be there.

Meanwhile, the Broncos and Jets are still looking for a starting quarterback. And with Bradford’s $11 million signing bonus already earned, another team could acquire him on what would be a two-year, $24 million deal. For the rest of 2016, it’s a base salary of $7 million.

Yes, $7 million. The same amount the Broncos want to pay Colin Kaepernick. And the same amount the Jets would like to pay Ryan Fitzpatrick.

So why shouldn’t either or both team call the Eagles? They can say what they want about Bradford being the starter. But if he makes his displeasure known to the organization, the Eagles have to decide whether to get what they can and move on or force Bradford to be the starter against his wishes.

With only $5.5 million of Bradford’s signing bonus paid out and $5.5 million remaining, the Eagles may want to try to foist some of that obligation onto Bradford’s new team. Or maybe the Eagles would pay the rest, if they get the kind of trade compensation that would help restore the picks surrendered to the Browns in the trade up to No. 2.

Last year, Bradford didn’t extend his deal with the Eagles due in part to concern that the Eagles would trade him as part of an effort to get in position to land Marcus Mariota. This year, with a two-year deal done, it’s Bradford who may want the trade.

Whether he gets it may depend on how difficult he’s willing to make it in Philly.

48 responses to “Jets, Broncos should call Eagles

  1. The Patriots probably should too since they have a gaping hole at QB for the first 4 weeks this season.

  2. I’m sure Sanchez would just looooove to see Bradford in Denver after just leaving him behind.

  3. Elway will make that call but I can’t see him offering anything higher than a late 3rd round pick for a QB made of glass.

  4. …….I kinda get a kick out of all these people who are upset the Eagles have pre-paid all these millions to Sam Bradford….it’s not MY money, it’s not their money, it’s Luries money and if he likes flushing HIS money down the toilet, so be it. I like what the Eagles have done to get a young franchise QB.

  5. Denvers biggest mistake this offseason was trading for Sanchez, we’ve all seen what he can do and what he can’t do. The Eagles were down 3 against Miami in a game that they dominated the entire game but Bradford went down and Sanchez went Sanchez and the Eagles were inside the 20 stating overtime in the face and Sanchez throws a pick and they loose the game. I’m not saying he will cost you that game every time but why even bother with him? I would’ve rather had zach mettenburger, mike glennon, josh Mccown or even RG3.

  6. The Broncos should definitely try to get him. He’s not great but he’s better than Osweiler and better than last year’s version of Peyton Manning.

    Although I’d hate to see it, they could win the Super Bowl with him.

  7. Jets make sense. Then again the possibility of them trading for Bradford might make Fitzpatrick finally swallow the bitter pill and re-sign.

  8. If I was the Jets I’d much rather have Bradford than Fitzpatrick.
    I’d be fine with him for 2 years, then see about an extension.
    Bradford is adequate for now, and younger than Fitzpatrick.
    The Jets have many needs and if they had a middle of the road QB, they could address their other problems, such as Oline.

  9. Bradford needs to gain about 20lbs of pure muscle… Denver would be great for him…
    Sam meet Khalil 🙂

  10. The article assumes that we have seen the Eagles complete plan which we all know we haven’t. Perhaps a conditional trade has already been agreed with the acquiring team refunding some of the already paid money. For instance, if the Jets get Paxton Lynch the trade falls through or defaults to the Broncos; the Jets or Broncos add cash consideration (if that is within NFL rules – it works in other professional sports). Eagles win; Jets get a quarterback; Broncos may get a quarterback. I think we all should wait until after the draft to see the full picture.

  11. Who does this guy think he is? Try going a full season without hurting yourself before you try to pull this prima donna nonsense.

  12. The Jets trading for Bradford would be terrible.

    Is Bradford’s ceiling really that much better than Hoyer, who you could sign on the cheap and not have to part with any picks to obtain?

    Fitz makes sense because of his familiarity with the system. Hoyer makes sense since he is a competent QB who will come cheaply. Drafting a QB would make sense to build for the future.

    Bradford brings none of those things and he would cost you draft picks.

  13. The only way I’m trading Bradford if I’m Howie, and I believe he feels the same way, if they get an overwhelming offer. With Sam, the Eagles could easily win the division. He was one of the league’s best QBs once he returned from his concussion. The only issue with him is durability, but it’s less of one now than last year at this time. If the defense improves to middle of the pack, and they DON’T lead the league in dropped passes and fumbles lost like 2015, This should be the best team in the NFC east.

  14. Bradford outplayed Brady at NE. Very few QBs can say that. He would fit nicely in Denver since both of their previous QBs also outplayed Brady.

  15. Why would either of these teams give up a draft pick with a team friendly 5 year deal for a guy like Bradford who can walk (or get franchised) after two? Perhaps Denver would make sense, but I can’t imagine that moving Bradford wasn’t already discussed with them

  16. If the Bengals want any chance at all of winning a postseason game then they should take a strong look at this guy….

  17. What makes anyone think he can stay healthy? Can he start enough games for the second pick in the draft to be ready to step in at QB? Try and explain to Bradford that they moved up to draft someone to protect his blind side. What is happening in the NFC East? Jerryworld, the Giants paying out a lot in free agency, the Eagles trying to remove any trace of Chip and Scot (with one t) the voice of reason in Washington; it is so bizarre.

  18. NinersRule says:
    Apr 21, 2016 11:38 AM
    The Broncos should definitely try to get him. He’s not great but he’s better than Osweiler and better than last year’s version of Peyton Manning.

    Uh, have you watched Bradford play lately?

  19. Facing the Panthers at home to start the season. Bradford wouldn’t even make it to half-time before he is injured.

  20. So the Eagles are gonna take an 18 mil dead money hit and throw away the season in a wide open division? That makes zero sense.

    By the way, the Pats don’t have to worry, even if Brady sits(which will never happen). Garappolo is better than Bradford. Bet he gets traded for a high 2nd this yr, and Hoyer winds up back with the Pats.

  21. The Eagles have to absolutely stated the Bradford is their starter: 1)If they don’t trade him they aren’t going to pay him all that money to not play and they will want to groom a rookie QB or 2)If they do trade him, stating he isn’t in their plans blows any leverage they might have.

    If the Eagles are willing to eat the whole $11M in signing bonus then Bradford is a good deal for many teams, and the Eagles might be able to leverage a 2nd round pick for him. Think of it this way, wouldn’t most NFL owners be willing to buy a 2nd round pick from another team for $11M?

    As for a trade partner, I wouldn’t count the 49ers out as a possible destination. I don’t think their plan is to go with any QB currently on their roster, they no longer have a shot at drafting a top tier rooking QB, Kelly liked Bradford enough to give up Foles and a 2nd rounder last year with only 1 year left on his contract and with the Eagles eating the $11M bonus money Bradford might be cheap enough for the 49ers to eat part of Kaup’s contract and then flip him to Denver.

    Finally, “forcing him to be the starter” if Bradford knows he is on a 1 year deal he also knows he has to start and play his arz off in order to generate the most money possible in his next deal, with a new team, after this season.

  22. Bradford career QB rating: 81.0
    Eli Manning: 83.5
    Joe Flacco: 84.7

    Bradford has never been on a team with a top 10 rated running game. He’s only been on one team ranked above 20th (2o15 Philly was ranked 14th).

    Flacco’s been on 3 top-10 running teams.

    Manning has been on 5 top-ten running teams.

    Say what you want, but Bradford is good enough to win a Super Bowl.

  23. Won’t happen. There would be a locker room coup. Too many players came out in support of Bradford to do that. It would also be bad business that would make the Eagles less attractive to free agents.

  24. Bradford’s mad? That’s rich, as they say. Sam Bradford is made of glass. He can’t be counted on to play a full game, much less a full season. Bradford’s lucky teams in this league are desperate for quarterbacks…

  25. “Bradford could make things very difficult for the team if he doesn’t want to be there.”

    Like what? That strategy is working great for Johnny Football, isn’t Mike?

  26. The Eagles made a HUGE trade for a QB and they dont even know which QB they will get… Neither of the 2 QB’s are worth being drafted 1 or 2…

    Such bad moves IMO

  27. If they plan on picking a QB @ 2, seems their best move would to let him sit a year behind Bradford (or at least for the half a season before Bradford gets hurt) and let him learn with no pressure or expectations. He can then come in next year with an entire year in the system much more prepared to run the offense.

  28. Funny how the 2 teams that made that so called BLOCKBUSTER QB TRADES in Bradford for Foles are now picking1,2 this year hoping and praying the NFL odds will work out diff when picking a QB with the first pick. Let’s be honest neither one of these 2 are a sure bet Andrew Luck. Could pay off but could also be a complete setback for years to come. I see the 2nd

  29. I think Sammy B stays with the Eagles this year. plays incredibly well, his first full offseason that he’s not Rehabbing since..

    Chase makes a good backup, but not sure about starter capabilities, so he’s good where he is.

    The rookie QB doesn’t get thrown into the mix right away. Which is great, he gets time to learn and see things and understand. Instead of this current trend of killing your rookie QB like showing off a new car.

    Next Season, if Bradford played well this one, he’ll still be an Eagles, Chase will be dealt, and rookie QB will be 2nd string to start the season. Of course, if Bradford plays like his potential. he may get a longer term deal b4 next season starts.

    Would you cut Manning, Brady,Rodgers or Hamburger if they played well, and had a newly drafted QB waiting in the wings. nope. Bradford showed he can be as good or even better than those guys, he just needs a full season of doing it. And he becomes the franchise QB.

  30. I still don’t get why Kelly traded Foles for Bradford.

    True, Foles sucked in St. Louis, but not so much in Philly.

    And Bradford really wasn’t an upgrade.

    Can a Philly fan please explain this?

  31. A couple things here. Someone said Bradford outplayed Brady last year which would be wrong if you watch the tape, social teams decided that game. Second thing on the Pats, Brady will play, it’s ludacris that the whole thing happened in the first place, there was far worse things happening from the chargers and stickum on the towels to the heaters at the Vikings game (which would have undoubtedly affected psi in game balls). Even so, unfortunately the Patriots are professionals and they’re always prepared for whatever situations arise. To me those comments are just the product of haters, a.k.a jealous fans of an organization that does not typically perform well as the Patriots have absolutely nothing to do with this particular subject. Bradford however could be a good fit for a run heavy offense and defensive minded team but as far as value goes, I just don’t see it happening. If Sam Bradford could get healthy and string together a few seasons he might be considered a solid qb but at the moment he is a injury prone steadily developing player in a best case team scenario. Draft a rookie to play behind and learn from Bradford,when he gets hurt after week 8 or 9 you give Wentz a real world test drive plus some experience then pull the plug and run Daniels out for some snaps, if he performs well, trade bait, if not a decent back up. Anyway you slice it the the Eagles have traded away some pretty serious ammo for an opportunity to draft and develope(their hoping) a potential franchise QB, so you would have to assume they have a plan and they’ve done their homework. They must of seen something they like and they most likely already know who the Rams are picking. On the matter of a trade is highly unlikely unless Bradford forces them into a move and even then somebody would have to eat some coin! At the end of the day my theory is this…… Rams take Goff at#1, Philly takes Wentz at#2 and sits him behind Sam B for a year maybe a little longer, finish the two year deal let Bradford walk and now you have Wentz at#1 and Daniels at back up. I think in time Eagles fans may come to terms with this move if the team plays it’s cards right they could have a bright future.

  32. If Mr North Dakota St, Carson Wentz, gets thrown right into the NFL as a starter in his rookie year, he will be a disaster. The Eagles need Bradford to hang around for at least a year while Wentz sits and learns.

  33. In all of Bradford’s football career, he’s been handed every job he’s had on a satin pillow…a silver platter..he’s never seen a qb competion EVER..I’m glad this wimp will finally have competition, and now that he does, he’s crying about it because he’s a spoiled lil wuss..He can’t win a qb competition if his life depended on it !

  34. bkostela says:
    Apr 21, 2016 12:37 PM

    Uh, have you watched Bradford play lately?
    Denver won the super bowl with the worst starting QB EVER statistically!!! Bradford can do better than that!

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