Panthers G.M. on Norman: “The one year deal became less and less attractive”


Panthers General Manager Dave Gettleman said he was comfortable with cornerback Josh Norman signing the $13.9 million franchise tag.

But the more he thought about it, the less comfortable he became.

During a pre-draft press conference Thursday, Gettleman said that as time passed and it became obvious that Norman wasn’t going to agree to a long-term deal with the team, they started looking in other directions.

“The more we thought about it, the more flexibility that $14 million would give us,” Gettleman said.

He opened the press conference emphasizing that no team was “one player away,” and insisted that Norman skipping OTAs next week wasn’t a factor. Coach Ron Rivera had nice things to say about Norman, but made it clear “I’m trusting Dave on this.”

From the moment Norman declared himself one of the top five cornerbacks of all time, it was fairly obvious it was going to be hard for them to find common ground on a contract.

And it appears Gettleman came to the realization that possible extensions for players such as defensive tackles Kawann Short and Star Lotulelei was going to be a better use of the money than one year of a cornerback in a system that allows fifth-round picks to grow into a starting job.

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  1. Dude was a one year wonder, If Panthers did not have a strong front 7 Norman would be an average CB. I sure hope Miami doesn’t waste money on this flash in the pan.

  2. This is probably the beginning of the end for Josh Norman. Without that DL carrying the load, he can get a taste of what other good DB’s have to deal with, who play on teams with bad DL’s. Ask Desmond Trufant what that feels like.

  3. Charlotte native Panther fan here. While I hate to see Josh go (he’s very entertaining and an overall nice guy) I just don’t feel that his overall body of work justifies the payday he’s after. In my opinion, Josh would need Luke Kuechley type production levels to reach his per-year salary goal.

    I’d much rather hold on to guys like Star and Kawann than have a Marty Hurney flashback deal for Josh Norman.

    Keep Pounding

  4. Translation: Norman and his agent blew it.
    Free agency is over, they wont get 16MM. They might not get 12MM.
    Norman should have signed the franchise offer.

  5. Norman will end up like countless idiots that end up signing for a fraction of a sum, and dont perform the same on the new team. I doubt he makes 14M the rest of his career. He should have signed the tender to make sure he got that $, and then negotiated a cap friendly deal with that 14M spread out across a signing bonus and guarantees.

  6. I agree. I’ve questioned Gettleman in the past but he’s right about this. Let someone else overpay a cornerback. That money can be used better.

  7. I don’t know about you guys, but if someone handed me a 14 million dollar tag, I would run like heck to sign the thing and figure out the rest later.

  8. It is just hard to believe that he could not look at the roster as constituted and realize that this year, the Panthers needed Norman. At the very least, they should have held him until the days following the draft. He really has put himself in a hole here, essentially “having” to draft a CB AND likely having to turn to the like of Cromartie to fill this gaping void.

    I’m sorry, but Benewikere and the rest of the heap are not going to cut it, even if they do have top flight front seven…

  9. He was a product of the system, similar to Nnamdi Asomugha. Benefited from a top 5 pass rush while playing cover 2 the entire year.

    Enjoy getting beat when you join a team that plays man to man

  10. This is too bad. Norman played well for us. we drafted him in the 5th round at 24 years old and groomed him to be a starter and one of the best players in the league. We patiently waited the first 3 years for him to grow up. He would get so excited after making a play he couldnt control himself and the defense would have to try to calm him down. In his 4th year he stepped up and was kindof more mature.. as a player anyway. You see someone like charles johnson taking half of what hes worth then you have norman who had one good year asking for 2 million more than some of the best players to ever play the game. Its disappointing. As a panthers fan im bummed we lose a starting corner but also am relieved this situation is over and we have 14 mil more in cap space. I dont want to forget to mention that Josh is from Carolina his whole life. Then they draft you and develop you and you turn into a pain in the butt. Wheres the loyalty? In the end we want guys that want to be here.

    Keep pounding!!

  11. I respect the move by the Panthers. My guess is Norman is asking for way too much money that he isn’t worth. Letting his good play get to his head. I can already see the rest of his career. HUGE contract from a crappy team. He plays there, has no help like he did in Carolina, gets exposed, team sucks, career fizzles.

  12. The Panthers played the AFC South, and NFC East.
    Not the strongest divisions last year. Add to the mix the NFC south was weak. 3 games with rookie QB’s. With the Panthers front 7 playing strong, it kind of makes sense that Norman had the best year as a CB. Was it really Norman playing well, or was it the front 7.
    I guess the GM didn’t feel Norman was worth the headaches or the money. Someone will step up and pay Norman, but will they get there moneys worth?

    Panthers must not think so. But time will answer that question. But Norman will still get the money, worth it or not. Someone will pay.

  13. I love that the players just can’t declare themselves the greatest and get paid like that, it’s insanity.

  14. I wish the Giants still had a need at CB and cap space. I’m not a Giants fan, I just wanted to see Norman and Odell have to practice together every day.


    In a blockbuster trade with the Dallas Cowboys, the Panthers will send this year’s 1st, 2nd, 3rd, next year’s 1st and 3rd picks in exchange for the #4 overall pick in this year’s draft to select Jaylen Ramsey.

  16. I think it’s the right move for the panthers. They need to build up there team in multiple places and no one is convinced that Norman is as good as his numbers suggest last year. He’ll go somewhere with a lot of cap room and a good qb. a team that thinks they are just a cb away from a super bowl. off the top of my head can’t think where that would be though. No he’ll probably get a big contract with some crappy team and not get another chance at a playoff run till he’s an old man and the patriots with a 45 year old tom brady offer him a one year cheap cheap deal. Still I don’t blame him for trying to make whatever money he can i would do the same thing!

  17. If I was risking torn ACLs, broken bones, irreversible brain damage, I’d ask for as much as I could get too. Why does that make him greedy? You ask for a high price, the team offers a low price, you meet in the middle somewhere. Obviously, he wouldn’t come down and the team wouldn’t go up. They should’ve kept him under the tag for one season while their SB window is open at the very least. Makes no sense to release an asset like Norman without compensation. Gettleman is a fool. But as a fan of another team that will face Carolina this season I say thank you.

  18. Norman is average at best in his position. He benefited from a blitz happy defensive scheme that was used out of necessity because the Carolina Paper Tiger secondary was weak.

    Norman can demand the money he wants in Nirvana, but in the real world he will be exposed as the gimmick that he truly is.

  19. Anyone remember one-hit wonder Alteraun Verner? Zone corner with one strong year, signed a big-ish contract with the Bucs, fizzled, now he’s not even starting.

    Same deal here. The Panthers were crazy to franchise him in the first place.

  20. Risky business for Gettleman and the Panthers, who under Gettleman have come to want more from players than they pay them.

    Norman’s asking price is in line with the going rate for his position. The fact that the offer was withdrawn, may have more to do with Gettleman’s reluctance to deal with strong personalities, than the cost of services.

    Norman and Steve Smith fall into this strong personality group. Gettleman came in slashing salaries by getting players to take less. We will see if his “team loyalty” game is a long term winner or if his reputation begins to hurt the team down the road by repelling prospects.

  21. The Santa Clara 49ers might just be desperate enough to give him the type of money he wants. They were top 3 in available cap room when FA started and are still at top now because no top FAs wanted to or want to sign there. Theyre Season ticket holders are dumping their contracts on their PSLs at an alarming rate, they mishandled the trade of #7, and overall the organization is a dumpster fire. They need a big splash to try to mask all the problems. Overpaying for Norman would help polish this Santa Clara turd.

  22. saints737 says:
    Apr 21, 2016 11:27 AM
    He was a product of the system, similar to Nnamdi Asomugha. Benefited from a top 5 pass rush while playing cover 2 the entire year.

    Enjoy getting beat when you join a team that plays man to man
    Not exactly a great comparison, but I get your point. Asomugha played man to man with my beloved Raiders so his pure coverage skills were MUCH better than Norman’s…especially bc we weren’t known for having ANY real pass rush during his years with us.

    The thing with Nnamdi though, was that, while he WAS truly talented, there really was too much hype on him (maybe a case of the best player on a bad team?) and the drop off with our other corners made them such easy pickings that Nnamdi got the ‘lock-down’ tag as the other side of the field was so easy to exploit. Thing is, ask Phillip Rivers if he ever shied away from throwing at Nnamdi – not once and he lit Aso up for a good play or two EVERY meeting.

    Moving to the zone concepts in Philly just exposed Nnamdi as being limited in what he could do – pure athleticism made him a solid (not truly spectacular) man corner as he just had to ‘stick to your guy’. Asking any more of him got him roasted (we all remember Victor Cruz’s coming out party against him at the beginning of the season).

    For what Norman’s done in his career and the team around him that he’s benefited from, this kind of $ is ridiculous.


  23. saints737 says:
    Apr 21, 2016 11:27 AM

    He was a product of the system, similar to Nnamdi Asomugha. Benefited from a top 5 pass rush while playing cover 2 the entire year.

    You obviously aren’t talking about the Raiders Nnamdi Asomugha.

  24. Get so sick of hearing that Carolina didn’t play anyone last year. They beat the pee out of Seattle and Arizona in the playoffs. I still think the super bowl was fixed and cotchery caught that ball but here’s my point– Carolina pulled a corner off the street and put him in the starting lineup in the playoffs and the defense played great. Not worried about losing Josh “1 personal foul a game” Norman while we have such a strong front 7.

  25. Overrated and stupid for not signing .. if I was another team, id offer the same contract that Carolina did. Screw him, you haven’t done enough to warrant this.

  26. He’ll be lucky to get a deal for 5 or 6 mil this year. Noone will pay him the kind of money he wants.

  27. The guy had one great year at the right time to cash in. Whoever gives him big money long term will likely be regretting it a few years in. He’s a good corner but if he’s looking for 14+ mill a year on a long term deal Carolina made the right decision spending that money on keeping their dline

  28. I don’t understand the whole “he’s a product of the system” talk. If you watch his highlights what does “the system” have to do with him batting down passes and making interceptions? That is all him making those plays on the ball. I’m sure the front 7 helped with the pressure, but when it wasn’t getting home and the QB had time to throw that was Norman who made plays. He could have had 8 Picks on the year but he dropped a couple. I just don’t believe this who product of the system talk. I don’t believe he’s a Byron Maxwell. He’s an elite corner to me.

    BTW- I’m not a Panthers fan.

  29. I was surprised when they removed the tag but it sounds like they made a sound decision. This will allow them to extend those other two guys (two is better than one) and they can probably get by with someone else at CB at a lot less than $14M. I had heard that he was looking for a deal that was completely unreasonable. Maybe that’s why he decided to declare himself one of the top five CBs of all time. These players complain about teams letting them go but then you have players like Norman who only had to sign his name to the tender and be guaranteed $14M but he was greedy.

    Given how stout Carolina’s defense is he may not be irreplaceable as he thought. He may find out what other DBs have learned that without a strong defense around you, you’re just another guy–like Brandon Browner and the others already mentioned have found out.

  30. Funny — I don’t recall Panthers fans trashing Norman much last season. Now he’s a loud-mouth, money-grubbing one-season wonder?

  31. So Josh announces he’s going to tearfully, resentfully, accept a guaranteed $14M for one year’s work (more like 8 months now), and sit home pouting and lessening his value instead of reporting for work and building chemistry and timing — and his value.

    Team says, if you can’t even be bothered to show up we’ll find someone who can live on that budget and actually try to earn it; don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!”

    And now he’s angry and butt-hurt, and he thinks he is the disrespected one?

  32. Carolina will regret the day the let one of the all time greats just walk.. unbelievable…. mickey mouse organization….

    lol, just kidding…

  33. kamthechancellor, on what planet is it smart business to pay a guy guaranteed millions who makes it clear he plans to cash your checks and not even show up to earn them?

    Do you think a guy with that lack of honor and self-respect is going to play his heart out for his teammates?

    Please don’t hire on with the Seahawks’ front office!

  34. I always laugh when fans like the Panthers say that Josh is an elite talent when he’s playing for the Panthers but as soon as a guy like Josh is traded or let go, he suddenly was overrated all along & was just a product of the system.

    Can’t a Panther fan just say it sucks that he’s gone, will be a challenge to replace & will have a negative impact on the D?

    #keep it real Panther fans #Secondary will now be exposed

  35. He better hope he lands with a winning team cause with his ego, the stress of losing will result in him having a career on Norman island. None of his teammates will want anything to do with him.

  36. The good news for Norman is that he will make multi-millions playing the game he loves.

    The bad news for Norman is that it might not be as many multi-millions as he wants.

    So basically it must be nice to be Joshua Norman.

  37. This is good and bad. They need the money to keep Star and Kawann, but that being said, Norman was one of the main reasons (outside of Kuechly of course) that the defense was so good. The Panthers have just added another need to their draft board. I don’t see anyone coming in and making the impact Norman did for them this year.

    Do I think he’s worth what he was asking for? No, hardly anyone is, but that being said, you have to put DB very high on your list of needs now.

  38. For all the conventional wisdom about the front seven, it was Denver’s talented and insanely deep secondary that made them special. Teams just don’t run four deep at WR, and both Darian Stewart and David Bruton (gonna love him, Steelers fans) are outstanding against most TEs.

  39. To be clear, CB was already a need on the draft board. It’s just bigger now. Norman was great last year. Not all time great, but definitely great. People are talking about this exposing the secondary. Have you seen the rest of Carolina’s secondary? It was exposed last year when the opposing QB was feeling pressure. Norman made some important plays and played really well all year. Yeah, it hurts to see him leave. It will hurt the D, for sure. Top corner money was just too much for one year of top corner play, system driven or otherwise. But in no way does this move spell the end of Carolina’s Super Bowl window. There’s not much changing on an offense that was high scoring all year. The defense, other than Norman, has been losing older players (Allen, Tillman, Harper) who’s skills are diminishing. The defense will still be damn good. Will they go 15-1 again? Probably not. But they could certainly make it back to the Super Bowl if key pieces stay healthy. The 2013 team made the playoffs with 12 wins and no big time corners on defense. That seems like a realistic result this year, just hopefully with a Super Bowl win to cap it off.

  40. Just want to disagree with what many of the comments have stated. Josh actually had a pretty good year in 2014 as well. It still doesn’t justify his ridiculous pay demands now, but he’s been more than a one hit wonder. Can’t wait to see which crazy team thinks their “one CB away” from winning it all.

  41. purpleguy says:
    Apr 21, 2016 12:48 PM
    Funny — I don’t recall Panthers fans trashing Norman much last season. Now he’s a loud-mouth, money-grubbing one-season wonder?

    Even funnier – hardly anyone trashed Cam before this season. You know, before the Panthers started dominating the league and everything? Yet Cam’s had the exact same personality since day one.

    To address your point, you are correct, no Panther fans trashed Norman when he was on the field, making plays, and working as part of a team. However, he came out this offseason putting his own needs ahead of the team’s needs, trying to “blackmail” the Panther’s organization into paying him more than he’s worth, and being publicly wishy washy to the press about whether he would even sign the franchise tender. Are you suggesting that the fans’ opinions of Josh Norman should not be allowed to change based on these selfish actions? Because I do not know anyone who would be fine with one of their players acting the way he did.

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